The Bridge Tavern, Newcastle

Imagine a place where time slows down, mixing old charm with new excitement. This is The Bridge Tavern, hidden near the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle. When you enter, a cosy welcoming vibe surrounds you. It takes you back to a simpler time with its brick walls, wooden beams, and traditional fireplaces. But, The Bridge Tavern is not just about the past. It combines old traditions with new ideas, making a dining and drinking adventure unlike any other.

The air is filled with wonderful smells as you check out the menu. It’s full of tasty dishes all made from local ingredients. You can enjoy anything from classic favourites to unique meals. Sink your teeth into a delicious Sunday roast or enjoy a laid-back lunch. Each evening meal is a surprise thanks to the ever-changing seasonal menu.

It’s not all about the food at The Bridge Tavern. They’re also known for their fantastic craft beer selection. No matter your taste, you’ll find a beer you love here. And there’s more to love than just good food and drink. The Bridge Tavern is a spot for live music and fun events. Their schedule is packed with nights of music and laughter.

Looking for a great place for a drink, a meal, or some fun? The Bridge Tavern is your spot. It combines tradition and new trends for a journey of great tastes, laughter, and memories.

Get in touch with The Bridge Tavern today to book your table and start a memorable adventure. Reach them on Facebook, Instagram, or the phone. Your next amazing experience is waiting for you.

History of The Bridge Tavern

The Bridge Tavern is a key part of Newcastle’s pub history. It started nearly two centuries ago when a building was first erected there. This original structure was later destroyed in 1925 to build the famous Tyne Bridge.

The bridge was finished, and The Bridge Tavern was rebuilt. It was recreated to keep its historical importance and original charm. Since it opened again, it has been a central part of the city’s story.

The tavern has a fascinating history as a place to drink and rest. Locals and visitors have met here for a long time. The stories and tales shared within its walls make it a living piece of Newcastle’s past.

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Today, stepping into The Bridge Tavern is like going back in time. Its welcoming atmosphere and old-fashioned décor make you feel at home. It’s where the city’s tavern tradition continues for all to enjoy.

If you love history or a good pub, The Bridge Tavern is a must-visit. It combines historical charm with warm hospitality. Here, you can enjoy great food, local ales, and soak in the history of this special place.

Events and Live Music at The Bridge Tavern

The Bridge Tavern is a lot more than a spot for good food and drinks. It is also a lively centre for fun and events. In the middle of Newcastle, this pub is famous for its buzzing atmosphere and fun events. Whether you live nearby or are just visiting, The Bridge Tavern shows off what Newcastle’s social life is all about.

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Live Music Nights

At The Bridge Tavern, the music scene is alive and kicking with live music nights. These events feature local musicians and bands and add to the pub’s charm. It doesn’t matter if you’re into rock, jazz, or acoustic, there’s something here for you. So come down, kick back, and enjoy some great music in Newcastle.

Themed Parties

Love a good themed party? The Bridge Tavern has you sorted with events like Halloween and Christmas bashes. They put a lot of thought into making these nights memorable for everyone. So, put on your best costume or get into the holiday mood. It’s all about fun and good times at The Bridge Tavern.

Food and Drink Promotions

Looking for a deal on food and drinks? The Bridge Tavern often has specials on their menus. From cocktails to meal bundles and seasonal dishes, they have something for everyone. Treat yourself to yummy food and drinks while soaking in the lively atmosphere.

The Bridge Tavern is your go-to for a great night out in Newcastle. It’s filled with events, music, and themed parties year-round. Discover the finest of Newcastle’s nightlife at this iconic spot, where unforgettable moments happen.


The Bridge Tavern in Newcastle upon Tyne is a hidden gem in the city centre. It’s praised for its rich history, great food, and buzzing vibe. Both locals and tourists love it. If you want good food or a fun place to hang out, this pub and restaurant is a top choice.

This tavern is in a great spot in the city’s heart, making it easy to find. It draws in a mix of people, from those interested in its history to foodies enjoying local dishes. Everybody finds something they love here.

The Bridge Tavern shines with its exciting social scene. It hosts events and live music often, making it a big part of Newcastle’s fun. It’s an ideal place to meet friends, have a great night, or experience Newcastle’s lively culture.

Don’t miss The Bridge Tavern on your next trip to Newcastle. It’s a great place to see, with its charm, history, and liveliness. This spot is perfect for chilling, having fun, and exploring the best of the city’s centre.


What type of food does The Bridge Tavern serve?

The Bridge Tavern offers locally-sourced comfort food. Their menu changes with the seasons. Whether you want a bar snack, a light lunch, a hearty dinner, or a Sunday roast, they’ve got you covered.

What are the opening hours of The Bridge Tavern?

The Bridge Tavern closes at 8 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and at 6 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays.

How can I make a reservation?

You can book a table at The Bridge Tavern through Facebook, Instagram, or by calling them.

What is the history of The Bridge Tavern?

The Bridge Tavern’s story goes back almost 200 years. The current building is newer because the old one was demolished for the Tyne Bridge. It has always been a place for drinks, making it part of Newcastle’s history.

Does The Bridge Tavern host events and live music?

The Bridge Tavern is known for its events and live music. Expect live bands, fun themed nights, and great deals on food and drinks.

Is The Bridge Tavern popular among locals and tourists?

Locals and tourists alike love The Bridge Tavern. Its welcoming atmosphere attracts many, playing a big role in Newcastle’s social life.

Where is The Bridge Tavern located?

The Bridge Tavern can be found right in Newcastle’s downtown area. It’s under the famous Tyne Bridge.