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In this article, I’ll be sharing my experience of exploring the charming island of Anglesey in Wales and uncovering the top things to do. From stunning beaches to historical sites and family-friendly attractions, Anglesey Wales has something for everyone.

As a travel enthusiast, I can confidently say that Anglesey is one of the most captivating destinations I’ve ever visited. Its rich history, diverse nature, and vibrant culture make it an ideal spot for a weekend getaway or a longer trip. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on all the must-see places and hidden gems in Anglesey, Wales.

Anglesey offers a range of exciting activities and beautiful landscapes to explore. For more adventures in Wales, don’t miss visiting nearby destinations like Betws y Coed, known for its charming village and outdoor activities.

Things to do in Anglesey, Wales

Explore stunning beaches

There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach, and Anglesey has some of the most breathtaking beaches, like the beaches in Cornwall. From golden sands to rugged coastlines, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the top beaches to visit in Anglesey:

1. Newborough Beach

Newborough Beach is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With its vast stretch of golden sand and magnificent views of the Snowdonia mountains, it’s the perfect spot for a relaxing day by the sea. Take a walk through the nearby forest, swim in the clear waters, or try your hand at windsurfing. Newborough Beach is also a popular spot for beach fishing.

2. Rhosneigr Beach

Rhosneigr Beach is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. From windsurfing and kitesurfing to sailing and kayaking, the beach offers a wide range of activities for all ages and skill levels. The beach town itself has a vibrant and laid-back atmosphere with plenty of cafes and surf-style shops to explore.

3. Benllech Beach

Benllech Beach is a popular family-friendly beach, known for its clean waters and wide, sandy shore. With ample parking and easy access, it’s a great spot for a day out with the family. Explore the nearby coastal path, build sandcastles, or paddle in the sea. Benllech Beach is also a great location for shell collecting.

Tip: Pack a picnic and head to one of the lesser-known beaches for a secluded and tranquil day by the sea.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Anglesey’s beaches are not to be missed. Pack a towel, some sunscreen, and prepare for a day of fun in the sun.

Discover Historical Sites

Anglesey has a fascinating history that spans centuries and is reflected in its impressive collection of historical sites. These sites offer a glimpse into Anglesey’s rich and diverse heritage, ranging from prehistoric ruins to medieval castles and iconic landmarks.

One of the must-see historical sites in Anglesey is the Beaumaris Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site that dates back to the late 13th century. It is considered one of the most perfect examples of a concentric castle in Europe. The castle is surrounded by a moat and is located in the charming town of Beaumaris.

If you’re interested in prehistoric history, be sure to visit the Bryn Celli Ddu Burial Chamber, a Neolithic passage tomb that dates back approximately 5000 years. It is located near the village of Llanddaniel Fab and is considered one of the most significant prehistoric sites in Wales.

Historical Sites in Anglesey

The Following Historical Sites in Anglesey are Worth Visiting:

Historical Site Description
South Stack Lighthouse A famous lighthouse located on a small island off the north-west coast of Anglesey.
Caernarfon Castle A magnificent medieval fortress and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts history and grandeur.
Nant Gwrtheyrn A former quarrying village that has been restored and now offers a cultural and educational center and museum.
Plas Newydd Estate and Gardens A grand 18th-century mansion house set in spectacular gardens overlooking the Menai Strait and Snowdonia mountains.

These historical sites in Anglesey provide a fascinating insight into the island’s past and are definitely worth a visit during your stay. Exploring Anglesey’s historical sites will give you a deeper appreciation of the island’s unique culture and heritage.

Enjoy family fun

If you’re looking for fun activities to enjoy with your family, Anglesey is the perfect destination. The island has a plethora of attractions and activities suitable for all ages, ensuring a memorable day out with your loved ones.

1. Adventure parks

Anglesey boasts several adventure parks where you can experience thrilling activities such as zip-lining, treetop adventures, and high ropes courses. Zip World and Anglesey Outdoors offer a range of exciting outdoor activities guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping.

2. Wildlife centers

Anglesey is home to several wildlife centers that offer an immersive experience with native animals and marine life. Anglesey Sea Zoo and the Pili Palas Nature World are popular attractions that provide visitors with a unique insight into the island’s biodiversity.

3. Interactive museums

If you want your children to learn while having fun, Anglesey’s interactive museums will provide hours of entertainment. The Oriel Ynys Môn museum showcases the island’s art and culture, while the Storiel museum offers interactive exhibits that delve into Anglesey’s history and heritage.

“Anglesey boasts several adventure parks where you can experience thrilling activities such as zip-lining, treetop adventures, and high ropes courses.”

Anglesey has something to offer for everyone, making it the perfect destination for a fun family day out. From adventure parks and wildlife centers to interactive museums, there’s never a dull moment on this charming island.

