things to do in london for teens

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Welcome to the bustling city of London, where exciting adventures and fun-filled activities await teenagers. Whether you’re planning a family trip or looking for the things to do in London for teens, you’ve come to the right place. London is a vibrant city with a wide range of attractions catering to teenagers’ interests.

From iconic landmarks to immersive cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone. Teens can explore famous museums, engage in outdoor adventures, shop in trendy boutiques, and enjoy thrilling entertainment options. London truly has it all!

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best places to visit in London for teenagers. We’ll uncover the top activities, attractions, and unique experiences that are sure to create lasting memories. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, adrenaline-pumping adventures, or simply having fun, London has an abundance of options that will cater to your teenage interests.

So get ready to discover the most teen-friendly activities in London and embark on an unforgettable journey in this vibrant city. Let’s dive in and explore all the incredible things that London has to offer for teens!

Things to Do in London for Teens – Cultural Scene

London is known for its vibrant cultural scene, offering a myriad of attractions that specifically cater to teenagers. Whether they have a passion for history, art, or iconic landmarks, there is something for every teenager’s interest in London’s cultural scene.

World-Class Museums:

Teenagers can immerse themselves in the rich history and fascinating exhibitions at renowned museums such as the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. These institutions offer educational and interactive experiences that are sure to captivate young minds.

Iconic Landmarks:

London is home to iconic landmarks that include the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Teenagers can explore the architectural wonders, learn about the deep-rooted history, and even witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Tate Modern:

For teenagers with an appreciation for contemporary art, the Tate Modern is a must-visit. This world-famous gallery showcases an extensive collection of modern and contemporary works, providing a unique and thought-provoking experience.

West End Theater District:

No visit to London is complete without catching a show in the West End. From musicals to plays, teenagers can enjoy live performances in world-renowned theaters like the Royal Opera House or the Lyceum Theatre.

Vibrant Street Art Scene:

In the trendy neighbourhood of Shoreditch, teenagers can witness the vibrant street art scene. From colorful murals to intricate graffiti, the streets of Shoreditch are transformed into an open-air gallery that showcases the creativity of local and international artists.

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Get Active and Outdoors

For teenagers who love outdoor adventures, London offers plenty of opportunities to get active. They can enjoy a variety of activities suitable for teens, ensuring that they have a fun and thrilling experience in the city.

1. Boating on the Serpentine

One exciting activity that teens can enjoy is boating on the Serpentine in Hyde Park. They can rent a rowing boat or a pedal boat and explore the beautiful lake while enjoying the fresh air.

2. Cycling along the Thames Path

Another great way to stay active is by cycling along the Thames Path. Teens can rent bikes and follow the scenic path alongside the river, taking in the iconic sights of London.

3. Exploring parks and green spaces

London is known for its extensive network of parks and green spaces. Teens can spend their day exploring places like Richmond Park, Greenwich Park, and Hampstead Heath, where they can enjoy nature, have a picnic, or even play sports.

4. Adrenaline-pumping experiences

London also offers adrenaline-pumping experiences for adventurous teens. They can visit iFly and try indoor skydiving, simulating the exhilarating experience of freefall. For a thrilling treetop adventure, they can go ziplining at Gripped and enjoy panoramic views while soaring through the trees.

Whether teens are into sports, adventure, or simply enjoying nature, London provides endless options for outdoor activities. They can have fun, stay active, and create lasting memories in this vibrant city.

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Shop and Dine in Style

One of the favorite pastimes for teenagers is shopping and dining, and London has plenty to offer in this regard. They can explore famous shopping streets like Oxford Street and Regent Street, browse unique boutiques in trendy neighborhoods like Camden and Shoreditch, or visit iconic department stores like Harrods and Selfridges. And when it comes to dining, London is a food lover’s paradise with a wide range of options, from street food markets to Michelin-starred restaurants. Teenagers will have no shortage of places to shop and dine in style in London.

Shopping Locations Dining Options
Oxford Street Street Food Markets
Regent Street Trendy Cafés and Restaurants
Camden International Cuisine
Shoreditch Michelin-starred Restaurants
Harrods Fine Dining
Selfridges Pub Grub

Shopping Locations

  • Oxford Street: Known for its vast array of high street shops and flagship stores of popular brands.
  • Regent Street: Offers a mix of high-end fashion, lifestyle stores, and unique boutiques.
  • Camden: A vibrant neighborhood with markets selling everything from vintage clothes to handmade crafts.
  • Shoreditch: Known for its trendy independent boutiques, quirky shops, and pop-up stores.
  • Harrods: An iconic department store with luxurious goods and designer brands.
  • Selfridges: Another renowned department store known for its designer collections and trendy fashion.

