things to do in glasgow for couples

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Have you ever longed for a city that encapsulates the essence of romance? A place where you can create cherished memories with your loved one amidst enchanting surroundings and captivating experiences? Look no further, for Glasgow, Scotland’s vibrant and cosmopolitan city, is the answer to your dreams.

Imagine strolling hand in hand along quaint cobblestone streets, discovering hidden gems at every turn. Picture yourself sharing laughter and intimate moments in charming cafes and restaurants, surrounded by the warm ambiance of flickering candlelights. With its rich history, breathtaking architecture, and an array of activities tailored for couples, Glasgow offers an unrivaled experience that will sweep you off your feet.

From idyllic walks along the River Clyde, where the gentle breeze whispers sweet nothings, to indulgent spa retreats and rooftop bars with panoramic views, Glasgow has it all. Let the city’s romantic spots and enchanting atmosphere ignite a spark within your hearts, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Join us on a journey through Glasgow’s most romantic, fun, and affordable experiences for couples. Whether you are embarking on a first date, celebrating a special anniversary, or simply yearning for quality time together, Glasgow promises to be the backdrop for an unforgettable romantic adventure.

Things to Do in Glasgow for Couples

Romantic Ideas for Couples in Glasgow

Glasgow offers a plethora of romantic experiences for couples, from enchanting spots to memorable activities. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date night or a weekend getaway, the city has it all. Here are some romantic ideas for couples in Glasgow:

1. The Corinthian Club

If you’re in search of a stunning and romantic spot, look no further than The Corinthian Club. Located in a beautiful five-floor building, this venue offers live music and speakeasy jazz nights that set the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening. Explore the different floors, enjoy a delicious meal, and dance the night away with your loved one.

2. The Ivy

A lavish restaurant and bar, The Ivy boasts a botanical decor that creates a romantic atmosphere. Treat your partner to an exquisite dining experience with delectable dishes and an extensive drink selection. The elegant surroundings and attentive service make The Ivy a top choice for couples looking to indulge in a romantic evening.

“Glasgow provides numerous romantic experiences for couples.”

romantic things to do in glasgow

3. Candlelight Concerts at Glasgow Cathedral

For a unique and intimate date night, attending a candlelight concert at Glasgow Cathedral is an excellent choice. Immerse yourselves in the stunning architecture and enchanting acoustics as you enjoy a beautiful musical performance illuminated by candlelight. It’s an experience that promises to create lasting memories for both of you.

4. Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Take a romantic stroll through the impressive Kelvingrove Art Gallery and marvel at the extraordinary collection of artworks. Discover masterpieces from various periods and cultures, sparking conversations and deepening your connection as a couple. The gallery’s serene atmosphere lends itself perfectly to a romantic outing.

5. Romantic Getaways Near Glasgow

If you’re in need of a romantic escape, there are several options near Glasgow. Blythswood Square Spa offers a tranquil oasis where you and your partner can relax and rejuvenate with couples’ treatments. Alternatively, head to the Red Sky Bar at Radisson Red for breathtaking views of the city and a romantic rooftop experience.

When it comes to romance, Glasgow has no shortage of options. Whether you’re treating your loved one to an unforgettable night out or planning a weekend getaway, the city offers an array of romantic experiences that are sure to spark love and create cherished memories.

Fun and Unique Date Ideas in Glasgow

Looking for fun things to do in Glasgow as a couple? You’re in luck! The city offers a range of unique and exciting date ideas that are perfect for creating unforgettable memories. Whether you’re young adults looking for a night out or planning a couples’ day in Glasgow, there’s something for everyone.

1. R-Cade: Retro Games and Craft Beer

If you and your partner enjoy gaming and craft beer, head over to R-Cade. This arcade bar offers a nostalgic experience with its collection of retro games and wide variety of craft beers. Challenge each other to classic arcade games like Pac-Man or Street Fighter while sipping on your favorite brews.

2. Level X Glasgow: VR Gaming and Private Karaoke

Take your date night to the next level at Level X Glasgow. Immerse yourselves in the world of virtual reality gaming and compete against each other in exhilarating VR experiences. Afterward, unleash your inner rock star in the private karaoke pods and sing your hearts out together.

“R-Cade and Level X Glasgow offer the perfect combination of gaming and entertainment, making them ideal date spots for young adults in Glasgow.”

3. Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Add some adventure to your date by participating in an outdoor treasure hunt. Explore Glasgow’s streets and hidden corners while solving clues and puzzles together. It’s a unique and exciting way to discover the city while bonding with your partner.

4. Waxy O’Connor’s: A Quirky Pub with Enchanted Decor

For a truly unique and unusual date, visit Waxy O’Connor’s. This pub stands out with its enchanting wood-like carpentry and stone walls. Enjoy a pint of beer or indulge in traditional pub food while immersing yourselves in the whimsical atmosphere.