Anglesey is a great destination for families. For more family-friendly activities, consider exploring Bath, which offers a range of attractions suitable for children.

Visit charming villages and towns

There’s no shortage of charming villages and towns to explore on Anglesey, each one offering its own unique character and atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for picturesque scenery, traditional Welsh architecture, or vibrant local markets, there’s something for everyone.

One of my favourite places to visit is Beaumaris, a picturesque seaside town that boasts a stunning 13th-century castle and a bustling pier. Take a stroll along the seafront and soak up the views across the Menai Strait, then head into town and explore the independent shops and galleries selling local crafts and artwork.

Another must-see is Menai Bridge, a small town with a big personality. Cross the iconic Menai Suspension Bridge and spend an afternoon exploring the town’s quirky cafés, boutique shops, and bookstores.

And let’s not forget about Amlwch, a former copper mining town that has reinvented itself as a hub for creative industries. Wander through the colourful streets and take in the town’s vibrant street art, then browse the galleries and workshops that showcase the best of local talent.

Anglesey tourist spots

Table: Top Villages and Towns to Visit in Anglesey

Village/Town Main attractions
Beaumaris 13th-century castle, seafront, independent shops and galleries
Menai Bridge Menai Suspension Bridge, cafés, boutique shops, bookstores
Amlwch Colourful streets, street art, local galleries and workshops

Immerse yourself in nature

Anglesey’s natural beauty is a sight to behold! From enchanting woodlands to dramatic coastlines and off-shore islands, the island is a haven for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

One of the best ways to explore the island’s natural wonders is on foot. Strap on your hiking boots, pack a picnic, and head out on one of the many scenic walks that crisscross the island. From tranquil woodland strolls to breathtaking coastal paths, Anglesey offers a diverse range of walking routes that cater to all abilities.

If you prefer something a bit more adrenaline-fueled, why not try your hand at kayaking or coasteering? With its rugged coastline and clear waters, Anglesey is the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts. Get up close and personal with the island’s abundant marine life as you navigate hidden coves and rocky outcroppings.

And let’s not forget about the island’s wildlife! Anglesey is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with a plethora of seabirds, waders, and raptors to spot. Keep an eye out for the majestic red kite, which has made a remarkable comeback in the area thanks to conservation efforts.

Whatever your interests, Anglesey adventures in nature will leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and connected to the natural world. Anglesey’s beaches are perfect for a day out in nature. Similarly, the beaches in Sussex provide stunning coastal views and numerous family-friendly activities.

Top nature spots in Anglesey

Nature Spot Description
South Stack Cliffs A nature reserve and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest where you can spot puffins and other seabirds.
Newborough Forest and Beach A stunning forest that leads to a beautiful beach with views of the Snowdonia mountains.
Coastal Path A 125-mile path that takes you along Anglesey’s spectacular coastline, passing through a variety of terrains and habitats.
Parys Mountain A former copper mine that is now a nature reserve, with unique rock formations and stunning views.

Indulge in local cuisine

Anglesey’s culinary scene is worth exploring, with a variety of dishes to cater to all tastes and preferences. The island is famous for its fresh seafood, which is sourced from the waters surrounding Anglesey. From lobster and crab to oysters and mussels, seafood lovers will be spoilt for choice.

For those who prefer meat, Anglesey is home to award-winning farms that produce organic, grass-fed beef and lamb. The high-quality produce is showcased in some of the best restaurants on the island, including the Michelin-starred Sosban and The Old Butchers in Menai Bridge.

One of my favourite things to do in Anglesey is to visit the local farmers’ markets, which offer an excellent selection of fresh produce, baked goods, and artisanal cheeses. If you want to cook your meals, you can also find locally sourced ingredients at the markets, including vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

must-see places in Anglesey

Anglesey also hosts several food festivals throughout the year, such as the Beaumaris Food Festival and the Menai Seafood Festival. These events are a fantastic opportunity to indulge in local cuisine, sample new dishes, and meet some of the island’s top chefs.

Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or a simple meal at a traditional pub, Anglesey has plenty of options to choose from. Enjoy a pint of locally brewed ale or a glass of Welsh wine while taking in the island’s stunning views.

Explore Anglesey’s Arts and Culture

Anglesey is a hub of creativity and culture with plenty of attractions for sightseeing. The island has a thriving arts and cultural scene with various galleries, museums, and theaters that showcase local talents and maintain the island’s heritage.

1. Discover Local Art at Anglesey Galleries

Anglesey is home to an extensive range of art galleries featuring contemporary and traditional artwork. Take a stroll into The Oriel Ynys Môn gallery for an impressive collection of the island’s art, including historical pieces, modern art, sculpture, and photography.

