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Stepping into Mr Mulligan’s Newcastle feels like entering a world of adventure. This mini golf paradise was created by Geordie entertainer Steve McGugan. It’s full of fun and imagination, in addition to being a top-tier course.

As you walk in, you can feel the excitement in the air. The golf courses – Lunar Crash, Cosmic Storm, and Inventors Hangar – set the stage for an epic game. Each hole is carefully designed with unique challenges that test your skills in fun ways.

An Electrifying Adventure Awaits

In the heart of Newcastle, there’s a place that’s perfect for both thrill-seekers and those who love mini golf. Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf has three space courses. It takes you on a golf adventure beyond this world.

As soon as you walk in, the place captures your imagination. You’ll play your way through alien worlds and dodge meteors. You can even land on the moon, all in this amazing world of Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf.

Each course, from Inventor’s Hangar to Cosmic Storm, has unique challenges and looks. You’ll feel like you’re in a secret hangar, avoid space rocks, and try landing on the moon. It’s a fun challenge for anyone playing.

After a thrilling game, head to the 360-degree bar and the restaurant. They serve tasty food like burgers and pizzas until midnight at weekends. It’s a great place for an exciting night out.

Newcastle is the first to welcome Mr Mulligan’s, soon followed by Milton Keynes and Birmingham. Get ready for an unforgettable mini golf experience at Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf in Newcastle.

Mr Mulligan Newcastle: A Galactic Golfing Odyssey

Located in Newcastle, Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf gives a unique golfing experience. It’s perfect for all players. With three courses that challenge and entertain, it’s a top spot for family fun.

The Cosmic Encounter course takes you on a space adventure. You’ll see shining planets and shooting stars. The Alien Invasion course is full of aliens and the Asteroid Alley makes you move around strange obstacles.

Course Theme Hole Count Key Features
Cosmic Encounter Outer Space 18 holes Shimmering planets, shooting stars, intergalactic obstacles
Alien Invasion Alien Overrun 18 holes Extraterrestrial creatures, challenging obstacles
Asteroid Alley Gravity-Defying 18 holes Gravity-defying obstacles, mind-bending twists

If you love or are new to golf, Mr Mulligan’s in Newcastle is a great choice. It’s fun and keeps you entertained. With so much to enjoy, it’s not a surprise families and folks of all levels come here.

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Family-Friendly Fun for All Ages

Mr Mulligan’s in Newcastle is more than just crazy golf. It’s a place for the whole family. You’ll find adventure golf plus fun games like electro-darts and pool. There’s something for everyone.

There are three space-themed courses at Mr Mulligan’s. These include Lunar Crash and Cosmic Storm. Each one has about 39 holes. You need around 35 to 45 minutes to finish a course. It’s perfect for a mix of challenge and fun.

This place is great for a fun day with loved ones. You can play pool or try electro-darts. Mr Mulligan’s has something for all ages. Everyone can have a good time.

There’s also a lot to do around Newcastle. Visit places like the Beamish Museum and the Gibside National Trust estate. They’re great additions to your day at Mr Mulligan’s.

“Mr Mulligan’s in Newcastle is the perfect destination for a fun-filled day out with the whole family. With its diverse range of activities and welcoming atmosphere, it’s a place where everyone can find something to enjoy.”

Looking for a fun time with your family? Mr Mulligan’s in Newcastle is a great choice. Whether you want to play mini-golf or enjoy some friendly games, it’s ideal. The space-themed venue promises memorable experiences for all.

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Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf in Newcastle is a top choice for exciting, space-themed fun. Its three courses make you feel like you’re on a galaxy adventure.

This spot is perfect for families and friends. It offers a special day out. You can enjoy being with kids or taking on a fun challenge here.

Why not make your next trip to Mr Mulligan’s? It’s in Newcastle and has exciting courses and more. This place promises a unique and unforgettable time.


What is Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf in Newcastle?

Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf in Newcastle is a top mini golf spot. It’s famous for its fun and exciting golfing. There are three themed courses. These were made by Steve McGugan. He’s a well-known local entertainer and comic in Newcastle and the UK.

What can visitors expect at Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf in Newcastle?

Visitors find a thrilling journey at Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf. They play through three space-themed mini golf courses. Each course has 9 holes. It takes players to amazing places like alien planets and meteor showers. They can also try to beat fun local creatures.

Who is the venue suitable for?

It’s great for everyone at Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf in Newcastle. No matter if you’re good at mini golf or just starting, you’ll have a blast. The three courses offer fun for the entire family.

What other activities are available at Mr Mulligan’s?

Mr Mulligan’s has more than mini golf. Families can also try electro-darts, pool, and ping pong. There’s something for all ages to enjoy.

Why is Mr Mulligan’s a must-visit attraction in the North East?

This spot is a top choice in the North East for a fun golfing day. It has three unique courses that take you on a galactic journey. The fun goes beyond mini golf. There are more activities for everyone. With its mix of fun, Mr Mulligan’s is perfect for families looking to have an unforgettable time.