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Welcome to Cirencester, a charming town in England, UK, that offers a wealth of activities and attractions for you to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re seeking historical landmarks, scenic beauty, or outdoor adventures, Cirencester has it all. In this article, we will guide you through the best things to do in Cirencester, ensuring that your visit is filled with memorable experiences and unforgettable moments.

Discover the rich history of Cirencester by visiting its fascinating landmarks, such as the renowned Corinium Museum and the stunning Parish Church of St John Baptist. Immerse yourself in the ancient Roman history of the town and marvel at the intricate architecture of the church.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Cirencester has plenty to offer. Explore the picturesque Cirencester Park and take leisurely walks amidst its tranquil surroundings. Visit the Cotswold Water Park, a nature lover’s paradise, and indulge in various water activities while exploring the beautiful nature reserves.

For those seeking unique experiences, Cirencester has something special in store. Enjoy live performances at the Barn Theatre, a renowned venue for theater enthusiasts. Take a romantic stroll through the enchanting Cerney House Gardens or Neigh Bridge Country Park, surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility.

Don’t miss the vibrant events and festivals that take place in Cirencester throughout the year. From the prestigious Cheltenham Festival to exciting polo matches at Cirencester Park Polo Club, there’s always something happening to entertain and delight. Be sure to check the local listings to plan your visit accordingly.

Looking to explore beyond Cirencester? Take advantage of the town’s convenient location and embark on day trips to nearby destinations like the idyllic Cotswolds, historic Oxford, mystical Stonehenge, or the enchanting cities of Bath and Bristol.

Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, culture enthusiast, or simply seeking a new adventure, Cirencester promises to captivate and inspire you. Join us on a journey through the best things to do and see in this vibrant town, and uncover the hidden gems that await you. Get ready to explore, indulge, and create lifelong memories in Cirencester.

Things to Do in Cirencester

Cirencester offers a range of popular experiences for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or unique activities, this charming town has something for everyone. Here are some of the top attractions and places to visit in Cirencester:

  • The Corinium Museum: Take a guided tour of this fascinating museum to uncover Cirencester’s rich Roman history. Explore the extensive collection of artifacts and immerse yourself in the stories of ancient civilizations.
  • Parish Church of St John Baptist: Visit this beautiful church known for its impressive architecture and historical significance. Take a self-guided audio tour to learn about the church’s heritage and admire its stunning stained glass windows.
  • Terrarium Making Workshop: Get creative and join a terrarium making workshop, where you can design your own miniature garden. Learn about the art of terrarium creation and take home a unique souvenir of your visit.

For a well-rounded experience, consider taking day trips to nearby destinations such as the enchanting Cotswolds or the historic city of Oxford. Explore quaint villages, stroll through picturesque landscapes, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the English countryside.

Cirencester Attractions

Discover the charm of Cirencester and immerse yourself in its rich history and culture. From exploring historical landmarks to engaging in unique activities, there’s no shortage of attractions to captivate visitors. Plan your visit to Cirencester today and indulge in the best that this vibrant town has to offer.

Top Attractions in Cirencester

Cirencester is home to several top attractions that showcase the town’s rich history and heritage. Visitors to this charming town will find a range of landmarks and points of interest to explore. Here are some highlights:

The Corinium Museum

The Corinium Museum is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. With its extensive Roman collection, the museum offers a fascinating insight into Cirencester’s past. From ancient artifacts to interactive displays, visitors can immerse themselves in the town’s Roman heritage.

The Parish Church of St John Baptist

For those seeking architectural marvels and historic significance, the Parish Church of St John Baptist will not disappoint. This stunning religious site showcases intricate details and serves as a focal point for the community. It is a must-visit for those interested in exploring Cirencester’s cultural heritage.

Cotswold Sculpture Park

Art lovers will appreciate a visit to Cotswold Sculpture Park. Located in the picturesque Cotswolds countryside, this outdoor gallery features a collection of contemporary sculptures set amidst beautiful landscapes. It offers a unique and serene experience for visitors.

Cerney House Gardens

Step into the enchanting Cerney House Gardens and be captivated by its beauty. With its diverse range of plant species, stunning flower displays, and tranquil atmosphere, these gardens are the perfect place to relax and appreciate nature’s wonders.

Negus 747

The Negus 747 is a true gem in Cirencester’s attractions. This preserved Boeing 747 aircraft has been transformed into a museum and events venue. Visitors can explore the aircraft’s interior, learn about its fascinating history, and even attend special events held within its unique setting.

