things to do in innsbruck

If you’ve ever dreamt of a destination where majestic Alpine views intersect with rich history and vibrant culture, Innsbruck, Austria is the place to be. Imagine standing in the heart of the Old Town, with the gleaming Golden Roof overhead, a hot steaming cup of coffee from a local café in hand, and the whimsical sounds of a street performer filling the air. For many travellers, this picturesque scene isn’t just a dream but a vivid memory etched into their travel diary.

For those venturing through Europe, Innsbruck offers a seamless blend of Innsbruck attractions, from stunning scenic views and historical sites to engaging activities like guided tours and outdoor adventures. Nestled snugly amidst the Alps, this city, with its enviable proximity to Italy and Germany, provides an irresistible allure. One moment you’re delving into Tirol’s history at a local museum, the next you’re scaling the Nordkette mountains via a cable car.

It’s not just its breathtaking scenic views that make Innsbruck a magnet for visitors; the city is also a bustling centre of activity, having hosted two Winter Olympics. Whether you’re a museum enthusiast keen to discover Tirol’s storied past, an adventure-seeker eager to dive into outdoor activities, or simply someone who appreciates a blend of Innsbruck day trips and city life, Innsbruck promises an unforgettable journey. And when it’s time to unwind, the charming ambience of the Old Town, with its delightful shops and quaint cafés, offers the perfect retreat.

Things to Do in Innsbruck

1. Explore the Old Town (Altstadt)

Welcome to the heart of Innsbruck, where the Old Town (Altstadt) invites you to immerse yourself in a blend of historical significance and contemporary charm. Wander through its colourful streets, and you’ll find yourself amidst some of the city’s most notable attractions, perfect for Innsbruck sightseeing.

Historical Significance

The Old Town is rich with historical sites that tell the story of Innsbruck’s storied past. Amidst its cobblestone streets and medieval architecture, you’ll discover landmarks that have stood the test of time, symbolising the city’s enduring cultural heritage.

Key Attractions: Golden Roof and City Tower

A highlight of Innsbruck landmarks, the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) is an emblematic masterpiece commissioned by Emperor Maximilian I. Adorned with over 2,600 gilded copper tiles, it encapsulates the grandeur of the city’s history. Nearby, the City Tower (Stadtturm) offers an unparalleled vantage point for panoramic views of Innsbruck and its alpine backdrop.

Innsbruck sightseeing

Shopping and Cafés in the Old Town

The Old Town is not only about history but also a haven for shopping in Innsbruck. Boutique stores, quaint shops, and inviting cafés line the streets, providing ample opportunities to indulge in local treats or find unique souvenirs. The vibrant atmosphere, enhanced by street performers and Innsbruck cultural events, makes it a lively spot to relax and soak in the local culture.

Whether you’re drawn by the historical sites or the lively streets brimming with activity, the Old Town (Altstadt) of Innsbruck promises an experience that captures the essence of this beautiful Alpine city.

2. Visit the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl)

The Golden Roof stands as one of the most notable Innsbruck attractions, capturing the wonder of all who pass by. Adorned with 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles, this historical site was constructed to commemorate the marriage of Emperor Maximilian I to Bianca Maria Sforza. The structure’s detailed late Gothic and Renaissance carvings are truly a sight to behold.

Visitors to the Golden Roof can step onto the balcony beneath this remarkable structure, reliving the same view once enjoyed by royal spectators. Such cultural events historically provided an unobstructed view of the bustling square below. This experience seamlessly merges past and present, offering insight into the history and grandeur of one of the foremost things to do in Innsbruck.

Ascend the Nordkette Cable Car

Ascending the Nordkette mountain range is a must-do experience for anyone visiting Innsbruck. This adventure offers stunning 360-degree scenic views of the city and its surroundings, making it a highlight for both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. One of the most popular activities in Innsbruck, the series of cable cars starts with the fascinating Hungerburg Funicular.

Outdoor activities in Innsbruck

The Hungerburg Funicular

The journey begins with the Hungerburg Funicular that transports visitors from the city centre to Hermann Buhl Square. Here, guests can savour spectacular scenic views over Innsbruck, setting the stage for the adventure ahead.

Seegrube and Hafelekar Peak

The next stage involves taking the Nordkette cable car to Seegrube, where opportunities for outdoor activities abound. Whether you’re inclined towards hiking or simply want to enjoy the Panorama Trail, this area offers a little something for everyone. Finally, a journey to Hafelekar Peak rewards you with breathtaking alpine vistas at 2,300 metres, showcasing the majestic beauty of the Austrian Alps.

