as you like it newcastle

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Enter the magical world of As You Like It, a charming restaurant at the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. It’s a place that brings the drama of Shakespeare and the city’s lively nature together. Here, you can enjoy an intimate dinner with friends or absorb the enchanting atmosphere. As You Like It ensures your visit is a memorable one.

As You Like It is not just any eatery; it’s a place where your senses will play. The enticing smells of the food join the live music and laughter of guests. This place, with its three floors, four bars, and a grand restaurant, offers something for everyone. The moment you arrive, you’re greeted by a friendly vibe echoing the Bard’s humour and charm.

As You Like It: A Charming Oasis in Newcastle

In the lively heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, the As You Like It restaurant and bar stands out. It’s filled with cozy corners and pretty spots. Because of this, it’s a top pick for many people. The place really brings to life the fun and magic of a comedy by Shakespeare. So, you’re sure to have a memorable time here.

Unravelling the Venue’s Enchanting Ambiance

The As You Like It venue is not just one big space. It’s like a little adventure with a main bar and a restaurant upstairs. It all comes together with cool wood touches, chandeliers with deer, bits of nature, and private booths.

If you’re looking for something private, there’s a special room with a balcony. It’s great for parties, celebrations, or just a quiet night out.

as you like it newcastle

The venue’s beauty is in its details. Everything from the decorations to the mix of old and new, reflects true care. It feels like you’re stepping into a whole other world when you’re here.

As You Like It is more than a nice place to eat or hang out. It’s a spot that honours the city’s heritage while offering an exceptional time. So, for memorable dining and fun, visit us in Newcastle.

As You Like It is Located in central Newcastle upon Tyne, “As You Like It” invites you to an amazing dining experience. It’s not just about eating; it’s about enjoying amazing food and drinks. When you step inside, you’ll enter a world inspired by Shakespeare and loaded with local culture.

The mezzanine restaurant at As You Like It treats you to an array of food that celebrates local and seasonal gems. Need a British classic or something global? The talented chefs’ works please every craving.

This place isn’t just about food. It shines with an incredible list of cocktails. Drinks like the “Watermelon Sugar High” and the Hibiscus Margarita await you, each at £8.

With gorgeous interiors and diverse entertainment, As You Like It offers a memorable cultural and foodie trip in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Statistic Value
Number of couples currently considering As You Like It as a wedding venue 3
As You Like It’s rating based on 33 reviews 4.9 out of 5
Percentage of reviewers who recommend As You Like It 98%
Seating capacity of the venue Up to 120 guests
Standing capacity of the venue Up to 200 guests

Events at As You Like It come with great food and drink choices. They offer seated meals, buffets, and more. For weddings, there are dancing and music facilities for fun nights.

Want a cosy feel? They offer wedding night stays and services like toastmasters. The place is easily reached and welcomes pets too.

as you like it newcastle

With its amazing service and focus on making lasting memories, As You Like It stands out. It’s a top spot for those who love culture, theatre, and the charm of Shakespeare, in Newcastle upon Tyne.


As You Like It in Newcastle is a must-visit for anyone looking for an unforgettable dining experience. It boasts three floors, four beautiful bars, and a charming garden terrace. Not to mention, its Pan Asian-inspired dishes and varied cocktails stand out.

Looking for somewhere to enjoy lunch, have fun with mates, or celebrate a special event? This place fits every situation perfectly. It’s open from Thursday to Sunday, making any visit special. And, it’s perfect for both locals and those just passing through.

The detail, service, and atmosphere at As You Like It set it apart. It’s ideal for a cosy and unique meal in Newcastle. So, dive into this enchanting space and explore its wonders. You won’t be disappointed.


What makes As You Like It such a unique venue in Newcastle?

As You Like It is like a beautiful wonderland in Newcastle. It’s known for its many charming spaces. Imagine three big floors and four bars with a stunning design. Then, there’s a lovely restaurant serving simple yet delicious food. Every weekend, you can enjoy live music and DJs. This mix caters to many different tastes.

Can you tell me more about the ambiance and decor of As You Like It?

The place is really special with its main bar and mezzanine restaurant. You’ll find unique treasures like raw woodwork, deer chandeliers, and a lot of greenery. There are also comfortable booths for relaxing. For a more private event or dinner, there’s a special dining room with its own balcony. It’s perfect for making memories in a unique atmosphere.

What kind of culinary and cocktail offerings can guests expect at As You Like It?

Guests at As You Like It can enjoy some top-notch food in the mezzanine restaurant. They serve a range of lovely cocktails too. Try their special ‘Watermelon Sugar High’ or the Hibiscus Margarita, both for £8. This makes As You Like It a great place for good food and drinks in Newcastle.