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Welcome to Perth, Scotland, a city brimming with exciting attractions, captivating landmarks, and unforgettable experiences. Situated on the picturesque banks of the River Tay, Perth offers a wide range of activities for visitors to immerse themselves in. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or simply looking for a fun-filled adventure, Perth has it all.

Start your journey by exploring the natural beauty that surrounds the city. From the stunning viewpoints of Kinnoull Hill to the exhilarating water activities on the River Tay, outdoor enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice. Take a leisurely hike, try your hand at water sports, or simply revel in the tranquil serenity of Perth’s countryside.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the city’s history and culture, Perth boasts a wealth of landmarks and museums. Visit the iconic Scone Palace, the crowning place of Scottish kings, and delve into the captivating exhibitions at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery. Explore the military history at the Black Watch Castle and Museum or admire the works of renowned Scottish artist J D Fergusson at the Fergusson Gallery.

In addition to its natural and cultural attractions, Perth also offers a vibrant entertainment and shopping scene. Experience live performances at the Perth Concert Hall, browse the unique shops and boutiques on George Street, or indulge in the city’s lively events and festivals. Couples can find romantic spots to create lasting memories, while families can enjoy a range of free and fun activities.

With its central location in the Perth and Kinross area, Perth serves as the perfect base for day trips to explore the surrounding countryside. Venture out to discover charming villages, breathtaking landscapes, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Plan your visit to Perth and get ready to embark on a journey filled with unforgettable adventures, picturesque sights, and rich cultural experiences. Whether you’re exploring its natural wonders, immersing yourself in its history, or enjoying its vibrant entertainment scene, Perth will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Discover the magic of Perth and uncover all the incredible things this captivating city has to offer.

Things to Do in Perth, Scotland

Scotland’s Natural Beauty

One of the highlights of visiting Perth is exploring its natural beauty. From stunning viewpoints to unique outdoor activities, Perth offers a range of attractions that will captivate nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

1. Kinnoull Hill

Kinnoull Hill is a must-visit destination for those seeking panoramic views of Perth and the surrounding countryside. This picturesque hill provides a stunning vantage point, allowing visitors to marvel at the beauty of the landscape. It is also home to a diverse range of wildlife, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers.

2. River Tay

The River Tay, which runs through Perth, offers an array of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. Thrill-seekers can experience the adrenaline rush of white water rafting or test their kayaking skills on the fast-flowing waters. For those looking for a more laid-back experience, bodyboarding is a popular choice. The River Tay provides a picturesque backdrop for these exciting water adventures.

3. Meikleour Beech Hedge

A visit to the Meikleour Beech Hedge is a truly unique experience. Recognized as the highest and longest hedge in the world, it stretches over 500 meters and stands at an impressive 30 meters in height. Walking alongside this magnificent hedge, visitors will feel like they’ve stepped into a fairytale. It’s a sight that should not be missed.

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Perth provides abundant opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region. Whether you choose to hike up Kinnoull Hill, venture out on the River Tay, or marvel at the Meikleour Beech Hedge, there’s no shortage of breathtaking sights and experiences waiting for you in Perth, Scotland.

Immerse Yourself in Perth’s History and Culture

Perth, a city steeped in history and culture, boasts several landmarks and attractions that beautifully showcase its rich heritage. Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious about the city’s past, there are plenty of fascinating places to explore. From regal palaces to art galleries, Perth offers a variety of attractions that provide insight into its captivating story.

4. Scone Palace

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Located to the east of Perth, Scone Palace is an absolute must-visit for history enthusiasts. This historic site served as the crowning place of Scottish kings and holds immense significance. Set amidst stunning grounds and gardens, a visit to Scone Palace offers a glimpse into Scotland’s regal past.

5. Perth Museum and Art Gallery

The Perth Museum and Art Gallery is the perfect destination for those wanting to delve deeper into the city’s local history and art scene. With engaging exhibitions and informative displays, this museum offers a comprehensive overview of Perth’s cultural heritage. From archaeological artifacts to contemporary artwork, visitors can explore the city’s artistic and historical treasures.

6. Black Watch Castle and Museum

For a unique perspective on Scotland’s military history, a visit to the Black Watch Castle and Museum is a must. This dedicated museum showcases the remarkable story of the famous Black Watch regiment. Immerse yourself in the displays and interactive exhibits that bring to life the bravery and valor of Scotland’s soldiers.

7. Fergusson Gallery

The Fergusson Gallery is a hidden gem showcasing the works of renowned Scottish artist J D Fergusson. This intimate gallery celebrates the artistry and vision of Fergusson, offering a delightful collection of paintings, sculptures, and textiles. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to explore the works of this influential Scottish artist.

Exploring these landmarks and attractions will allow you to truly appreciate the fascinating history and vibrant culture that Perth has to offer. From regal palaces to contemporary art, the city’s heritage is beautifully preserved and waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy the Vibrant Entertainment and Shopping Scene in Perth

Perth, Scotland offers a vibrant entertainment and shopping scene that is sure to delight visitors of all interests. From exciting events to unique shopping experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this bustling city.

8. Perth Events

Perth hosts a variety of events throughout the year, providing endless entertainment options. Whether you’re a music lover, comedy enthusiast, or dance aficionado, you’ll find something to suit your taste. The Perth Concert Hall is a popular venue for live music performances, comedy shows, and dance events, offering an unforgettable experience for visitors.

