Custard Factory

Last Updated on: 18th June 2024, 12:22 pm

Walking in Digbeth, I’m pulled in by the lively vibe of the Custard Factory. This place, once a large factory, is now a shining creative hub in Birmingham. The huge brick buildings hint at its past, making me curious and excited. The meeting of the West Midlands’ industrial heritage and the arts and crafts here is fascinating. It invites me to keep exploring.

The Custard Factory was built from 1849 to 1922. It used to be a workplace for 12,000 people, marking a key time in Birmingham’s history. I’m amazed by the size and history of this old workhouse. Today, it’s a lively spot known for its creative quarter. This area brings together small shops, workshops, and art venues. It’s a window into Birmingham’s rich story of industrial heritage.

The Custard Factory: A Social and Cultural Hotspot

Birmingham’s Iconic Custard Factory: A Regeneration Marvel

The Custard Factory in Birmingham has changed a lot. It went from making products to now being a creative hub. The project kept the old building’s looks and features. This move has attracted more people because of the Peaky Blinders show. They can now see and learn about Birmingham’s old times.

From Industrial Powerhouse to Creative Quarter

The design of the old buildings suits the many workers who were once there. Today, it’s home to shops, workshops, and more. The custard factory was important for Birmingham, and now it thrives with art and crafts. It shows how the city keeps growing and changing.

Preserving Birmingham’s Industrial Past

The old factory’s makeover helps keep Birmingham’s history alive. Its old looks and stories are still here for people to see. Changing from industry to art tells a story. It’s about moving forward while remembering the past. This is Birmingham’s strength.

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Exploring the Quirky and Vibrant Custard Factory

Entering the Custard Factory feels like stepping into a vibrant wonderland. The buildings are alive with colourful artwork and twinkling fairy lights. You’ll explore unique shops and workshops where creativity thrives. This includes everything from cool boutiques to gourmet food makers.

Independent Businesses and Artisanal Delights

In Digbeth, creative businesses and art studios fill the area around the Custard Factory. It’s a place full of energy, known for its street art. Visitors can take guided tours to see impressive graffiti. And there’s great food, like the famous street food at Baked in Brick and tasty burgers from the Original Patty Men.

Custard Factory: Birthplace of Instant Custard

The Custard Factory is where instant custard was invented by Alfred Bird from Birmingham. His egg-free custard powder changed dessert times. It was once a workplace for 12,000 people. When it shut in 1967, it left a big mark on the area.

Artistic Expression on Every Wall

At the Custard Factory, you’ll find amazing graffiti and murals everywhere. The place celebrates art, thanks to founder Bennie Gray. His touches, like the special Green Man and a steel dragon, are loved. Plus, there’s art by famous names like Pete McKee. This makes the place not just fun, but very pleasing to the eye too.

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The Custard Factory is now a buzzing social and cultural area. It offers many things for those visiting. This includes great brunch at the Kanteen café and top-notch meals at 670 Grams. This makes it heaven for food lovers.

Those who enjoy unique drinks can try interesting cocktails at places like Passing Fancies. It shows off the wide range of craft drinks available in Birmingham’s Custard Factory.

Eclectic Events and Unique Entertainment

This place doesn’t just offer great food and drinks. It’s also known for hosting a mix of events. These range from vintage markets to techno nights at The Mill. It’s a warehouse turned party hot spot.

Visitors can enjoy cool spots like Golf Fang with a twist – it’s mini-golf with drinks. Or they can play at NQ64, an arcade bar, for a different kind of fun. Both are found in the creative quarter, making for unique fun.

If you love great food, unique drinks, fun events, or different entertainment, the Custard Factory has it all. It’s an ever-growing spot in Birmingham’s creative quarter. This place keeps getting better. It cements its place as a key spot in the city for all.


The Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham shows us how old buildings can turn into lively places. It keeps the old architecture and its interesting history. Now, it’s a popular spot that remembers Birmingham’s past but looks to the future.

At the Custard Factory, you’ll find small shops and tasty food. Also, there are many events and art around. It’s a great place for everyone with its unique food, interesting art, and entertainment.

The Custard Factory shows how Birmingham grows and changes over time. It changes old buildings into new places while respecting their history. This redeveloped site is a great example of how to make historical places into places that people love and enjoy. It keeps the memory of the past but also creates new opportunities for the future.


What is the Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham?

The Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham, is a once-busy industrial area. Today, it’s a flourishing creative centre. It was built between 1849 and 1922. At one point, it supported up to 12,000 workers. After closing in 1967, it was brought back to life.

How has the Custard Factory been transformed?

The Custard Factory has changed a lot. It’s now a buzzing creative space from a bygone era. The project kept the old industrial look. It added new life with independent shops, workshops, and cultural venues.

What can visitors expect to find at the Custard Factory?

Exploring the Custard Factory feels magical. You’ll find unique shops and food places you won’t see elsewhere. It’s known for being where instant custard was born. The whole place is decorated with amazing graffiti. It’s a spot where art flourishes.

What kind of experiences are available at the Custard Factory?

The Custard Factory is all about experiences. It’s perfect for food lovers, with everything from tasty brunch at Kanteen to elegant dining at 670 Grams. If you’re into craft drinks, there are cool cocktails for you. It’s also a hotspot for events, from flea markets to techno music.

Why is the Custard Factory an important landmark in Birmingham?

The Custard Factory stands for so much. It shows how old industrial sites can find new life. By keeping its special look and story, it’s become a heart for creativity. It honours Birmingham’s past while looking forward.