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Let me take you on a journey to the charming seaside town of Whitley Bay, where endless adventures and unforgettable experiences await. Whether you’re seeking thrilling outdoor activities, exploring fascinating attractions, or indulging in delicious cuisine, Whitley Bay has something to offer everyone.

Picture this: It’s a sunny day, and you find yourself strolling along the two-mile stretch of golden sand at Whitley Bay Beach. The refreshing sea breeze kisses your skin as you witness families building sandcastles, beachgoers engaged in a friendly game of beach volleyball, and children giggling with delight as they dip their toes in the crystal-clear waters. The beach becomes a playground where cherished memories are made, where laughter and joy fill the air.

No visit to Whitley Bay is complete without venturing to St Mary’s Lighthouse, a captivating attraction that stands proudly atop a rocky outcrop. As you cross the causeway and ascend the 137 steps, you’re rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of Whitley Bay and Tyneside. The beauty of the lighthouse is not just in its structure but in the stories it holds, its history weaves through the breeze, igniting a sense of wonder within your soul.

Just outside of Whitley Bay lies Seaton Delaval Hall, a majestic country house that transports you back in time. As you explore its exquisite architecture and enchanting gardens, you can feel the whispers of the past echoing through its halls. The scent of blooming daffodils fills the air, embracing you with nature’s beauty. It’s a moment of tranquility, a window into a bygone era.

As the sun sets, Whitley Bay comes alive with the vibrant energy of Spanish City. The recently restored and reopened venue offers an array of dining options, from traditional tearooms serving quintessential fish and chips to upscale restaurants tantalizing your taste buds with their culinary delights. The laughter of friends enjoying a glass of champagne at the bar and the melodies of live events bring a touch of magic to your evening.

Whitley Bay is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, or simply a good time, this seaside town will captivate your heart and leave you with memories that last a lifetime. So pack your bags, embrace the allure of Whitley Bay, and let the journey begin.

Whitley Bay Beach

Whitley Bay Beach is a two-mile stretch of golden sand that offers a wide range of exciting outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. Its stunning natural beauty and serene atmosphere make it an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and adventure.

Visitors can start their day with a leisurely stroll along the beach, taking in the fresh sea air and enjoying the breathtaking views of the North Sea. The gently sloping shoreline makes it perfect for a family day out, where kids can build sandcastles and play beach games.

Families can also enjoy the following activities at Whitley Bay Beach:

  • Take part in the annual sandcastle competition, a fun-filled event where participants showcase their creativity and sculpting skills.
  • Indulge in a scrumptious treat or a refreshing beverage at the Rendezvous Cafe, conveniently located near the beach. The cafe offers a wide range of snacks, ice creams, and hot drinks to satisfy every craving.
  • Embark on a fun and friendly game of mini golf at the nearby course. It’s a great way to challenge your friends or family and enjoy some friendly competition.
  • For a unique twist on traditional golf, try out “footgolf” on the Links. This exciting combination of football and golf will test your skills as you aim to kick the ball into the specially designed holes.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful day of relaxation or an action-packed adventure, Whitley Bay Beach has something for everyone. So pack your sunscreen, grab your beach gear, and get ready to make unforgettable memories on the picturesque shores of Whitley Bay.

St Mary’s Lighthouse

St Mary’s Lighthouse is a must-visit attraction in Whitley Bay. Located on St Mary’s Island, visitors can cross the causeway to the Victorian lighthouse and climb the 137 steps for stunning views over Whitley Bay and Tyneside. The lighthouse stands tall against the backdrop of the North Sea, offering a captivating sight for sightseers and photographers. Its rich history and scenic surroundings make it one of the top attractions in the area.

As you explore the lighthouse, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the visitor center, where you can delve into the fascinating history of this iconic landmark. Learn about the lives of the lighthouse keepers who braved the elements to guide ships safely to shore. Discover the stories behind the construction of the lighthouse and its importance in maritime navigation. The visitor center also features exhibits on the local wildlife found in the nature reserve on St Mary’s Island, including seals, birds, and other fascinating creatures.

