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When you think of Birmingham, the iconic Bullring and Grand Central often spring to mind, but have you ever wandered just a bit further? A mere 10-minute walk from these bustling shopping hubs, you’ll find Digbeth – a neighbourhood that’s been quietly revolutionising itself in the shadows of Birmingham’s skyline.

Picture a stroll from the Staying Cool at Rotunda apartments, past the dazzling Selfridges building, leading you into a labyrinth of streets adorned with vibrant murals that echo the area’s industrial past.

Once the heart of the ‘City of a Thousand Trades’, Digbeth has seamlessly melded its rich history with a fresh, creative spirit. At its epicentre lies the Custard Factory, a cultural hotspot buzzing with local artisans and entrepreneurs. This area once produced Bird’s Custard, but now, it’s a thriving hub where independent businesses flourish.

Whether you’re marvelling at the innovative workspace of Fazeley Studios or soaking in the eclectic nightlife at The Ruin, The Floodgate, or The Old Crown, there’s a palpable energy that’s impossible to ignore.

And as Birmingham’s skyline continues to evolve with projects like HS2 and the Smithfield development, Digbeth stands as a testament to the city’s ethos – a blend of historical charm, modern ingenuity, and a strong sense of community spirit.

Ready to discover Digbeth attractions, Digbeth entertainment, and the numerous fun things to do in Digbeth Birmingham? Come along, the adventure awaits!

Things to Do in Digbeth

1. Visit the Custard Factory

The Custard Factory stands as an iconic emblem of both innovation and rebirth in Digbeth. Situated just a short walk from the city’s core, this creative hub teems with activities and rich experiences that attract locals and tourists alike.

custard factory

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Explore Unique Shops and Cafes

Visitors can embark on unique experiences in Digbeth by wandering through a labyrinth of bespoke shops and stylish cafes. The area is a haven for over 100 independent businesses where creativity truly flourishes.

Must-see spots in Digbeth include the renowned Red Brick Market, which offers a treasure trove of eclectic souvenirs, and AutoBrew, a unique self-serve beverage establishment. These hidden gems in Digbeth provide the perfect blend of shopping and relaxation.

Experience Creative Workspaces

For those seeking inspiration, the Custard Factory offers several creative workspaces where artistic ideas come to life. These innovative settings not only serve as offices for local artisans and entrepreneurs but also as collaborative spaces where creativity knows no bounds. Engaging in activities in Digbeth is made easy with the dynamic atmosphere of these workspaces, reflective of the area’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.

Enjoy Events and Festivals

The Custard Factory is also a bustling hub of activity when it comes to events and festivals. Whether celebrating art, music, or food, this locale is always brimming with events that appeal to a wide array of interests. Some of the must-see spots in Digbeth include dynamic venues like The Floodgate, which offers a unique mix of sport and leisure.

These events and festivals epitomise the unique experiences Digbeth has to offer, making the Custard Factory a standout attraction within Birmingham’s coolest area.

2. Discover the Best Street Art

Digbeth’s streets are alive with a kaleidoscope of colours, thanks to its mesmerising street art scene. As the preeminent hub for Digbeth street art, this area celebrates creativity and vibrant self-expression. Artists from across the globe have left their mark here, adding to the rich cultural attractions in Digbeth.

street art digbeth

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Murals by Renowned Artists

Walking through Digbeth, you will encounter spectacular murals from internationally acclaimed artists. Each piece tells a unique story, contributing to Digbeth’s cultural tapestry. Iconic locations like the former Typhoo Tea factory serve as perfect canvases, enhancing the district’s charm.

Self-Guided Street Art Tours

For those keen on Digbeth sightseeing, several self-guided street art tours are available. These tours allow you to explore at your own pace, uncovering hidden gems that define the area’s artistic spirit. They offer a deep dive into the vibrant public art that distinguishes Digbeth from the rest of Birmingham.

Interactive Graffiti Workshops

If you’re looking for hands-on Digbeth activities, consider joining an interactive graffiti workshop. These sessions provide an immersive experience, teaching you the skills behind this dynamic form of street art. Not only do they offer a creative outlet, but they also deepen your appreciation for the street art scene.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply enjoying Digbeth sightseeing, the area’s eclectic street art offers a captivating blend of tradition and contemporary flair. Embrace the unique and ever-evolving artistic expressions that make Digbeth a must-visit destination.

3. Enjoy Live Music at Mama Roux’s

A cornerstone of Digbeth nightlife, Mama Roux’s is where the magic of Digbeth entertainment truly shines. This dynamic venue pulsates with the excitement of live music Digbeth, offering an eclectic mix of performances that cater to a diverse array of musical tastes. Whether you’re a fan of indie rock, electronic beats, or soulful acoustic sets, the lineup at Mama Roux’s ensures there’s something for everyone.

