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Are you looking for things to do in Shrewsbury town centre? Look no further! Situated in the beautiful county of Shropshire, Shrewsbury has a wide range of attractions and events for every taste. From exploring the rich history of the town to attending exciting festivals and indulging in luxury shopping, there’s something for everyone in Shrewsbury. Get ready to join me on a journey through the best Shrewsbury attractions that are guaranteed to leave you amazed.

Whether you’re in the mood for a serene stroll by the river or for an adrenaline rush with thrilling experiences, Shrewsbury has it all. Join me as we explore the best things to do in Shrewsbury and enjoy the unique charm and beauty of the town. Are you ready to discover all that Shrewsbury has to offer? Let’s go!

Discover Shrewsbury’s Historic Sightseeing

Shrewsbury is an ideal destination for history enthusiasts, with its beautiful architecture and rich heritage. There are plenty of historical landmarks and places to visit in Shrewsbury, each with a unique story to tell.

Shrewsbury Castle

Start your historic sightseeing journey by visiting the Shrewsbury Castle, nestled in the heart of the town. This impressive structure, built in the 11th century, has hosted kings and queens throughout history and offers panoramic views of the town and its surroundings. Don’t forget to explore the fascinating Shropshire Regimental Museum situated inside the castle.

Shrewsbury Abbey

The Shrewsbury Abbey holds a significant place in English history, being the final resting place of Edith of Wessex, Queen consort of King Edward the Confessor, and also one of the largest and richest abbeys in medieval England. The abbey provides a serene and peaceful environment with beautiful gardens for visitors to explore.

Lord Hill’s Column

Lord Hill’s Column, a magnificent stone tower built-in 1814, stands tall in the town’s skyline and is worth climbing to the top for breathtaking panoramic views. The column is a tribute to one of Shrewsbury’s most famous sons, Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill, who was a British Army officer known for his successful military campaigns during the Napoleonic Wars.

Other historic landmarks and places to visit in Shrewsbury include the Old Market Hall, a 16th-century building with a rich history, and St. Mary’s Church, one of the oldest churches in Shrewsbury with beautiful stained glass windows and a peaceful atmosphere.

Whether you’re a history buff or just looking to explore the beautiful architecture of Shrewsbury, the historic sightseeing opportunities in this charming town are not to be missed.

Enjoy Shopping in Shrewsbury

If you’re a shopaholic like me, Shrewsbury will not disappoint. The town boasts an abundance of unique boutiques, independent shops, and charming markets which offer something for everyone.

The Best Shopping Experiences in Shrewsbury:

Whatever your style and budget, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your retail cravings. Below are some of my top picks:

Shop Description
Shrewsbury Market Hall One of the most popular shopping destinations in Shrewsbury. You’ll find an eclectic mix of traders selling everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. Stop by for lunch and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.
Friars Walk A modern shopping center in the heart of Shrewsbury. Visit to shop for the latest fashion, accessories, and beauty products from popular brands like H&M, River Island, and Boots.
The Parade Shopping Centre Another popular destination for shoppers in Shrewsbury, featuring a mix of high street brands and independent retailers. The center has ample parking and is easily accessible by public transport.
The Bear Steps Shopping Centre A charming historic building in the town center, which houses several unique boutique stores selling handmade crafts and gifts. Don’t miss the picturesque courtyard, where you can enjoy a cup of tea and relax.

Aside from the above, Shrewsbury also has plenty of small independent shops and antiques stores scattered throughout the town center, perfect for those looking for something special and unique. You might even stumble upon some hidden gems!

So why not indulge in some retail therapy and head to Shrewsbury for a day out? After all, shopping is one of the best things to do in Shrewsbury!

Take Riverside Walks in Shrewsbury

Strolling the riverside is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy the beauty and charm of Shrewsbury. The town is intersected by the River Severn, which presents an opportunity for stunning views and a picturesque atmosphere. A perfect walking location is the Quarry Park, a stunning location offering great scenery. With additional walking trails such as the Darwin Walk, visitors can explore the hidden gems of the town along the riverside.