The views from the top of the lighthouse are truly breathtaking. Take a moment to admire the panoramic vistas of Whitley Bay and Tyneside, capturing stunning photographs of the coastline and vast expanse of the North Sea. It’s an experience that will leave you with lasting memories of your visit to Whitley Bay.

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“Visiting St Mary’s Lighthouse was the highlight of my trip to Whitley Bay. The climb to the top was well worth it for the incredible views. Don’t miss out on this iconic attraction!” – Sarah D.

What to Expect at St Mary’s Lighthouse:

  • Spectacular panoramic views of Whitley Bay and Tyneside
  • Fascinating exhibits on the history of the lighthouse and its keepers
  • A chance to spot seals, birds, and other wildlife in the nature reserve
  • A unique photo opportunity against the backdrop of the North Sea
  • A peaceful and scenic escape from the bustling town

Tips for Visiting St Mary’s Lighthouse:

  • Check the tide times before visiting to ensure you can cross the causeway safely
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes for the climb up the lighthouse
  • Bring a camera to capture the stunning views and wildlife
  • Allow enough time to explore the visitor center and nature reserve
  • Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a hat, as there may be limited shade
St Mary’s Lighthouse Information
Location St Mary’s Island, Whitley Bay NE26 4RS, England
Opening Hours 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Closed Fridays)
Admission Adults: £2.50
Children (5-16): £1.50
Concessions: £2.00
Contact Phone: +44 191 200 8650

Seaton Delaval Hall

Just outside of Whitley Bay, Seaton Delaval Hall is a magnificent English Baroque country house that offers a glimpse into the past. Owned by the National Trust, the hall features beautiful architecture and gardens. Visitors can take self-guided tours of the hall and explore the stables and basement. The surrounding woodland is particularly stunning in spring when daffodils bloom.

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Seaton Delaval Hall is a must-visit attraction when exploring Whitley Bay and its surroundings. As one of the finest examples of English Baroque architecture, the hall transports visitors back in time to the grandeur of the past. The exquisite design and intricate details of the hall’s interior are a true sight to behold. The gardens surrounding the hall provide a tranquil escape, with lush greenery and vibrant blooms setting the scene for a peaceful stroll.

For history enthusiasts, Seaton Delaval Hall offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the Delaval family, who owned the estate for centuries. With the self-guided tours, visitors can explore the various rooms of the hall, including the opulent Great Hall, the elegant Drawing Room, and the grand staircase. Each room is beautifully preserved, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the history and ambiance of the hall.

Surrounding Woodland and Gardens

One of the highlights of a visit to Seaton Delaval Hall is the surrounding woodland and gardens. The estate boasts acres of beautiful woodland, providing the perfect backdrop for a leisurely walk or a picnic surrounded by nature. In spring, the woodlands come alive with vibrant colors as daffodils blanket the ground, creating a mesmerizing display.

The gardens at Seaton Delaval Hall are meticulously maintained and offer a serene oasis for visitors to explore. From the meticulously manicured lawns to the carefully curated flower beds, the gardens are a testament to nature’s beauty. Visitors can wander through the various paths, finding peace and tranquility among the lush greenery.

“Seaton Delaval Hall is a hidden gem in the heart of Whitley Bay. The grandeur of the hall and the peacefulness of the surrounding woodland make it a perfect retreat for history and nature lovers alike.”
– Local Visitor

Upcoming Cultural Events

Seaton Delaval Hall also hosts a range of cultural events throughout the year. From art exhibitions to outdoor theater performances, there is always something exciting happening at this historic venue. Visitors can enjoy live music concerts on the lawns or immerse themselves in interactive historical reenactments. These events provide a unique opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Date Event Description
July 15th Outdoor Shakespeare Experience the magic of Shakespeare’s plays performed in the stunning outdoor setting of Seaton Delaval Hall’s gardens.
August 5th Art Exhibition: “Nature’s Beauty” Marvel at the incredible talent of local artists as they showcase their nature-inspired artworks within the halls of Seaton Delaval Hall.
September 10th Historical Reenactment: The Delaval Family Ball Step back in time and witness the grandeur of a 19th-century ball, complete with period costumes and live music.