Live Music at Mama Roux's

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Located in the heart of the district, it stands out among events in Digbeth for its unique ambience and community spirit. The venue not only hosts an impressive roster of both burgeoning talent and established artists but also encourages participation from its audience, making every event a memorable experience.

Mama Roux’s is more than just a place to listen to music; it’s a social hub where friends gather, and new connections are made over shared musical experiences. For those looking to dive into the core of Digbeth nightlife and immerse themselves in Digbeth entertainment, an evening at Mama Roux’s is a must.

Feature Details
Venue Mama Roux’s
Location Digbeth, Birmingham
Types of Events Live Music, Themed Nights, Community Events
Music Genres Indie, Electronic, Acoustic, Soul
Audience Experience Interactive, Community-focused, Engaging

For anyone seeking an authentic taste of Digbeth nightlife and the vibrant events in Digbeth, Mama Roux’s stands as an emblem of the area’s cultural vibrancy and musical heritage.

4. Digbeth Dining Club: A Culinary Experience

The Digbeth Dining Club is a gastronomic cornerstone in Birmingham, renowned for its eclectic mix of international street food. This dynamic gathering place is a haven for those seeking culinary delights accompanied by an infectious energy and vibrant atmosphere.

Digbeth Dining Club

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Sample Diverse Street Food

At Digbeth Dining Club, a world of flavours awaits. Vendors from across the globe bring their unique culinary heritage to Digbeth, offering plentiful choices that range from gourmet burgers to tantalising Asian fusion. The variety of street food in Digbeth ensures that there is something to please every palate.

Live Entertainment and Music

Adding to the allure of Digbeth Dining Club is an array of live entertainment and music. Performers grace the stage, filling the air with tunes that perfectly complement the lively restaurants in Digbeth. It’s not just about the food—it’s an all-encompassing sensory experience that engages visitors on every level.

A Vibrant Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Digbeth Dining Club is nothing short of electric. The combination of scrumptious street food, live performances, and the buzzing crowd creates a unique vibrancy that epitomises the spirit of Digbeth activities. Whether you’re there to eat, drink, or simply soak in the ambience, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable time.

“The Digbeth Dining Club is not just a place to eat; it’s where Birmingham comes alive with flavours, music, and unforgettable moments.” — Local Food Critic

If you’re on the lookout for an exciting culinary adventure, Digbeth Dining Club is a must-visit destination, promising a memorable blend of food, fun, and culture.

5. Watch a Film at the Mockingbird Cinema

The Mockingbird Cinema stands as a testament to Digbeth’s rich historical milieu and cultural vitality. Nestled amidst historical sites in Digbeth, this independent cinema offers a diverse programme that caters to every film aficionado. From cult classics to the latest blockbusters, the cinema delivers an intimate and inviting environment, making it a perfect place to visit in Digbeth.

Film at the Mockingbird Cinema

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It’s an integral part of Digbeth’s social fabric, frequently hosting events in Digbeth that ensure there’s always something new to experience. Moreover, the Mockingbird Cinema adds charm to the active nightlife in Digbeth, providing a cosy spot to unwind and enjoy a film after a lively evening in the area.

The Mockingbird Cinema seamlessly merges tradition with modernity, offering an entertainment experience that’s both nostalgic and contemporary. Whether you’re a dedicated film buff or simply seeking a unique spot within the realm of historical sites in Digbeth, the Mockingbird Cinema is an inviting destination for everyone.

6. Explore Independent Shops in Digbeth

Wander through the vibrant streets of Digbeth and you’ll discover an array of charming independent shops that capture the unique character of this dynamic district. From eclectic boutiques to nostalgic vintage stores, there’s an array of shopping in Digbeth experiences waiting to be uncovered.

Independent Shops in Digbeth

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Unique Boutiques and Vintage Stores

In Digbeth, boutique lovers will find solace in quaint shops that brim with personality and curated collections. Vintage stores, such as Cow Birmingham, offer a treasure trove of sartorial gems and quirky finds. For those seeking unique experiences Digbeth, these independent shops offer an amazing variety of items that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

One-of-a-kind Souvenirs

If you’re on the hunt for one-of-a-kind souvenirs, the independent shops in Digbeth will not disappoint. The Red Brick Market is particularly famed for its eclectic mix of handcrafted goods and vintage memorabilia, ensuring you’ll bring home a piece of Birmingham’s creative spirit. Shopping in Digbeth promises an adventure in itself, filled with memorable finds and the charm of supporting local businesses.

Visiting the independent shops in Digbeth offers a genuine taste of Birmingham’s innovative and eclectic spirit, making it a must-do for anyone looking to experience something truly special.

7. Attend Digbeth First Friday Events

Every first Friday of the month, Digbeth transforms into a vibrant festival of culture, known as Digbeth First Friday. These celebrations offer a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of artistic expression that defines the area.