Hidden Gems Along the River

Exploring Shrewsbury’s riverside reveals a wealth of delightful stops and attractions. Take a stroll over the Welsh Bridge for stunning views or watch the boats go through the locks at Victoria Quay. For a hands-on experience, head down to Pengwern Boat Club and rent a canoe or kayak. Along the way, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful birdlife of Shrewsbury, including herons, ducks and swans.

Nature and Culture

Walking the riverside is the ideal way to balance nature and culture. Throughout the walk, visitors will find a number of historic sites and landmarks, showcasing the rich history of Shrewsbury. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the stunning 11th-century St. Mary’s Church, which offers incredible views of the town. The River Severn is also home to many unique events and activities throughout the year, so be sure to check out the local calendar before you go.

Uncover Unusual Things to Do in Shrewsbury

If you’re looking for unique and exciting experiences in Shrewsbury, look no further. This section is all about uncovering the odd and offbeat things that this charming town has to offer. From ghost tours to underground tunnels, Shrewsbury has plenty of hidden gems that are sure to pique your interest.

Ghost Tours

If you’re a fan of all things spooky, consider taking a ghost tour through some of Shrewsbury’s most haunted locations. These tours are led by knowledgeable guides who will regale you with stories of the town’s most infamous ghosts and legends. Some tour options include the Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt and the Shrewsbury Paranormal Experience.

Unusual things to do in Shrewsbury

Secret Underground Tunnels

Did you know that there is a network of secret underground tunnels beneath the streets of Shrewsbury? These tunnels were once used to transport goods around town and were even used to house prisoners during the English Civil War. Today, you can take a guided tour of these tunnels and learn about their fascinating history.

Mad Jack’s Escape Room

Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test at Mad Jack’s Escape Room in Shrewsbury. Choose from a variety of themed rooms and work with your team to escape before time runs out. This fun and immersive experience is perfect for groups of friends or family.

The Quantum Leap Challenge

If you’re looking for a more active and adventurous experience, try the Quantum Leap Challenge. This aerial adventure course has zip lines, high ropes, and other exciting obstacles high up in the trees. It’s a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

Romantic Things to Do in Shrewsbury for Couples

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Shrewsbury is the perfect destination. This charming town offers a tranquil atmosphere with picturesque streets and beautiful scenery. Whether it’s a romantic boat ride or a cozy dinner, there are many romantic things to do in Shrewsbury for couples.

Take a Romantic Stroll: Shrewsbury’s quaint streets and historic buildings make for a romantic setting, perfect for a charming stroll. Visit the beautiful Quarry Park and enjoy a leisurely walk through the picturesque gardens.

Enjoy a River Boat Ride: Take a romantic boat ride along the River Severn, and enjoy the beautiful sights that Shrewsbury has to offer. This is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Dine at a Cozy Restaurant: Shrewsbury has an abundance of cozy, romantic restaurants. Enjoy a candlelit dinner at The Peach Tree restaurant, or savor some delicious tapas at La Dolce Vita.

Visit a Historic Landmark: Shrewsbury is home to many beautiful historic sights, such as the stunning Shrewsbury Castle. Take a romantic visit to explore the rich history and architecture of this charming town.

From scenic walks to romantic dinners, Shrewsbury has something for every couple looking for the perfect romantic getaway. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the romantic ambiance of Shrewsbury with your loved one.

Free Things to Do in Shrewsbury

Are you looking for fun and free activities in Shrewsbury? Look no further! In this section, I’ll highlight the best free attractions and experiences in town that won’t break the bank.

Visit St. Chad’s Church

One of the most stunning landmarks in Shrewsbury is the St. Chad’s Church, located in the town centre. This 18th-century church is famous for its stunning interior and picturesque grounds, making it an excellent spot for a peaceful walk or photo opportunity to capture the town’s essence.

