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Welcome to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and a hidden gem waiting to be explored! Whether you’re a history buff, culture enthusiast, or simply seeking new travel adventures, Tallinn has something for everyone. From its medieval charm to its vibrant modern attractions, this enchanting city offers a plethora of things to do in Tallinn. So, lace up your walking shoes and get ready to explore Tallinn as we uncover the best experiences, hidden gems, and must-visit attractions that this vibrant city has to offer.

Looking to immerse yourself in rich Tallinn tourism? Discover the captivating Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, and charming squares await. Dive into the city’s history as you meander through the narrow alleys and explore the top sights in Old Town Tallinn.

If you’re craving a dose of culture, Tallinn won’t disappoint. Explore the city’s vast array of cultural sights, from world-class museums to intriguing art galleries. Immerse yourself in the local heritage and be inspired by Tallinn’s rich artistic and intellectual scene.

Tired of the usual tourist hotspots? Tallinn has some unique experiences up its sleeve. Discover hidden corners of the city, embark on thrilling winter activities, or uncover the best-kept secrets of Tallinn’s locals. These extraordinary experiences will make your trip truly unforgettable.

Planning a family trip? Tallinn caters to all ages, offering an array of family-friendly activities. Take your little ones on an adventure through Tallinn’s historical landmarks or embark on outdoor escapades amidst stunning natural landscapes. There’s no shortage of fun for the whole family in this vibrant capital.

When night falls, Tallinn comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene and tantalizing dining options. From trendy bars to acclaimed restaurants, immerse yourself in the city’s buzzing nocturnal energy. Indulge in delicious cuisine and raise your glass to unforgettable moments.

Top Sights in Old Town Tallinn

The Old Town of Tallinn is a treasure trove of history and culture, boasting a variety of attractions that will captivate visitors. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it embraces the essence of Tallinn’s rich heritage and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who explores its medieval streets. Here are some of the top sights in Old Town Tallinn:

Tallinn Old Town Wall and Towers

Step back in time and discover the well-preserved medieval city walls and towers that once protected Tallinn. Climb the towers for panoramic views of the city and imagine the stories they could tell. Don’t miss the iconic Fat Margaret Tower and Kiek in de Kök, offering fascinating insights into Tallinn’s defensive history.

Tallinn Town Hall Square

The heart of Old Town Tallinn beats in the picturesque Town Hall Square, surrounded by vibrant buildings, charming cafés, and the impressive Town Hall itself. Take a seat at one of the outdoor terraces and soak in the atmosphere of this historic gathering place.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Marvel at the stunning Russian Orthodox architecture of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a symbol of Tallinn’s complex history. Admire the intricate details both inside and out, including the magnificent onion domes that dominate the city’s skyline.

Toompea Hill

Ascend Toompea Hill, the upper part of Old Town, and explore the historic landmarks it offers. Visit the Estonian Parliament building, known as Toompea Castle, and enjoy panoramic views of the city from Kohtuotsa and Patkuli viewing platforms.

St. Olaf’s Church

Uncover the secrets of St. Olaf’s Church, once the tallest building in the world. Climb the narrow spiral staircase to the viewing platform for breathtaking views of Tallinn’s rooftops and the Baltic Sea.

Kadriorg Palace

While not located within the Old Town, a visit to Kadriorg Palace is a must for art and history enthusiasts. Marvel at the stunning Baroque architecture and explore the Kadriorg Art Museum, which houses an impressive collection of European art.

With its medieval charm and captivating sites, Old Town Tallinn is a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the city’s rich history and culture. From the grandeur of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral to the enchanting alleyways, there’s something to delight every traveler.

Take your time to wander the cobblestone streets, discover hidden gems, and soak up the atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Old Town Tallinn truly showcases the best of the city’s attractions and offers a glimpse into its vibrant past.

Explore Tallinn’s Cultural Sights

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is not only known for its historical charm but also for its vibrant cultural scene. The city is home to a variety of cultural attractions that offer visitors a unique and enriching experience.