Digbeth First Friday Events

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Art Exhibitions and Installations

Art enthusiasts can explore numerous galleries during Digbeth First Friday, which showcase a wide range of art exhibitions Digbeth. These exhibitions offer a platform for both local and international artists to display their innovative works. Intricate installations enhance the visual landscape, making each visit an extraordinary experience.

Live Performances and Screenings

The Digbeth First Friday experience is further enriched by a series of live performances Digbeth. Musicians, dancers, and theatre groups take the stage to bring their talents to the vibrant community. Additionally, film screenings curated to highlight diverse genres and styles add another dimension to these cultural events Digbeth, proving that there is something for everyone.

Event Type Description Location
Art Exhibitions Featuring innovative works from local and international artists. Various Digbeth Galleries
Live Performances Musicians, dancers and theatre groups perform live. Central Digbeth
Film Screenings Curated selections highlighting diverse genres. Digbeth Cinemas

Other Things To Do

Digbeth is a playground for adults seeking both tranquil and lively activities. One of the popular fun things to do in Digbeth for adults includes a stroll by the canal, which offers a serene escape from the bustling city life. Alternatively, unleash your competitive side at Roller Jam, an indoor roller rink that guarantees high-energy fun.

If you are looking to delve deeper into the area’s rich tapestry, consider embarking on one of the many available Digbeth tours. These guided journeys offer an in-depth look at the local culture, street art, and historical landmarks. For those who prefer a more laid-back experience, visiting a traditional pub is an excellent way to soak in the local atmosphere and enjoy a pint.

Moreover, the whimsical Ball Park is another highlight on the list of fun things to do in Digbeth. Whether you’re in the mood to relive your childhood or simply looking for a night of eccentric entertainment, this venue is sure to delight. It’s clear that the variety of things to do in Digbeth ensures that there is something for everyone, making it a unique destination worth exploring.

Activity Description Best Time to Visit
Canal Walk A peaceful stroll along the water. Afternoons
Roller Jam High-energy indoor roller skating. Evenings
Digbeth Tours Guided explorations of local culture and street art. Weekends
Traditional Pubs Relax with a local pint. Evenings
Ball Park Eccentric and playful entertainment venue. Evenings


Digbeth stands as a testament to Birmingham’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and modern vibrance. As a microcosm that encapsulates the very heart and soul of the city, it offers visitors an authentic and eclectic experience where every corner turned unveils a new discovery.

Whether wandering through art galleries or savouring the culinary delights at numerous restaurants, Digbeth is brimming with top attractions that cater to a variety of interests.

One cannot overlook the seamless blend of old and new that defines this area. From the historical architecture that whispers tales of the past to the contemporary art installations that speak volumes of the present, Digbeth is a place where time seems to dance in perfect harmony. The local breweries and pubs invite one to sip on locally brewed craft beers, further enhancing the sense of place and community.

In essence, Digbeth is more than just a place to visit; it is a journey into the very fabric of Birmingham’s contemporary renaissance. Whether you’re drawn by the vibrant street art, the lively music scenes, or the diverse culinary offerings, this district promises an experience that is both enriching and memorable. Let Digbeth be your starting point to explore and embrace the multifaceted allure of Birmingham.


What are some top Digbeth attractions?

Digbeth boasts a variety of attractions, including the Custard Factory, an eclectic hub of shops and cafes, and vibrant street art by renowned artists. Visitors can also enjoy live music at Mama Roux’s and catch a film at the Mockingbird Cinema.

What can I do at the Custard Factory?

The Custard Factory offers unique experiences such as exploring bespoke shops, dining in stylish cafes, and participating in creative events and festivals. It’s a must-see spot for anyone visiting Digbeth.

Can I take a guided tour of the street art in Digbeth?

Yes, there are self-guided street art tours that allow you to explore the vibrant murals at your own pace. Interactive graffiti workshops are also available for those interested in a hands-on experience.

Where can I experience live music in Digbeth?

Mama Roux’s is a popular venue for live music in Digbeth, offering a variety of performances ranging from rising stars to established acts.

What makes Digbeth Dining Club special?

Digbeth Dining Club is celebrated for its diverse street food offerings, live entertainment, and lively atmosphere. It’s a vibrant culinary experience that’s perfect for foodies and adventurers alike.

How can I watch a film in Digbeth?

The Mockingbird Cinema in Digbeth is an independent venue that showcases a diverse programme of films, from cult classics to the latest blockbusters, providing a unique and intimate cinematic experience.

Are there any unique shops in Digbeth?

Yes, Digbeth is home to a variety of independent shops, including unique boutiques and vintage stores where you can find one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

What is Digbeth First Friday?

Digbeth First Friday is a cultural event held on the first Friday of every month. The event features art exhibitions, live performances, and film screenings, making it a vibrant festival of culture.

What are some fun things to do in Digbeth for adults?

Adults can enjoy a plethora of activities in Digbeth, such as canal walks, roller sports at Roller Jam, and nightlife at venues like The Ruin and The Old Crown. The area offers diverse entertainment options for all tastes.


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