Attraction Description
The Corinium Museum An extensive Roman collection providing insight into Cirencester’s past
The Parish Church of St John Baptist A stunning religious site with intricate architecture and historic significance
Cotswold Sculpture Park An outdoor gallery showcasing contemporary sculptures in a picturesque setting
Cerney House Gardens Enchanting gardens with diverse plant species and stunning flower displays
Negus 747 A preserved Boeing 747 aircraft turned museum and events venue

Enjoy the Outdoors in Cirencester

Cirencester is a delightful town surrounded by beautiful outdoor spaces, offering visitors the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy a range of outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful walk, scenic views, or wildlife exploration, Cirencester has something for everyone.

1. Cirencester Park

cirencester parks

Located within the Bathurst Estate, Cirencester Park is a serene haven that provides tranquil walks amidst stunning natural surroundings. The park boasts a vast expanse of greenery, picturesque landscapes, and well-maintained walking trails. It’s an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll or a picnic with family and friends.

2. Abbey Grounds Park

A visit to Abbey Grounds Park offers a delightful experience with its charming country setting and historical remnants. Admire the bandstand, take a leisurely walk around the small lake, or explore the remnants of the ancient Roman Wall. The park provides an idyllic backdrop for relaxation and enjoyment.

3. Cotswold Water Park

The Cotswold Water Park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and those interested in wildlife. With its vast network of lakes, the park offers a plethora of water activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing. Nature lovers can also explore the numerous nature reserves, home to a variety of bird species and other wildlife.

Embark on an adventure, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, and create unforgettable memories in the outdoor spaces of Cirencester.

Unique Experiences in Cirencester

Cirencester offers some unique experiences for visitors looking for something out of the ordinary. Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or seeking a romantic outing, Cirencester has plenty to offer.

The Barn Theatre

If you’re a fan of live shows and performances, a visit to The Barn Theatre in Cirencester is a must. This charming venue showcases a variety of productions, including plays, musicals, and comedy shows. Immerse yourself in the world of theater and enjoy fantastic entertainment in an intimate setting.

Cerney House Gardens

For a romantic and enchanting experience, make your way to Cerney House Gardens. Explore the picturesque gardens, which feature stunning flower beds, herbaceous borders, and a tranquil water garden. Take a leisurely stroll hand-in-hand with your loved one and get lost in the beauty and serenity of this hidden gem.

Neigh Bridge Country Park

If you’re looking for a peaceful escape surrounded by nature, Neigh Bridge Country Park is the perfect destination. Take a romantic walk through wooded areas, along the river, and across charming bridges. Enjoy the tranquility of the park, spot wildlife, and appreciate the natural beauty that Cirencester has to offer.

Romantic things to do in Cirencester

Unique Experiences in Cirencester Description
The Barn Theatre A charming theater venue offering a wide range of live shows and performances.
Cerney House Gardens An enchanting garden where you can take a romantic stroll and admire the beautiful scenery.
Neigh Bridge Country Park A peaceful park with scenic walking trails, perfect for a romantic outing surrounded by nature.

Events and Festivals in Cirencester

Cirencester is a vibrant town that hosts a variety of exciting events and festivals throughout the year. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s always something happening in Cirencester to keep you entertained and engaged. From cultural celebrations to sporting events, there’s a diverse range of activities to suit every taste and interest.

One of the highlights is the Cheltenham Festival, a premier horse racing event that attracts many visitors to Cirencester. During this festival, the town comes alive with a bustling atmosphere as racegoers stay in Cirencester while attending the races. It’s a great opportunity to experience the thrill of horse racing and soak in the festive ambiance.

Another popular event in Cirencester is the polo matches at the Cirencester Park Polo Club. Polo is a prestigious sport that combines skill, elegance, and excitement. Watching a polo match amidst the picturesque surroundings of Cirencester is an unforgettable experience that showcases the town’s sporting prowess.

If you’re a fan of the performing arts, the Barn Theatre is the place to be. This intimate venue hosts a variety of live performances, including plays, musicals, and comedy shows. The Barn Theatre is known for its high-quality productions and talented performers, guaranteeing an evening filled with entertainment and laughter.

Visitors to Cirencester are encouraged to check local listings for upcoming events and festivals. The town’s calendar is always filled with exciting activities, from music festivals to food fairs, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in Cirencester.

