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Entering Four Quarters in Newcastle fills me with nostalgia. The sound of classic arcade games and the smell of pizza take me back. It feels like more than a bar; it’s a mix of craft beer lovers and gamers in perfect unison.

Opening in the North East, Four Quarters is more than a pub. It’s a hub, celebrating local beer and classic gaming. The mix of old games with new surroundings captivates all who enter.

Sitting down, my attention is caught by the arcade machines and consoles. It feels nostalgic but fresh at the same time. The bar staff have picked top local beers from Anarchy, Full Circle, and Wylam, offering something for everyone.

No trip to Four Quarters is complete without trying their delicious pizzas. Even the pickiest eaters find something to love. It’s a joy for the taste buds, matched with classic memories.

Unveiling Newcastle’s Hotspot: Four Quarters Bar

In the heart of Newcastle, you’ll find Four Quarters Bar. It’s a top spot for gamers and those who love craft beer. The place mixes old-school arcade games with the best local beers from the North East.

A Mecca for Gamers and Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Walking into Four Quarters is like stepping back in time. It’s filled with classic arcade games and gaming consoles. You can play everything from Pac-Man to the newest games, making it great fun for all.

Four Quarters is also famous for its craft beer. They serve up the best from local breweries like Anarchy, Full Circle, and Wylam. This means you can find your favourite beer style, whether you like hoppy IPAs or smooth stouts.

Boasting an Impressive Retro Arcade and Console Collection

This place is a treasure trove of retro games. You’ll find a huge collection of arcade machines and consoles. It’s like going back to the golden age of gaming.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll love Four Quarters in Newcastle. It’s the perfect mix of gaming and craft beer. A visit here promises fun and excitement for everyone, an essential stop in exploring Newcastle.

four quarters newcastle retro arcade

“Four Quarters has become a true gem in the crown of Newcastle’s thriving food and drink scene. The combination of craft beer and retro gaming creates a truly unique and captivating experience that keeps visitors coming back time and time again.”

Savour the Flavours: Four Quarters newcastle’s Delectable Offerings

Four Quarters Newcastle isn’t just about fun arcade games and fine craft beers. It shines with its amazing food and drinks that are true to Britain and the North East. You’ll find local craft brews and well-made cocktails. It’s a place that makes everyone happy.

A Rotating Tap of Local Craft Brews

The bar takes pride in the area’s great brewers and their craft beers. You’ll always find something new on tap, from strong IPAs to silky stouts. The staff help you pick the best beer for your mood and meal.

Tantalising Cocktail Creations and Mouth-Watering Pizzas

If you fancy unique cocktails, the bartenders here have you covered. They offer cocktails from dry and complex to fresh and sweet. And their pizzas are not to be missed; they’re perfect with any drink. You’ll find both classic and creative pizzas on the menu.

Craft Beer Cocktail Pizza
Wylam Brewery – Jakehead IPA Negroni Margherita
Allendale Brewery – Pennine Pale Old Fashioned Pepperoni
Hadrian Border Brewery – Ouseburn Porter Espresso Martini Vegetarian

Four Quarters Newcastle not only serves great food and drinks but also helps British and local culinary talents shine. It has become a top spot for anyone who loves quality craft beers and tasty dishes. Whether you want a pint, a special cocktail, or a slice of pizza, this place is perfect.

four quarters newcastle cuisine

An Immersive Experience for Social Gatherings

In North East England, the city of Newcastle hosts a special place called Four Quarters. It’s a craft beer bar and retro gaming hub perfect for any kind of get-together. Whether you want to celebrate something big privately or just hang out with friends, this place fits the bill.

Four Quarters has two floors with spots for all kinds of events. You’ll find cosy private rooms and a bustling basement area. No matter the occasion – a birthday, team event, or meet-up – there’s a spot here for you.

This place brings retro games, great beers, and tasty food together. Step back in time with their vintage arcade machines. They also have a range of local craft beers and cocktails. So, everyone can enjoy their favourite drink while playing games.

“We had an absolute blast at Four Quarters for my 12-year-old’s birthday party. The kids loved the retro games, and the staff were so accommodating and friendly. It was the perfect venue for kids to have fun.”

Four Quarters stands out in Newcastle for its mix of fun and friendly service. It’s the top choice for events and casual nights out. With its retro gaming and great drinks, this place makes parties and gatherings unforgettable.


Four Quarters, Newcastle, is a top spot for craft beer fans, gamers, and anyone wanting a cool social scene in the city. It’s got retro arcade games and classic consoles, plus local craft beers and great food. Here, you can play games, try Newcastle’s craft beers, or have a tasty meal with your mates.

Newcastle is growing fast, with new projects and a lively night scene. Four Quarters shows how the city mixes its old charm with new, fun ideas. Its success proves that craft beer, gaming, and cool hangout spots stay popular in Newcastle upon Tyne.

For anyone in the North East or visiting, Four Quarters is a key place to discover the city’s buzz and tastes. It’s all about the best British dishes, local flavours, and traditional meals. Mix that with great craft beers and fun games, and you’ve found a treasure in the middle of Newcastle upon Tyne.


What makes Four Quarters Newcastle a unique destination?

Four Quarters Newcastle is like no other place. It mixes a lively craft beer bar with a huge array of vintage arcade machines and retro gaming consoles. This creates a special, fun atmosphere for those who love both gaming and quality beer.

What kind of drinks can I expect at Four Quarters Newcastle?

You can find the best craft beers here, sourced locally from breweries in Newcastle and the North East, like Anarchy, Full Circle, and Wylam. You will also enjoy special cocktails, made by the talented mixologists. They offer drinks that are dry, complex, and smoky or lighter and fruitier.

Does Four Quarters Newcastle offer food options?

Absolutely. Alongside the great drinks, Four Quarters Newcastle dishes up tasty pizzas. This menu is designed to complement the array of craft beers and cocktails. It makes for a complete and satisfying night out.

What kind of events or activities can I expect at Four Quarters Newcastle?

Open every day, Four Quarters Newcastle hosts different events and activities. You can dive into classic arcade games or try out the newest console games. It’s a place where you can have fun and enjoy unique gaming experiences.

Can Four Quarters Newcastle be booked for private events or larger gatherings?

Yes, it can. With two floors and various spaces, including private rooms and a large basement, it’s great for all kinds of gatherings. From small get-togethers to big parties, Four Quarters Newcastle is ideal for creating unforgettable moments with friends and family.