One of the best ways to delve into Tallinn’s rich culture is by visiting its museums. The Estonian National Museum, located in the picturesque Kadriorg Park, provides insight into the country’s history, art, and traditions. For a glimpse into the life of medieval Tallinn, head to the Tallinn City Museum located in the heart of the Old Town.

Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Kumu Art Museum, which houses an impressive collection of Estonian artwork from the 18th century to the present day. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions featuring both local and international artists.

Art Galleries

If you have a passion for contemporary art, Tallinn has a thriving art gallery scene. The Tallinn Art Hall showcases the works of both established and emerging artists, providing a platform for artistic expression and creativity.

The Adamson-Eric Museum is another must-visit for art lovers. Named after its founder, the museum exhibits the works of the renowned Estonian artist Adamson-Eric, as well as a collection of applied art and ceramics.


Immerse yourself in Tallinn’s history by exploring its iconic landmarks. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, with its striking onion domes and intricate mosaics, is a defining feature of the city’s skyline. Visit this stunning Orthodox church to admire its architectural beauty and learn about its significance in Estonian history.

Another landmark worth visiting is the Tallinn Town Hall in the heart of the Old Town. This medieval masterpiece is one of the best-preserved Gothic town halls in Northern Europe and serves as a symbol of Tallinn’s rich heritage.

Theater and Music

For a taste of Tallinn’s performing arts scene, catch a show at the Estonian National Opera or the Tallinn City Theatre. These venues showcase a range of performances, including ballet, opera, theater, and concerts, providing a platform for local and international talent.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience traditional Estonian music. The Estonian Traditional Music Center offers concerts and workshops where you can learn about and enjoy the country’s unique folk music traditions.

Tallinn Cultural Sights

Exploring Tallinn’s cultural sights is a captivating journey through history, art, and traditions. Whether you’re wandering through museums, admiring stunning landmarks, or immersing yourself in the performing arts, Tallinn’s cultural scene offers something for everyone.

Cultural Sights Location Highlights
Estonian National Museum Kadriorg Park Insight into Estonian history and art
Tallinn City Museum Old Town Explore medieval Tallinn
Kumu Art Museum Kadriorg Estonian artwork from 18th century to present
Tallinn Art Hall City Center Contemporary art exhibitions
Adamson-Eric Museum Kadriorg Works of Estonian artist Adamson-Eric
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Toompea Hill Iconic Orthodox cathedral with stunning architecture
Tallinn Town Hall Old Town Well-preserved Gothic town hall
Estonian National Opera City Center Ballet, opera, and classical music performances
Tallinn City Theatre City Center Theater productions and contemporary performances
Estonian Traditional Music Center City Center Traditional Estonian folk music concerts and workshops

Unique Experiences in Tallinn

While Tallinn is known for its historical and cultural attractions, there are also plenty of unique experiences that can make your visit to this charming city even more memorable. Whether you’re visiting during the snowy winter months or looking for budget-friendly options, Tallinn offers a variety of activities that cater to different interests and preferences.

“Tallinn is a city filled with hidden gems and unusual things to do. From quirky museums to unconventional outdoor activities, there’s always something exciting waiting to be discovered.”

10 Unusual Things to Do in Tallinn

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, here are ten unusual activities you can try in Tallinn:

  1. Explore the Patarei Sea Fortress- a fascinating abandoned prison that offers a glimpse into Estonia’s dark past.
  2. Visit the KGB Museum in the Hotel Viru- a unique opportunity to learn about the Soviet era and its impact on Tallinn.
  3. Take a ghost tour and discover the city’s eerie legends and haunted locations.
  4. Experience the thrill of ice karting at the Tondiraba Ice Hall during the winter months.
  5. Embark on a Soviet-themed adventure and explore the hidden architectural treasures of the Lasnamäe district.
  6. Indulge in the Estonian tradition of sauna and experience the rejuvenating effects of this ancient practice.
  7. Visit the Fotografiska Tallinn- a contemporary art museum known for its thought-provoking exhibitions.
  8. Take a walk on the Soviet-style beach promenade at Pirita and enjoy the stunning views of the Baltic Sea.
  9. Discover the underground world of the Bastion Tunnels and learn about Tallinn’s historical defensive network.
  10. Experience the unique blend of cultures at the Telliskivi Creative City, a vibrant hub of art, design, and culinary delights.