Day Trips from Cirencester

When exploring Cirencester, take advantage of its ideal location to embark on exciting day trips to nearby attractions. These destinations offer unique experiences and opportunities to immerse yourself in the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region. From picturesque villages to world-renowned landmarks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few recommendations:

1. Cotswolds Guided Tour

Embark on a guided tour of the Cotswolds, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Explore the idyllic countryside, charming villages, and rolling hills that have captivated visitors for centuries. Get a taste of traditional English life as you stroll through winding streets and admire the honey-colored stone cottages that make the Cotswolds so enchanting.

2. Oxford University and Historic City Tour

A day trip to Oxford presents the opportunity to visit the prestigious Oxford University and explore the historic city. Marvel at the stunning architecture of the university’s colleges, visit the iconic Bodleian Library, and wander through the picturesque streets lined with bookshops, medieval churches, and charming cafes. Immerse yourself in the scholarly atmosphere of this world-renowned educational institution.

3. Stonehenge

Take a journey through time with a visit to the ancient wonder of Stonehenge. Marvel at the mystical stone circle and ponder over its mysterious origins. Learn about the ancient rituals and astronomical alignments associated with this UNESCO World Heritage Site. A trip to Stonehenge offers a captivating glimpse into the mysteries of our past.

4. Bath’s Roman Heritage

Discover the Roman history of Bath, a city renowned for its well-preserved Roman baths and stunning Georgian architecture. Immerse yourself in the ancient world as you explore the Roman Baths complex, admire the elegant Bath Abbey, and wander through the charming streets lined with boutique shops and tea rooms. Indulge in a visit to the Thermae Bath Spa for a relaxing soak in the natural hot springs.

5. Vibrant Bristol

Experience the vibrant city of Bristol with its rich maritime history and contemporary art scene. Visit the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, explore the exhibits at the ss Great Britain, and stroll through the trendy neighborhoods filled with street art, independent shops, and cultural attractions. Bristol’s eclectic blend of history and modernity offers a unique and memorable day trip.

Take advantage of your time in Cirencester by embarking on captivating day trips to these remarkable destinations. Explore the charm and beauty of the Cotswolds, immerse yourself in the history of Oxford, unlock the secrets of Stonehenge, indulge in the Roman heritage of Bath, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of Bristol. Each day trip guarantees an unforgettable adventure and enhances your overall experience of Cirencester and its surrounding areas.


With its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and diverse range of activities and attractions, Cirencester is a must-visit destination for travelers. The town offers a captivating blend of historical landmarks, such as the Corinium Museum and the Parish Church of St John Baptist, providing visitors with a glimpse into Cirencester’s fascinating past.

For those seeking outdoor adventures, Cirencester boasts beautiful parks and nature reserves, including Cirencester Park and the Abbey Grounds Park. Nature lovers can also explore the nearby Cotswold Water Park, offering a plethora of water activities and an abundance of wildlife.

Visitors can further immerse themselves in the charm of Cirencester by attending local events and festivals, such as the renowned Cheltenham Festival and live performances at the Barn Theatre. Additionally, Cirencester’s proximity to the Cotswolds, Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath, and Bristol makes it an ideal base for day trips exploring these remarkable destinations.

Plan your visit to Cirencester today and experience the delights of this enchanting town. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor pursuits, or cultural experiences, Cirencester offers something for everyone. Discover the captivating attractions and activities that make Cirencester a prime destination for tourism and create lasting memories in this charming part of England.


What are some popular attractions in Cirencester?

Some popular attractions in Cirencester include the Corinium Museum, the Parish Church of St John Baptist, Cotswold Sculpture Park, Cerney House Gardens, and the Negus 747.

What outdoor activities can I enjoy in Cirencester?

Cirencester offers beautiful outdoor spaces such as Cirencester Park, Abbey Grounds Park, and the Cotswold Water Park, where visitors can enjoy walks, picnics, boating, and wildlife spotting.

Are there any unique experiences in Cirencester?

Yes, Cirencester offers some unique experiences, such as watching live shows at the Barn Theatre, exploring the enchanting Cerney House Gardens, and taking a peaceful walk around Neigh Bridge Country Park.

What events and festivals take place in Cirencester?

Cirencester hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including the Cheltenham Festival, polo matches at Cirencester Park Polo Club, and live performances at the Barn Theatre. Visitors should check local listings for upcoming events.

Can I take day trips from Cirencester?

Yes, Cirencester is ideally located for day trips to nearby attractions. You can take guided tours of the Cotswolds to explore charming villages and countryside, visit Oxford University and the historic city of Oxford, or venture further afield to Stonehenge, Bath, and Bristol.