2. Experience Anglesey’s History and Heritage

Anglesey’s history dates back to ancient times, and the island is filled with exciting historical landmarks to explore. Visit the Beaumaris Castle, a 14th-century medieval fortress that is recognized as a World Heritage Site and stands as a symbol of Anglesey’s rich heritage.

3. Attend Cultural Events and Celebrations

Anglesey’s cultural calendar is full of exciting events throughout the year. From music and arts festivals to cultural events like the Anglesey Agricultural Show, there is something for everyone. Be immersed in Anglesey’s traditions by visiting Eisteddfod, an annual Welsh language cultural festival.

Anglesey’s arts and cultural experiences are essential to understanding the island’s identity. You cannot miss out on learning about the island’s historical facts and appreciate the beautiful artwork put out by locals in galleries and museums.

History buffs will enjoy Anglesey’s rich heritage sites. Just a short drive away, Caernarfon boasts the majestic Caernarfon Castle and a vibrant arts scene.

Engage in Outdoor Activities

Being one with nature has never been more exhilarating! Anglesey offers a plethora of outdoor activities that will leave you energized and yearning for more, from hiking and cycling to water sports and golfing. Imagine cycling through breath-taking coasts or kayaking through emerald waters. There is just so much to explore and discover in Anglesey!

1. Hiking Trails

  • Anglesey Coastal Path – a 140-mile path showcasing the island’s picturesque coastline, stunning beaches, and tranquil nature reserves.
  • South Stack Cliffs – a spectacular trail, set against the backdrop of an iconic lighthouse and home to rare bird species.
  • The North Wales Path – a journey stretching from Bangor to Prestatyn showcasing breathtaking landscapes and unspoiled beauty.

“The Coastal Path was incredible! We saw so much wildlife and the views were stunning. Highly recommended!”

2. Water Sports

Choose from an array of heart-pumping water sports that will take the excitement level up to eleven. Book a kayaking or coasteering tour for the ultimate adventure. If you prefer a more calming experience, Anglesey’s clear waters also offer an opportunity to paddle board or swim.

Activity Location Website
Kayaking Holy Island
Paddle Boarding Menai Bridge
Coasteering Rhoscolyn

Book in advance to avoid disappointment!

3. Golfing

Unleash your inner champion with Anglesey’s stunning golf courses. Take in the beautiful scenery as you swing your way through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the UK.

  • Holyhead Golf Club
  • Bull Bay Golf Club
  • Anglesey Golf Club

“Playing golf surrounded by Anglesey’s beauty was an unforgettable experience! I’ll definitely be back.”

Whether it’s hiking, water sports, or golfing, Anglesey offers endless opportunities to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors. Come and discover what this beautiful island has to offer!

Anglesey’s coastal beauty is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. Similarly, Llandudno offers a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking The Great Orme to kayaking in Llandudno Bay.

Uncover hidden gems

While Anglesey has many popular attractions, some of the best experiences can be found off the beaten path. Don’t be afraid to explore the island’s hidden gems and uncover some of its best-kept secrets. Here are a few places to visit that are sure to leave a lasting impression:

1. Tacla Taid Transport and Agricultural Museum

If you’re interested in vintage vehicles, make sure to stop by the Tacla Taid Transport and Agricultural Museum. Here, you’ll find an impressive collection of cars, tractors, motorcycles, and historic farm equipment that will transport you back in time. The museum is perfect for families and car enthusiasts alike.

2. South Stack Lighthouse

If you’re looking for stunning views, a trip to South Stack Lighthouse won’t disappoint. The lighthouse sits atop dramatic cliffs and offers panoramic views of the Irish Sea. If you’re lucky, you may even spot seals and porpoises swimming in the waters below.

3. Llanbadrig Vineyard

For something a little more unusual, head to Llanbadrig Vineyard, where you can taste locally-produced Welsh wine. The vineyard offers tours and wine tastings, as well as stunning views of the surrounding countryside. It’s the perfect place to unwind on a sunny day.

4. Lligwy Beach

If you’re looking for a secluded beach, Lligwy Beach is one of Anglesey’s best-kept secrets. The beach is sheltered by cliffs and surrounded by beautiful countryside, making it the perfect spot for a quiet picnic or a peaceful afternoon by the sea.

With so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Anglesey is the perfect destination for intrepid adventurers and curious travelers alike. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and see what wonders you can uncover.

Relax and rejuvenate

Anglesey tourist spots

After a busy day exploring Anglesey’s top tourist spots and activities, it’s time to unwind and indulge in some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Anglesey’s peaceful and calming environment offers the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and recharge.

Why not treat yourself to a spa day at one of Anglesey’s luxurious wellness centers? Soak in a hot tub, indulge in a massage, and let all your stress melt away. If you’re seeking something a bit more active, why not try a yoga retreat or a meditation class? Anglesey’s natural landscape provides the ideal setting for finding your inner zen.