These unconventional activities offer a different perspective on Tallinn and allow you to delve deeper into the city’s history, culture, and local traditions.

Free Things to Do in Tallinn

Exploring Tallinn doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of free activities and attractions that you can enjoy during your visit:

  • Stroll through the picturesque streets of the Old Town and admire the medieval architecture.
  • Take a walk along the scenic Tallinn City Wall and enjoy the panoramic views of the city.
  • Visit the Kadriorg Park- a beautiful green oasis with carefully manicured gardens and a stunning Baroque palace.
  • Explore the Kalamaja district- a hip and trendy neighborhood filled with street art, cafes, and quirky shops.
  • Attend a free concert or exhibition at the Kultuurikatel, a vibrant cultural center housed in a former power station.
  • Take a bike ride along the scenic Baltic Sea coastline and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.
  • Visit the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds- a historic venue that has played a significant role in Estonia’s national identity.
  • Explore the wooded trails of the Estonian Open Air Museum and get a glimpse of rural life in Estonia.
  • Join a free guided walking tour and learn about Tallinn’s history from knowledgeable local guides.
  • Relax on the shores of Lake Ülemiste- the largest lake in Tallinn, offering tranquil surroundings.

These free activities not only provide budget-friendly options for exploring Tallinn but also showcase the city’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

unusual things to do in tallinn

With so many unique experiences to choose from, Tallinn is sure to capture your imagination and leave you with lasting memories of your visit. Whether you’re seeking adventure, culture, or simply a change from the ordinary, Tallinn has something special to offer every traveler.

Family-Friendly Activities in Tallinn

Tallinn is a great destination for a family trip, with attractions and activities that are suitable for all ages. Whether you’re exploring historic sites or enjoying outdoor adventures, there’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained. Here are some family-friendly activities in Tallinn:

Tallinn Zoo

The Tallinn Zoo is a must-visit for animal lovers. Home to a wide variety of species from around the world, it offers a unique opportunity to learn about and observe different animals up close. From big cats to exotic birds, the zoo provides an educational and fun experience for children and adults alike.

Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace is a beautiful palace complex located in a stunning park. The palace houses the Kadriorg Art Museum, which showcases an impressive collection of European art. Take a leisurely stroll in the park, enjoy a picnic, or rent bicycles to explore the surrounding area. There are also playgrounds for children, making it a great place for families to spend a day.

Seaplane Harbour

The Seaplane Harbour is a maritime museum housed in a unique seaplane hangar. It features interactive exhibits, historic ships, and submarines, allowing visitors to learn about Estonia’s maritime history in an engaging way. Kids will love exploring the different vessels and trying out the simulators.

family activities in Tallinn

Tallinn TV Tower

For a thrilling experience, head to the Tallinn TV Tower. Take an elevator ride to the observation deck, which offers panoramic views of the city. Kids will enjoy the SkyWalk, a walkway outside the tower with a glass floor. It’s a unique way to see Tallinn from above and get an adrenaline rush at the same time.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Step back in time and experience traditional Estonian village life at the Estonian Open Air Museum. Located in a picturesque seaside forest, the museum showcases historic buildings and provides interactive activities for visitors of all ages. Families can learn about traditional crafts, try their hand at various activities, and enjoy traditional Estonian cuisine.

With these family-friendly activities, your trip to Tallinn is sure to be a memorable one for the whole family. Whether you’re exploring the zoo, immersing yourself in history, or enjoying stunning views, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this charming city.