Spanish City

Spanish City is an iconic venue in Whitley Bay that has recently been restored and reopened as an events and dining center. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dining options, from fish and chips in the traditional tearoom to upscale dining in the 1910 restaurant. The venue also features a champagne bar and hosts a range of events, making it a hub of entertainment in Whitley Bay.

Delicious Dining Experiences

When it comes to restaurants in Whitley Bay, Spanish City offers a diverse range of culinary delights. The traditional tearoom is perfect for those seeking a classic British experience with delectable fish and chips. For a more refined dining experience, the 1910 restaurant offers an upscale menu featuring locally sourced ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a memorable meal, Spanish City’s dining options cater to all tastes and preferences. From mouthwatering seafood dishes to indulgent desserts, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings.

A Vibrant Nightlife Scene

Whitley Bay is known for its lively nightlife, and Spanish City is at the heart of the action. The venue features a champagne bar where you can sip on your favorite bubbly while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply unwind with friends, the champagne bar is the perfect spot to toast to a memorable evening.

In addition to its champagne bar, Spanish City also hosts a range of events throughout the year, including live music performances and themed parties. Dance the night away or simply soak up the energetic ambiance as you immerse yourself in the Whitley Bay entertainment scene.

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Experience the best of Whitley Bay’s culinary and entertainment scene at Spanish City. Whether you’re indulging in delicious cuisine, sipping on champagne, or enjoying live music, this iconic venue is a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike.

Restaurants Nightlife Entertainment
Fish and Chips in the Traditional Tearoom Champagne Bar Live Music Perfomances
Upscale Dining in the 1910 Restaurant Themed Parties


Whitley Bay is a treasure trove of experiences, offering a diverse range of activities and attractions that cater to all interests. Whether you’re a beach lover, history enthusiast, or a foodie, this charming seaside town has something for everyone.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Whitley Bay boasts some of the best things to see in outdoor activities in Whitley Bay, including thrilling surfing and paddleboarding adventures. Soak up the sun and embrace the refreshing sea breeze as you indulge in these thrilling water sports.

When the sun sets, Whitley Bay comes alive with its vibrant nightlife. Embrace the buzzing atmosphere of the town’s top-rated restaurants, where you can tantalize your taste buds with delicious cuisine prepared by renowned chefs. From classic British fare to international delicacies, Whitley Bay’s culinary scene is a feast for the senses.

So, whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, mouthwatering meals, or an unforgettable nightlife, Whitley Bay has it all. Plan your visit now and embark on an incredible journey filled with the best things to see in Whitley Bay, allowing you to create memories that will last a lifetime.


What are the top things to do in Whitley Bay?

Some of the top things to do in Whitley Bay include visiting the beach, exploring historical sites, enjoying outdoor activities, and dining at local restaurants.

What activities can I do at Whitley Bay Beach?

Whitley Bay Beach offers a range of activities, including walks along the beach, participating in the annual sand castle competition, playing mini golf, and trying “footgolf” on the Links.

What is special about St Mary’s Lighthouse?

St Mary’s Lighthouse is a must-visit attraction in Whitley Bay. Visitors can cross the causeway to the Victorian lighthouse, climb the 137 steps for stunning views, and explore the nature reserve on St Mary’s Island.

What is Seaton Delaval Hall?

Seaton Delaval Hall is a magnificent English Baroque country house located just outside Whitley Bay. Owned by the National Trust, it features beautiful architecture, gardens, and self-guided tours of the hall.

What can I expect at Spanish City?

Spanish City is an iconic venue in Whitley Bay that has been restored and reopened as an events and dining center. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dining options, a champagne bar, and a range of events.

What are the best things to see in Whitley Bay?

Some of the best things to see in Whitley Bay include outdoor activities such as surfing and paddleboarding, historical sites like St Mary’s Lighthouse and Seaton Delaval Hall, and the vibrant nightlife and top-rated restaurants.