Explore Quarry Park

Quarry Park is an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of Shrewsbury. This picturesque park has an impressive variety of flora and fauna, including a stunning Dingle Garden, a charming sunken garden, and the popular children’s play area. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a fun-filled day with the family, Quarry Park has something for everyone.

Visit Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

The Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery is a must-visit attraction that is entirely free to enter. This museum features an impressive collection of artefacts and artwork that showcase the fascinating history and culture of Shrewsbury. The museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions and events, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

free things to do in shrewsbury

Attend Shrewsbury Farmers Market

The Shrewsbury Farmers Market is an excellent place to find some of the town’s delicious local produce. This market is held monthly in the town centre and features an array of tasty delicacies, from homemade cakes to artisan cheeses. Whether you’re a foodie or simply looking for a unique experience, the Shrewsbury Farmers Market is a great choice.

Stroll along the River Severn

Enjoy a leisurely walk along the River Severn to admire the scenic views of the town. You can start near the English Bridge and follow the path all the way to the Quarry Park. This route is perfect for a relaxing afternoon stroll, and you’ll see some of the town’s stunning architecture along the way.

Explore The Shrewsbury Library

The Shrewsbury Library is an excellent spot for bookworms and culture lovers. This beautifully designed building houses an extensive collection of books, both contemporary and classic. It is an ideal spot to read, relax, or attend one of the many regular events hosted by the library, from book clubs to author readings.

As you can see, Shrewsbury has an impressive variety of free attractions and activities that visitors can enjoy. Incorporating these activities into your trip ensures that you can experience everything Shrewsbury has to offer without going over budget.

Explore Shrewsbury’s Quaint Cafes and Eateries

When it comes to food, Shrewsbury has a lot to offer. The town abounds in quaint cafes, charming tearooms, and delightful eateries, making it a dream destination for food lovers. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack, a leisurely meal, or simply some good old fashioned tea and cake, there’s a perfect cafe or eatery in Shrewsbury for you.

For a quintessentially British experience, head to the renowned Lion Hotel, located at the heart of the town’s historic centre. With a range of classic dishes and a cosy, welcoming atmosphere, it’s a great place to enjoy a meal. If you’re in the mood for some delicious cakes and pastries, head to the popular Ludlow Cake Company in the town’s bustling Market Hall. Here, you can indulge in delectable treats and enjoy a coffee or tea while watching the world go by.

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, you can’t go wrong with the Henwick House, a charming and elegant boutique hotel serving up some of the finest food in Shrewsbury. The Boathouse Cafe is another great spot, set in a picturesque location by the River Severn. Here, you can enjoy locally sourced, seasonal food while soaking in the stunning view of the river.

Other notable cafes and eateries in Shrewsbury include the trendy Cascades Cafe, the charmingly rustic PorterHouse.SY1, and the delightful Stop. Cafe, a quirky and welcoming eatery located in the town’s main square.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack, a leisurely lunch, or an indulgent evening meal, Shrewsbury’s cafes and eateries are sure to delight your taste buds. With their unique charm and diverse cuisines, they make the perfect accompaniment to a day of exploring the town.

Day Trips from Shrewsbury

If you’re looking for exciting day trips from Shrewsbury, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the range of attractions and places to visit in the surrounding area. Here are some of my top suggestions for a great day out:

1. Ironbridge Gorge

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The Ironbridge Gorge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and nature lovers. This stunning location is home to the world’s first iron bridge, as well as a range of museums and exhibitions that showcase the area’s industrial heritage. Whether you’re exploring the ironworks, taking a stroll through the beautiful woods or enjoying a picnic by the river, the Ironbridge Gorge is a fantastic day trip from Shrewsbury.

shrewsbury day trips

2. Ludlow

Keyword: shrewsbury sightseeing

Ludlow is a charming and historic market town that is often referred to as one of the most picturesque towns in England. Located just 28 miles from Shrewsbury, a visit to Ludlow is a great way to spend a day outside the town. Explore the medieval streets and take in the striking architecture of Ludlow Castle, or browse the local shops and markets for handmade crafts and delicious local produce.