Nightlife and Dining in Tallinn

When the sun sets in the charming city of Tallinn, the real excitement begins. From cozy pubs to lively clubs, there are plenty of things to do in Tallinn at night. Whether you’re a party animal or prefer a more relaxed evening, the city offers something for everyone.

Unwind at Trendy Bars

Start your night with a visit to one of Tallinn’s trendy bars, where you can enjoy a wide selection of cocktails, craft beers, and fine wines. The atmospheric bars in the Old Town are perfect for those wanting to soak up the medieval charm while sipping on their favorite drink. Some popular bars to check out include Carousel Lounge and Pudel Baar, known for their cozy ambiance and excellent drink menus.

Experience the Vibrant Club Scene

If you’re looking to dance the night away, Tallinn won’t disappoint. The city is famous for its vibrant club scene, offering a diverse range of music genres to cater to all tastes. Hollywood Club and Põrgu Club are among the top destinations for party-goers, with resident DJs and international acts taking the stage.

Savour the Local Cuisine

Eating out in Tallinn is an adventure in itself. The city is home to a thriving food scene, with restaurants serving up both traditional Estonian dishes and international cuisines. Indulge in authentic Estonian cuisine, with dishes like mulgipuder (potato and barley porridge) and kiluvõileib (baltic herring sandwich), or explore the variety of international eateries scattered across the city.

Take a Night Tour in Tallinn

For a unique perspective of the city at night, consider taking a guided night tour. Witness the illuminated landmarks and charming streets as you stroll through Tallinn’s enchanting neighborhoods. Enjoy discovering hidden gems and learning about the city’s history and folklore under the starry sky.

Affordable Pub Crawls

If you’re on a budget, join one of the affordable pub crawls organized by local tour operators. These pub crawls are a great way to meet fellow travelers and explore Tallinn’s nightlife without breaking the bank. The knowledgeable guides will take you to the best bars and clubs, ensuring a memorable night out in the city.

Must-Visit Nightlife Spots in Tallinn Specialty
Carousel Lounge Cozy bar with a medieval vibe
Pudel Baar Huge selection of craft beers
Hollywood Club Large club hosting international DJs
Põrgu Club Popular club with a variety of music genres

After a day of exploring the historical and cultural sights, let Tallinn’s vibrant nightlife entertain and delight you. Choose from the numerous bars, clubs, and dining options to create unforgettable memories in this lively Baltic city.


Tallinn, the charming capital of Estonia, is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a blend of history, culture, and excitement. With its medieval allure and modern attractions, there is no shortage of things to do in Tallinn.

Whether you’re exploring the UNESCO World Heritage site of Old Town Tallinn, immersing yourself in the city’s rich cultural sights, or embarking on unique experiences, Tallinn has something for everyone. Families will also appreciate the range of family-friendly activities available.

When the sun sets, Tallinn’s nightlife comes alive, offering a vibrant scene with trendy bars and lively clubs. And don’t forget to indulge in the city’s delightful culinary offerings.

So, plan your trip to Tallinn, soak up the enchanting atmosphere of its streets, and experience the best that this beautiful city has to offer. From historical landmarks to modern attractions, Tallinn is a must-visit destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories.


What are some cultural sights to check out in Tallinn?

Some cultural sights to check out in Tallinn include the Estonian National Opera, Kumu Art Museum, Kadriorg Palace, and the Seaplane Harbour.

What are some nightlife and dining options in Tallinn?

Some nightlife and dining options in Tallinn include visiting trendy bars and pubs in the Old Town, enjoying live music at the Rock Cafe, trying traditional Estonian cuisine at local restaurants, and taking a food tour to discover the city’s culinary scene.

What makes Tallinn a must-visit destination for tourists?

Tallinn’s rich history, charming medieval architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and a wide range of attractions and activities make it a must-visit destination for tourists looking for a unique and enchanting travel experience.