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Last Updated on: 19th June 2024, 09:22 am

Stepping into Chaophraya, a top Thai eatery in Eldon Square, Newcastle, felt like arriving in Bangkok. The smells of spices and stir-fry filled the air. I was excited, having waited since booking for this moment.

Dining at Chaophraya Newcastle is a feast for senses and soul, not just a meal. Seated, I admired Grey’s Monument from the covered terrace. It made me feel deeply linked to Thailand’s rich culinary culture.

Kim, the owner, leads a skilled chef team at Chaophraya Newcastle. They’re known for true Thai tastes in the city. The menu showcases Thailand’s best, from classics to innovative dishes, with options for everyone, including vegan and gluten-free eaters.

Chaophraya Newcastle: An Oasis in the City Centre

Chaophraya Newcastle is known for its top-notch Thai food made by expert chefs. They offer a wide variety of dishes, from classic tastes to unique options. Customers love the rich curries, tasty stir-fries, and delicious rice and noodle dishes.

All meals are made from the best ingredients and flavoured with traditional Thai spices. Each dish is a work of culinary art, bringing the real taste of Thailand to your table.

Authentic Thai Dishes Crafted by Expert Chefs

Chaophraya Newcastle has more than just an a la carte menu. They also have Taste of Thailand set menus. These let guests try a mix of flavours all at once. The owners, the Thai Leisure Group, have been running this family business since 2004. They make sure every meal is at the highest standard, from Aberdeen to Southampton.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Options Available

If you’re Vegan or need Gluten-Free options, Chaophraya Thai restaurant has got you covered. They make sure everyone can enjoy Thai food their way. Their diverse menu shows they welcome all customers. They aim to offer an all-inclusive eating experience, celebrating the various wonderful tastes of Thai Asian cuisine.

Chaophraya Newcastle dishes

Chaophraya Newcastle sits in Eldon Square, offering a peaceful spot in the city’s heart. Its riverside terrace looks out to Grey’s Monument, creating a serene dining area. The restaurant’s modern design and elegant Thai dishes make for a memorable visit.

Stunning Riverside Terrace with Views of Grey’s Monument

In Eldon Square, Chaophraya is easy to reach and a treat for anyone. It’s perfect for a quick meal or a special dinner. The terrace’s views of Grey’s Monument are perfect for an unforgettable gathering.

Located in the Heart of Eldon Square Shopping Centre

Chaophraya stands out in busy Eldon Square, offering a Thai escape. Its upscale setting and Thai cuisine welcome diners warmly. It’s a top choice for those wanting an authentic Thai meal in Newcastle.

chaophraya newcastle


Chaophraya Newcastle is the place to be for unique and top-notch Thai food. It boasts a skilled team of chefs and a wide range of dishes. Plus, its amazing view by the river makes it a perfect spot for a special meal. You can find both your favourite Thai meals and new tastes here.

Looking for an amazing Thai meal experience? Visit Chaophraya Newcastle. It might not taste as authentic as some local places like Thai House Cafe. But, its focus on a classy riverside setting makes it a top pick for those wanting Thai fine dining in Newcastle.


What type of cuisine does Chaophraya Newcastle offer?

Chaophraya Newcastle is known for its Thai dishes. It gives diners a true taste of Thailand with authentic recipes.

Where is Chaophraya Newcastle located?

It’s within Eldon Square, a calm spot in the busy city. This location lets you relax while enjoying your meal.

Who is the head chef at Chaophraya Newcastle?

Owner Kim is the head at Chaophraya Newcastle. He guides a skilled team in creating delicious Thai meals and special dishes.

What type of dining options are available at Chaophraya Newcastle?

You can pick from many real Thai dishes on their menu. They also have set menus so you can try various tastes of Thailand.

Does Chaophraya Newcastle cater to dietary restrictions?

Absolutely. Chaophraya Newcastle has choices for vegans and those who need gluten-free meals. This means everyone can enjoy Thai food.

What is the ambience and setting like at Chaophraya Newcastle?

It has a beautiful terrace by the river, with a view of Grey’s Monument. Inside, its modern design and decor match the fine Thai food.

How accessible is Chaophraya Newcastle?

It’s in Eldon Square, so it’s easy to find. This makes it a great spot for anyone in Newcastle looking for authentic Thai cuisine.