Outdoor Activities: Hiking and Skiing

For those who crave Innsbruck adventure sports, the Nordkette region is a playground. From downhill mountain biking and hiking trails to hand-gliding spots and outstanding skiing runs, there’s a myriad of activities in Innsbruck for adrenaline junkies. This array of outdoor activities makes the area a pivotal spot for Innsbruck tourism all year round, appealing to adventurous souls and serene seekers alike.

3. Explore Ambras Castle (Schloss Ambras)

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Austrian Alps, Schloss Ambras is one of the must-see Innsbruck attractions. Originally a medieval fortress, it was transformed into an elegant Renaissance palace by Archduke Ferdinand II for his wife, Philippine Welser. Today, this historic site stands as a testament to Innsbruck’s rich cultural heritage.

Innsbruck day trips

Ambras Castle is an ideal day trip for those immersing themselves in Innsbruck’s historical sites and cultural events. With extensive collections that span medieval armour and Renaissance art, it offers a unique insight into European history. The castle’s beautifully manicured gardens provide a serene escape, making it a perfect place for a leisurely stroll.

Medieval Armour Collection

The castle houses one of Europe’s most renowned collections of medieval armour. This impressive assembly includes pieces once owned by notable figures in history, encapsulating the battle gear and weaponry used in bygone eras. A visit to this collection is a compelling venture into the past, reflecting the prowess and craftsmanship of historical armourers.

Renaissance Art and Gardens

Art enthusiasts will be captivated by the extensive array of Renaissance art displayed within Ambras Castle. The interiors boast intricate art collections, including portraits, sculptures, and decorative art, all echoing the splendour of the renaissance period. Additionally, the gardens, meticulously landscaped, provide a picturesque setting, ideal for relaxation and contemplation. For those who wish to delve deeper, the castle’s exhibitions and guided tours offer enriching details about its artistic and historical significance.

Whether you’re eager to visit museums or simply enjoy a tranquil day amidst beautiful surroundings, Schloss Ambras serves as a remarkable addition to any list of Innsbruck day trips.

4. Innsbruck Cathedral (Dom zu St. Jakob)

The Innsbruck Cathedral, or Dom zu St. Jakob, stands as an illustrious example of Baroque architecture in the heart of Innsbruck. As one of the key Innsbruck landmarks, it remains a focal point for those interested in historical sites and cultural events.

Innsbruck landmarks

Inside, visitors are greeted by an opulent interior that includes masterful frescoes by the eminent painter Cosmas Damian Asam. These artistic treasures make the cathedral one of the most significant Innsbruck attractions, drawing both art enthusiasts and history buffs.

Though many come to admire its aesthetic splendour, Dom zu St. Jakob also provides a tranquil retreat from the bustling city outside. Whether you are looking for cultural events or simply exploring things to do in Innsbruck, Austria, a visit to this cathedral offers a serene and enriching experience.

5. Hofburg Imperial Palace

The Hofburg Imperial Palace stands as a testament to Innsbruck’s rich Habsburg heritage and is a must-visit destination for any traveller interested in historical sites. This grandiose palace holds centuries of history within its walls, making it a significant landmark for those interested in both cultural events and the opulence of Austria’s past.

Giant’s Hall

The Giant’s Hall, or ‘Riesensaal’, is the highlight of the Hofburg Imperial Palace. A venue for state banquets and other grand cultural events, its 18th-century ceiling frescoes capture the magnificence of the Baroque period. As you wander through this space, you’ll be enchanted by the striking artistry depicting mythological scenes designed to impress.

Hofburg Imperial Palace

Imperial Apartments

The Imperial Apartments offer a more intimate glance into the lives of the Habsburg royalty. Once the residence of the beloved Empress Sisi, these rooms provide an elegant yet personal perspective on history. Richly furnished and replete with period details, the apartments enhance Innsbruck sightseeing experiences by allowing visitors to step back in time. This aspect of Innsbruck tourism vividly illustrates the opulent living conditions of past inhabitants.

The Hofburg Imperial Palace, with its blend of grandeur and history, remains a cornerstone of Innsbruck landmarks. Its wealth of historical sites continues to captivate those eager to explore the treasures of Tirol’s vibrant past.