If you’re looking for something a bit more low-key, take a stroll along the coast and breathe in the fresh sea air. Anglesey has plenty of tranquil walking trails that will invigorate your senses and leave you feeling refreshed. Alternatively, why not cozy up with a good book and a warm drink in one of Anglesey’s charming cafes?

No matter how you choose to unwind, Anglesey’s peaceful atmosphere ensures that you’ll leave feeling replenished and re-energized for your next adventure.


As I conclude my journey through Anglesey, Wales, I am left with a deep appreciation for this hidden gem. The island offers an abundance of activities, attractions, and natural beauty that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, history, or a peaceful retreat, Anglesey has something to offer every visitor. From stunning beaches and historical sites to charming villages and towns, immerse yourself in the island’s charm and explore its wonders.

Don’t forget to indulge in the local cuisine and engage in outdoor activities to truly experience all that Anglesey has to offer. So pack your bags, and head to Anglesey Wales for an adventure of a lifetime!

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the top things to do and see in Anglesey.


What are some of the top things to do in Anglesey, Wales?

Anglesey offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors. Some of the top things to do in Anglesey include exploring stunning beaches, discovering historical sites, enjoying family fun, visiting charming villages and towns, immersing yourself in nature, indulging in local cuisine, exploring arts and culture, engaging in outdoor activities, uncovering hidden gems, and relaxing and rejuvenating.

What are the best beaches to visit in Anglesey?

Anglesey boasts some stunning beaches, each with its own unique charm. Some of the best beaches to visit in Anglesey include Newborough Beach, Trearddur Bay, Rhosneigr Beach, and Church Bay Beach. These beaches offer picturesque views, pristine sands, and opportunities for water sports activities.

What historical sites can I explore in Anglesey?

Anglesey is steeped in history and offers a wealth of historical sites to explore. Some popular historical sites in Anglesey include Beaumaris Castle, Plas Newydd House and Gardens, the prehistoric monument of Bryn Celli Ddu, and the Neolithic burial chamber of Barclodiad y Gawres. These sites provide a fascinating glimpse into Anglesey’s rich past.

Are there any family-friendly activities in Anglesey?

Absolutely! Anglesey is a great destination for families, with a variety of activities to keep everyone entertained. You can visit attractions such as Pili Palas Nature World, Anglesey Sea Zoo, and GreenWood Family Park. These places offer interactive exhibits, wildlife encounters, and outdoor adventures suitable for all ages.

Which villages and towns should I visit in Anglesey?

Anglesey is home to several charming villages and towns worth exploring. Some must-visit places include Beaumaris, with its historic castle and quaint streets, Menai Bridge with its picturesque waterfront, and Amlwch with its industrial heritage. Each of these places offers a unique experience and a chance to immerse yourself in Anglesey’s local culture.

What are some outdoor activities to enjoy in Anglesey?

Anglesey’s natural beauty lends itself to a range of outdoor activities. You can go hiking along the Anglesey Coastal Path, cycle through the countryside, try your hand at water sports such as kayaking or paddleboarding, or even play a round of golf at one of the island’s excellent courses.

What local cuisine should I try in Anglesey?

Anglesey is renowned for its delicious local cuisine, especially its fresh seafood. Be sure to sample dishes like Menai mussels, Anglesey sea bass, and locally sourced Welsh lamb. Additionally, you can visit local restaurants, pubs, and food festivals to experience the island’s gastronomic delights.

Are there any cultural attractions in Anglesey?

Anglesey has a vibrant arts and cultural scene, with galleries, museums, and theaters to explore. The Oriel Ynys Môn gallery showcases the works of local artists, while the Anglesey Transport Museum provides insights into the island’s transport history. You can also catch a show at the Ucheldre Centre, which hosts various performances throughout the year.

What hidden gems can I discover in Anglesey?

Anglesey is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Some lesser-known attractions include Cemaes Bay, a charming fishing village, the Llynnon Mill, an working windmill, and the South Stack Cliffs, a stunning nature reserve. Exploring these hidden gems will allow you to uncover the lesser-known side of Anglesey.

How can I relax and rejuvenate in Anglesey?

Anglesey offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere, making it the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. You can pamper yourself with a spa day at one of the island’s luxurious spa retreats, join a yoga or meditation class, or simply take a leisurely stroll along the coastline, taking in the tranquil surroundings.

What makes Anglesey a must-visit destination?

Anglesey’s blend of stunning landscapes, rich history, family-friendly activities, delicious cuisine, and charming villages make it a must-visit destination. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a cultural experience, Anglesey has something to suit every taste, making it a truly unforgettable destination in Wales.