3. The Shropshire Hills

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The Shropshire Hills is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that surrounds Shrewsbury and offers a range of activities and attractions for visitors. Take a scenic drive through the hills, stop off for a pub lunch in one of the traditional villages or explore the beautiful countryside on foot. The Shropshire Hills is the perfect destination for a relaxing day out in nature.

4. The Welsh Borders

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Located just a short distance from Shrewsbury, the Welsh Borders is a beautiful and fascinating area to explore. Visit the historic market town of Welshpool, take a tour of the stunning Powis Castle or explore the ancient ruins of Carreg Cennen Castle. The Welsh Borders has something for everyone and is a great day trip destination from Shrewsbury.

Stay Updated with Shrewsbury Events and Festivals

Shrewsbury is a bustling town with numerous events and festivals taking place throughout the year. Whether you’re interested in music, food, literature, or sports, there is always something happening in Shrewsbury. As a visitor, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest events to ensure you don’t miss out on something exciting.

One of the best sources of information on upcoming events and festivals is the Shrewsbury Tourism website. The website provides a comprehensive list of the latest events, including dates, times, and locations, ensuring that tourists can plan their schedules accordingly.

Another reliable source of information is the Shrewsbury Chronicle, a local newspaper that covers the latest news and events in Shrewsbury. The newspaper is available online and in print, making it accessible to everyone.

Here are some of the most popular events and festivals in Shrewsbury that you should definitely consider attending:

Event/Festival Name Description Month
Shrewsbury Food Festival A celebration of local and international cuisine with live music and entertainment. June
Shrewsbury Flower Show One of the largest flower shows in the country, featuring beautiful floral displays, exhibitions, and fireworks. August
Shrewsbury Folk Festival A four-day celebration of music, dance, and culture from around the world. August
Shrewsbury Winter Festival A festive market featuring local crafts, food, and entertainment. December

Attending an event or festival is not only a great way to experience the culture and heritage of Shrewsbury but also an opportunity to meet new people and have fun. So, make sure to keep yourself updated with the latest events and festivals, and have an unforgettable time in Shrewsbury.


As a lover of all things Shrewsbury, I hope this article has inspired you to visit this charming town and discover all it has to offer. From historic sightseeing to riverside walks, unique experiences, and romantic getaways, there is truly something for everyone here.

Make sure to add these must-visit attractions to your itinerary, explore the town’s gastronomic offerings, and stay updated with the exciting events and festivals throughout the year.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the beauty and charm of Shrewsbury, located in the heart of England’s stunning countryside. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in this delightful town.


What are some popular attractions in Shrewsbury town centre?

Some popular attractions in Shrewsbury town centre include the Shrewsbury Castle, Shrewsbury Abbey, and the Quarry Park.

What are some unusual things to do in Shrewsbury?

If you’re looking for something unique, you can explore the secret underground tunnels of Shrewsbury Prison or participate in a ghost tour of the haunted locations in town.

What are some free things to do in Shrewsbury?

There are plenty of free activities in Shrewsbury, such as visiting St. Chad’s Church, exploring the tranquil Quarry Park, or strolling along the picturesque River Severn.

Where can couples find romantic things to do in Shrewsbury?

Couples can enjoy a scenic boat ride along the River Severn or have a romantic dinner in one of the town’s cozy restaurants.

What are some must-visit cafes and eateries in Shrewsbury?

Shrewsbury boasts several quaint cafes and eateries, including charming tearooms and delightful food establishments that offer unique gastronomic experiences.

Are there any day trips from Shrewsbury worth taking?

Yes, Shrewsbury is ideally located for day trips. Some popular options include visiting the beautiful Ironbridge Gorge, exploring the medieval town of Ludlow, or venturing into the stunning Shropshire Hills.

How can I stay updated with events and festivals in Shrewsbury?

To stay updated with events and festivals in Shrewsbury, you can check the local tourism website or follow social media accounts dedicated to Shrewsbury events.