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Last Updated on: 18th June 2024, 12:26 pm

Walking into the Mockingbird Cinema felt like stepping into a welcoming hug. The buzz of fellow film fans, the smell of fresh popcorn, and the excitement of finding a movie treasure combined. It was a moment of pure joy, taking me to a place full of wonder. This unique cinema in Digbeth, Birmingham is a special spot for film lovers who enjoy an immersive movie-going experience.

The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen stands out in the British cinema experience. Their love for all things film is clear. Being an independent cinema, they carefully select the films you see. You’ll find everything from blockbusters and classic favourites to foreign-language and arthouse films. This choice means there’s something for every movie enthusiast. It creates a boutique environment that feels like a home away from home. This is what makes the Mockingbird different from the usual cinema chains.

Mockingbird Cinema: A Cinematic Feast

Mockingbird Cinema is in the Custard Factory, in Digbeth, Birmingham. It’s very near the city centre. The cinema is a 90-seat screening room in a former nightclub. It shows everything from new films to cult classics and world cinema.

Located in the Historic Custard Factory

Digbeth’s Custard Factory is a lively area full of creativity. It has unique shops, galleries, and cafes. Mockingbird Cinema adds to the factory’s charm.

A Fully Independent Cinema

At Mockingbird, they can choose films without pressure from big companies. So, they show a wide range of movies. This includes big hits, indie gems, and movies from around the world.

Showcasing a Diverse Range of Films

Mockingbird’s film list is varied. They have new, old, and different films. Plus, they do special events and show cult classics. It’s a great place for movie fans.

mockingbird cinema

Mockingbird Cinema is not just about watching movies. They offer movies along with delicious food and drinks. This mix makes the whole experience great for everyone who loves films.

Delectable Food and Drink Options

At the cinema, you can eat snacks and meals that go well with the films. They have tasty buttermilk fried chicken, crispy fries, and even halloumi fries. This means there’s something for everyone, making the movie time even better.

Dine-In or Take-Out Experience

You can enjoy your food the way you want at Mockingbird Cinema. If you’re up for a relaxed time, eat inside before the movie. Or, you can take your food with you and enjoy it while watching the film. Either way, it’s a great eating and movie experience.

Whether a quick bite or a full meal, Mockingbird Cinema has what you need. The varied food and drink options are perfect for everyone. This makes every trip to the popular Digbeth place enjoyable.

Mockingbird Cinema food and drink options

Private Event and Screening Options

Mockingbird Cinema lets you rent it for exclusive events and private screenings. This special opportunity gives film fans and party planners a way to make their experience unique.

Hire the Cinema for Exclusive Events

The cinema’s big screen room fits 100 people, perfect for birthdays, work gatherings, or special film showings. You can customise the space to fit what you need and want for your event.

Seating for Up to 100 People

There’s space for 100 people in the cinema’s main room. It means you can host many private events or watch a film like you’re in a cinema, making their time together special.

Customisable Food and Drink Packages

For added specialness, you can pick what food and drinks you have. Mockingbird Cinema lets you choose from snacks, drinks, or even a full meal. Their team will help you make your event as memorable as possible.


Mockingbird Cinema is right in the middle of Digbeth, Birmingham. It gives a special, independent way to watch movies. Being independent lets Mockingbird choose from a wide variety of films. It has both big hits and smaller, creative movies. This makes it a welcoming place for anyone who loves films.

The cinema also has a kitchen connected to it. This means you can enjoy great food and drinks while watching movies. It adds to the whole experience.

Mockingbird Cinema allows people to rent it for their own events or special film viewings. This makes it a valuable part of the city. It shows many different kinds of movies. And, it aims to make every visit unforgettable. Because of this, Mockingbird Cinema is very popular in Birmingham.

Maybe you love watching all kinds of films. Or, perhaps you just want a fun night out. Mockingbird Cinema is a great choice for both. It has many different films to watch, great food, and can be used for private events. This makes it a top spot for film fans not just in the West Midlands, but everywhere.


Where is the Mockingbird Cinema located?

The Mockingbird Cinema is at the iconic Custard Factory. This is in Digbeth, Birmingham. It’s not far from the city centre.

What kind of films does the Mockingbird Cinema show?

Being independent, Mockingbird picks its own films. It shows a mix of new, classic, and foreign films. Also, it features themed events and cult film nights.

What kind of food and drink options are available at the Mockingbird Cinema?

They have an adjoining kitchen. Here, you can get tasty snacks and meals. You can dine in or take food to your film, like buttermilk fried chicken and halloumi fries.

Can the Mockingbird Cinema be hired for private events?

Yes, you can hire the Cinema for private events. The main room fits up to 100 people. They offer special food and drink packages for these events.