6. Swarovski Crystal Worlds (Swarovski Kristallwelten)

Swarovski Crystal Worlds, one of the iconic Innsbruck attractions, offers a dazzling display of crystalline art installations and intricate designs. As a prime highlight of Innsbruck tourism, it seamlessly blends art and luxury, promising an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Art Installations

Delve into a world where shimmering crystals transform into mesmerising art installations. Created by renowned artists from across the globe, these interactive exhibits showcase the limitless creativity of the human spirit. From enchanting light displays to intricate sculptures, the attractions in Innsbruck such as these are truly spectacular.

Shopping and Cafés

In addition to the enthralling art installations, Swarovski Crystal Worlds also provide excellent opportunities for shopping in Innsbruck. The on-site shops feature exclusive Swarovski pieces, making it easy for visitors to take a glittering souvenir home. Moreover, the cafés offer a delightful ambiance for relaxed dining, surrounded by the splendour of Swarovski crystals. Truly, this destination tops the list of things to do in Innsbruck, blending art, commerce, and hospitality perfectly.

7. Things to do in Innsbruck during Winter

Winter casts a magical spell over Innsbruck, transforming it into an idyllic wonderland tailored for both adventure seekers and cultural enthusiasts. Nestled among the Austrian Alps, the city becomes a prime destination for an array of winter sports and festive activities that cater to diverse interests. The Alpine backdrop not only amplifies the scenic charm but also sets the stage for an unforgettable winter experience.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Innsbruck is synonymous with world-class skiing and snowboarding, attracting enthusiasts from around the globe. The Nordkette range offers exhilarating slopes that challenge even the most seasoned athletes, while also providing gentler runs for beginners. For those craving variety, numerous other ski resorts surround Innsbruck, each boasting well-maintained trails and stunning mountain views. Adventure sports extend beyond the slopes with activities like snowshoeing and winter hiking, making it a winter paradise.

Christmas Markets

The Christmas Markets in Innsbruck are a quintessential part of the city’s winter allure. These markets, often set against the backdrop of beautifully illuminated historical buildings, brim with festive cheer. Visitors can peruse stalls offering traditional crafts, savour seasonal treats such as mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, and immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere. These cultural events are perfect for families and friends to enjoy together, making Innsbruck a top choice for authentic European winter experiences.


What are the top things to do in Innsbruck, Austria?

Innsbruck offers a range of activities, from visiting museums and historical sites to enjoying outdoor adventures and guided tours. Key attractions include the Old Town (Altstadt), Golden Roof, Nordkette Cable Car, Ambras Castle, Innsbruck Cathedral, Hofburg Imperial Palace, and Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

What can I expect to see in the Old Town (Altstadt) of Innsbruck?

The Old Town (Altstadt) is rich in historical significance and key attractions such as the Golden Roof and City Tower. Visitors can also indulge in shopping and enjoy leisure time at local cafés.

What is the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) and why is it significant?

The Golden Roof is an iconic landmark in Innsbruck, adorned with 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles. It was constructed to mark the marriage of Emperor Maximilian I to Bianca Maria Sforza and features intriguing late Gothic and Renaissance carvings.

How can I experience the Nordkette mountains?

You can ascend the Nordkette mountains via a series of cable cars, starting with the Hungerburg Funicular. The ride offers panoramic views and leads to Seegrube and ultimately the Hafelekar Peak, with opportunities for hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

What can I find at Ambras Castle (Schloss Ambras)?

Ambras Castle houses a notable collection of medieval armour and Renaissance art. Visitors can also enjoy the beautifully manicured gardens and intricate interior art collections.

What makes Innsbruck Cathedral (Dom zu St. Jakob) worth visiting?

Innsbruck Cathedral is a Baroque architectural marvel with a lavish interior and significant art pieces, including frescoes by Cosmas Damian Asam. The cathedral offers both visual grandeur and a peaceful retreat.

What are the main highlights of the Hofburg Imperial Palace?

The Hofburg Imperial Palace features the Giant’s Hall with elaborate ceiling frescoes and the Imperial Apartments, once inhabited by Empress Sisi. These highlights reflect the opulence of the Baroque period.

What should I expect at Swarovski Crystal Worlds (Swarovski Kristallwelten)?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds offers mesmerising art installations and design exhibits. Visitors can also enjoy shopping and dining experiences surrounded by the sparkle of Swarovski crystals.

What activities are available in Innsbruck during winter?

During winter, Innsbruck is a haven for skiing and snowboarding, particularly at the Nordkette range. The Christmas Markets also offer festive cheer with traditional crafts, seasonal treats, and warm beverages. The city’s alpine backdrop adds to its winter charm.