5. Wee Food Tour: Exploring Glasgow’s Vibrant Food Scene

Embark on a culinary adventure with a Wee Food Tour. Explore Glasgow’s vibrant food scene together, sampling an array of delicious Scottish delicacies and international cuisines. It’s a fantastic way to discover new flavors and experience the city’s culinary culture.

6. Trampoline Park at Ryze Glasgow

If you’re looking for an active and playful date idea, head to the Trampoline Park at Ryze Glasgow. Bounce, flip, and jump together on the trampolines, or challenge each other to a friendly game of dodgeball. This high-energy experience is guaranteed fun for couples of all ages.

With these fun and unique date ideas in Glasgow, you and your partner can create lasting memories while experiencing the best the city has to offer. Whether you choose to immerse yourselves in retro gaming, explore hidden treasures, or indulge in delicious cuisine, Glasgow has something for every couple seeking excitement and adventure.

fun things to do in glasgow for couples

Affordable Date Ideas in Glasgow

When it comes to planning a romantic date in Glasgow, you don’t need to break the bank to create special memories. The city offers plenty of affordable options for couples on a budget. Whether you’re looking for cheap things to do in Glasgow for couples or free activities that still offer a touch of romance, you’ll find something to suit your taste. Here are some affordable date ideas that won’t drain your wallet:

1. Enjoy Delicious Tapas at Cubatas

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly dining experience, head to Cubatas, a Spanish restaurant renowned for its delicious tapas dishes. You can treat your taste buds to a variety of small plates, bursting with Mediterranean flavors, without breaking the bank. The relaxed and cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a romantic meal.

2. Learn Sushi Making at YO!

For a fun and interactive date, why not learn how to make sushi together at YO!? This popular sushi restaurant offers sushi-making masterclasses where you can discover the art of rolling your own maki rolls and nigiri. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your partner and impress them with your newfound culinary skills.

3. Explore Glasgow’s Parks and Gardens

Take advantage of Glasgow’s beautiful parks and gardens for a budget-friendly day out with your loved one. Kelvingrove Park, with its picturesque views and serene atmosphere, is the perfect place for a romantic stroll. Alternatively, you can visit the Glasgow Botanic Gardens and enjoy the splendid displays of flowers and plants.

4. Enjoy Free Attractions

Many attractions in Glasgow offer free admission, allowing you to explore the Glasgow city without spending a fortune. Head to The Stand Comedy Club on Saturdays and laugh your hearts out together. Or, visit The Poetry Club, where you can immerse yourselves in the creative atmosphere and enjoy spoken word performances.

With these affordable date ideas, you can create lasting memories without breaking your budget. Glasgow’s romantic spots and free activities provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable time with your partner.

Date Idea Description
Cubatas A Spanish restaurant offering affordable tapas dishes
YO! A sushi restaurant that offers sushi-making classes
Glasgow’s Parks and Gardens Explore beautiful parks and gardens in Glasgow
Free Attractions Visit attractions in Glasgow that offer free admission

cheap things to do in glasgow for couples


Glasgow is a vibrant and romantic city with plenty of activities and attractions for couples. Whether you’re seeking date ideas Scotland or looking for couples’ days out in Glasgow, this bustling Scottish city has it all. From exploring romantic spots and enjoying live music events to embarking on outdoor adventures and discovering unique bars, there is something for every couple to enjoy.

With a myriad of Glasgow couple experiences to choose from, you can create unforgettable memories together. Indulge in fine dining at romantic restaurants or immerse yourselves in the city’s vibrant nightlife scene. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the River Clyde or visit iconic attractions like Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Not only does Glasgow offer an array of glasgow date spots, but it also caters to those on a budget. You can find affordable experiences such as exploring the beautiful parks and gardens or taking advantage of the many free attractions. Whether you are planning a glasgow date night or a weekend getaway, Glasgow guarantees a memorable and romantic experience for couples.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Glasgow with your loved one, be sure to check out the wide range of glasgow couples activities and make the most of your time together. With its combination of romance, culture, and vibrant atmosphere, Glasgow offers an unforgettable destination where couples can strengthen their bond and create lasting memories.


What are some romantic things to do in Glasgow?

Glasgow offers a variety of romantic activities for couples, such as visiting romantic spots like The Corinthian Club or The Ivy, enjoying Candlelight Concerts at Glasgow Cathedral, or exploring Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

What are some romantic spots near Glasgow for a getaway?

Couples looking for a romantic getaway near Glasgow can consider Blythswood Square Spa or the Red Sky Bar at the Radisson Red.

What are some other couples’ attractions in Glasgow?

Glasgow offers a range of attractions and experiences for couples, including themed bars, live music events, vibrant food tours, and the Trampoline Park at Ryze Glasgow for active fun.