Dining Options

  1. Street Food Markets: Teenagers can sample a variety of international cuisines from food trucks and stalls.
  2. Trendy Cafés and Restaurants: Perfect for grabbing a quick snack or enjoying a leisurely meal in a stylish setting.
  3. International Cuisine: Camden offers a diverse range of eateries with cuisines from around the world.
  4. Michelin-starred Restaurants: For a special dining experience, teenagers can indulge in culinary delights at renowned establishments.
  5. Fine Dining: Harrods houses several upscale restaurants where teenagers can savor exquisite dishes.
  6. Pub Grub: Selfridges offers a range of casual dining options, including traditional British pub food.

Thrilling Experiences and Entertainment

London is home to some of the most thrilling experiences and entertainment options for teenagers. Whether they’re seeking adrenaline-pumping rides or unique cinematic experiences, the city offers a wide range of activities that cater to their excitement and entertainment needs.

Theme Park Adventures

Teens can unleash their inner thrill-seekers by visiting popular theme parks in London. Places like Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures offer a plethora of rides, roller coasters, and attractions that will get their hearts pounding and adrenaline rushing. From stomach-churning loops to exhilarating drops, these parks guarantee an unforgettable adventure for young adrenaline junkies.

A Bird’s-Eye View of the City

For teenagers who want to experience London from a unique perspective, a visit to The Shard is a must. The View from The Shard provides a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the city’s skyline. From this vantage point, teens can marvel at iconic landmarks like the Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the London Eye. It’s an experience that will leave them in awe of the city’s grandeur.

Movie Magic and Wizarding Wonder

London offers cinematic experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Teens can enjoy outdoor screenings of their favorite films at the Rooftop Film Club, where they can relax under the stars and immerse themselves in the magic of the big screen. Fans of the Harry Potter series can also indulge in the ultimate wizarding experience by visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour. They can explore the sets, props, and costumes that brought the beloved books to life on the silver screen.

Adrenaline-Fueled Adventures

London caters to thrill-seekers of all kinds. Teenagers can get their hearts racing by trying their hand at indoor rock climbing or go-karting. These high-energy activities provide an exhilarating experience that challenges their physical agility and mental focus. They can test their climbing skills on intricate walls or compete against friends in a thrilling race on the go-karting tracks.

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London truly has it all when it comes to teenage entertainment. From theme park adventures and breathtaking city views to unique cinematic experiences and adrenaline-fueled activities, teenagers are guaranteed an unforgettable time in England’s vibrant capital.


London, with its fascinating history, vibrant culture, and wide range of activities, is the ultimate destination for teenagers. Whether they’re interested in exploring iconic landmarks or immersing themselves in the city’s cultural scene, London offers something to cater to every teenager’s tastes and preferences. From the world-class museums and mesmerizing attractions to the thrilling outdoor adventures and exciting entertainment options, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in London for teens.

With its teen-friendly activities and abundance of attractions, London is the perfect place for teenagers to have an unforgettable experience. They can delve into the history and culture of the city by visiting historic sites like the Tower of London or indulging in art and theater at the West End. Outdoor enthusiasts can get active by cycling along the river Thames or exploring the city’s beautiful parks. For those seeking adrenaline, London offers thrilling experiences like indoor skydiving and go-karting.

If you’re planning a trip to London with teenagers, be sure to include these amazing activities and attractions in your itinerary. London’s unique blend of history, culture, and entertainment guarantees an unforgettable experience for both teens and their families. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the dynamic and vibrant city of London!


What are some activities for teenagers in London?

There are plenty of activities for teenagers in London. They can explore the city’s cultural scene, visit iconic landmarks, enjoy outdoor adventures, go shopping and dining, and experience thrilling entertainment options.

What are the top attractions in London for teens?

Some top attractions in London for teens include the British Museum, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Tate Modern, the West End theater district, and the vibrant street art scene in Shoreditch.

Where can teenagers go for outdoor adventures in London?

Teenagers can enjoy outdoor adventures in London by boating on the Serpentine in Hyde Park, cycling along the Thames Path, exploring the city’s parks and green spaces, and trying adrenaline-pumping experiences like indoor skydiving and ziplining.

Where are the best places to shop and dine in London for teenagers?

Teenagers can explore famous shopping streets like Oxford Street and Regent Street, browse unique boutiques in trendy neighborhoods like Camden and Shoreditch, and visit iconic department stores like Harrods and Selfridges. When it comes to dining, there are plenty of options ranging from street food markets to Michelin-starred restaurants.

What are some thrilling experiences and entertainment options for teenagers in London?

Teenagers can enjoy rides and attractions at theme parks like Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures, get a bird’s-eye view of the city from the View from The Shard, watch a film al fresco at the Rooftop Film Club, visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and try activities like indoor rock climbing and go-karting.

Why is London a great destination for teenagers?

London is a great destination for teenagers because it offers a wide range of activities and attractions to suit every interest and preference. From exploring historic landmarks to immersing themselves in the city’s cultural scene, enjoying outdoor adventures, and experiencing thrilling entertainment options, there’s something for everyone in London.