9. Shopping in Perth

If you’re a fan of shopping, Perth won’t disappoint. George Street is a must-visit destination for shopping enthusiasts, offering a wide array of unique gifts, vintage stores, and independent retailers. Whether you’re looking for stylish clothing, handmade crafts, or one-of-a-kind souvenirs, you’ll find it all on George Street.

Things to Do in Perth Scotland for Couples

Perth is also the perfect destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Take a leisurely stroll along the River Tay, enjoy a candlelit dinner at one of the city’s charming restaurants, or cozy up with a cup of coffee in one of Perth’s quaint cafes. The city’s romantic ambiance and picturesque surroundings make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a memorable experience.

Free Things to Do in Perth Scotland

Not all activities in Perth have to come with a price tag. There are plenty of free things to do for budget-conscious travelers. Explore the stunning parks and gardens like Branklyn Garden or North Inch Park, where you can enjoy a relaxing picnic or take a scenic walk. Additionally, the beautiful Black Watch Castle and Museum offers free admission, allowing visitors to delve into Scotland’s military history without spending a penny.

Fun Things to Do in Perth Scotland This Weekend

If you’re visiting Perth on a weekend, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to fun activities. From local markets and craft fairs to live performances and art exhibitions, there’s always something happening in Perth on any given weekend. Check the local event listings to discover the exciting events taking place during your visit.

Perth Events Shopping in Perth Things to Do in Perth Scotland for Couples Free Things to Do in Perth Scotland Fun Things to Do in Perth Scotland This Weekend
Live music Unique gifts Romantic walks along the River Tay Exploring parks and gardens Local markets and craft fairs
Comedy shows Vintage stores Intimate dining experiences Visiting the Black Watch Castle and Museum Live performances
Dance performances Independent retailers Cozy coffee dates Free art exhibitions Art exhibitions

With its diverse range of entertainment options and exciting shopping experiences, Perth is a city that promises fun and enjoyment for every visitor. Whether you’re attending a thrilling event, discovering unique treasures while shopping, or embarking on romantic adventures, Perth has something to offer everyone. Plan your visit to Perth and immerse yourself in its vibrant entertainment and shopping scene.

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Perth, Scotland, offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, captivating history, vibrant entertainment, and a thriving shopping scene, making it an ideal destination for tourists. Located in the heart of the Perth and Kinross area, the city serves as an excellent base for exploring the picturesque countryside through exciting day trips.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast seeking thrilling adventures, a history buff fascinated by iconic landmarks, or a culture aficionado looking to immerse yourself in the local heritage, Perth has something to offer everyone. From the breathtaking views atop Kinnoull Hill to the historical significance of Scone Palace, each experience in Perth is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Moreover, Perth’s vibrant entertainment scene boasts a wide range of events throughout the year, ranging from live music concerts to comedy shows, ensuring endless fun and entertainment for visitors of all ages. And for those who enjoy retail therapy, George Street offers a variety of shops, boutiques, and unique stores, making it a shopper’s paradise.

When planning your next trip to Scotland, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the wonders of Perth, a city that perfectly embodies the essence of Scottish tourism. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, historical exploration, cultural experiences, or simply a good time, Perth promises an unforgettable journey.


What are some must-see attractions in Perth, Scotland?

Some must-see attractions in Perth, Scotland include Kinnoull Hill with its stunning panoramic views, the Meikleour Beech Hedge, recognized as the highest and longest hedge in the world, Scone Palace, the crowning place of Scottish kings, and the Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

What outdoor activities can I enjoy in Perth?

In Perth, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as white water rafting and kayaking on the River Tay, exploring the wildlife on Kinnoull Hill, and visiting the Meikleour Beech Hedge.

What historical landmarks should I visit in Perth?

Some historical landmarks to visit in Perth include Scone Palace, the crowning place of Scottish kings, the Black Watch Castle and Museum, which showcases the military history of the Black Watch regiment, and the Fergusson Gallery, which exhibits the works of J D Fergusson, a renowned Scottish artist.

What events can I attend in Perth?

In Perth, there are various events happening throughout the year, including live music, comedy shows, and dance performances at venues like the Perth Concert Hall. Check the event calendar to see what’s happening during your visit.

Are there any free things to do in Perth?

Yes, there are free things to do in Perth, such as exploring the natural beauty of Kinnoull Hill, visiting the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, and strolling along George Street, which offers unique gift shops, vintage stores, and independent retailers.

What fun activities can families enjoy in Perth?

Families can enjoy fun activities in Perth, such as exploring the natural beauty of Kinnoull Hill, visiting the Meikleour Beech Hedge, and attending family-friendly events happening in the city. There are plenty of options to keep everyone entertained.

What can couples do in Perth for a romantic outing?

Couples can enjoy a romantic outing in Perth by taking a stroll along the River Tay, visiting the picturesque Scone Palace, and enjoying a meal at one of the cozy restaurants in the city. Perth offers a romantic atmosphere for couples to create beautiful memories.

What day trips can I take from Perth?

From Perth, you can take day trips to explore the surrounding countryside and nearby attractions such as the beautiful Perthshire countryside, the charming town of Dunkeld, and the historic city of Stirling. These day trips offer a chance to further explore the beauty and history of Scotland.