things to do at the o2

Welcome to The O2 Arena, your ultimate destination for an unforgettable day filled with excitement, entertainment, and endless possibilities. Located in London, The O2 offers a plethora of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, unique entertainment experiences, shopping and dining delights, cinema and entertainment options, or active fun, The O2 has it all.

Looking for things to do at The O2? You won’t be disappointed. With a wide range of activities near The O2 Arena, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of entertainment. From unforgettable live shows to thrill-seeking adventures, there’s something for everyone at The O2.

Get ready to embark on exhilarating outdoor adventures at The O2. Experience the iconic Up at The O2 climb, where you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of London’s skyline. Daytime, sunset, and twilight climbs are available, offering different perspectives of historic Greenwich, the Olympic Park, and Canary Wharf.

But it doesn’t stop there. The O2 also offers unique entertainment experiences that will leave you wanting more. Step into the world of TOCA Social, where interactive football-based games and Michelin-trained culinary delights come together for an unforgettable evening. Dive into the whimsical and Instagrammable wonders of Selfie Factory, a paradise for photo enthusiasts. And if you’re a fan of the musical Mamma Mia!, don’t miss out on Mamma Mia! The Party, a Greek-inspired extravaganza of dining, dancing, and entertainment.

If shopping and dining are at the top of your list, The O2 has you covered. Discover great deals and discounts at ICON Outlet, an urban outlet boasting over 60 superstar brands. From iconic sportswear to designer fashion, you’ll find everything you’re looking for. And when hunger strikes, indulge in the diverse culinary offerings at The O2’s wide range of restaurants. From American classics to Asian fusion, Mexican delights to Italian cuisine, there’s a dining option for every palate.

For cinema lovers, look no further than The O2’s state-of-the-art cinema. Immerse yourself in the ultimate movie experience with 4DX, VIP, ScreenX, and Superscreen showings. Enjoy special effects, luxury seating, and 270-degree viewing for an unforgettable night at the movies. And don’t forget about the world-class entertainment events hosted at The O2, including concerts, shows, and sporting events that will leave you wanting more.

Last but not least, indulge in active fun for all at The O2. Bounce, jump, and flip at Oxygen Freejumping, a trampoline park filled with excitement. Challenge your friends to a game of bowling at the cutting-edge bowling alley. And for a mind-blowing virtual reality experience, head to Immotion VR and immerse yourself in thrilling adventures.

So why wait? Plan your visit to The O2 today and unlock a world of endless entertainment and unforgettable memories. Discover all the incredible activities near The O2 Arena and make the most of your time in England, UK.

Things to Do at The O2 Arena – Outdoor Adventures

Looking for exciting outdoor activities at the O2? Look no further than the Up at The O2 experience! This thrilling adventure allows visitors to climb up onto the iconic roof of the arena and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of London.

At Up at The O2, there are different climb options available to suit your preference and schedule. Whether you choose a daytime climb, a stunning sunset climb, or a thrilling twilight climb, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible experience.

During your climb, you’ll be able to take in the sights of historic Greenwich, the Olympic Park, and Canary Wharf from a unique vantage point. It’s an opportunity to see London like never before, with the city’s iconic landmarks spread out beneath you.

The Up at The O2 experience is suitable for adventurers of all ages and fitness levels. No prior climbing experience is required, as you’ll be provided with a climb suit, shoes, and safety harness to ensure your safety throughout the ascent.

So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable outdoor activity at the O2, don’t miss the chance to climb up onto the mesmerizing roof and soak in the stunning views of London. Book your Up at The O2 adventure today and create lasting memories of your time in the capital!

roof climb at the o2

The thrill of conquering the O2 roof

“The climb up the O2 roof was absolutely exhilarating. The panoramic views of London are simply breathtaking. It’s a unique adventure that I highly recommend to anyone visiting the O2.”

Unique Entertainment Experiences

When it comes to unique entertainment experiences, The O2 in London never disappoints. Whether you’re a football enthusiast, a selfie lover, or a fan of Mamma Mia!, there’s something special waiting for you.

TOCA Social at The O2

One of the standout venues at The O2 is TOCA Social, a haven for football lovers and social butterflies alike. This interactive football-based entertainment venue offers a thrilling experience where guests can showcase their skills, compete with friends, and enjoy delicious food. Created by a Michelin-trained chef, the world-class menu at TOCA Social is a perfect match for the energetic atmosphere. It’s a unique fusion of sports and dining that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Selfie Factory at The O2

If you’re addicted to capturing the perfect selfie, then Selfie Factory at The O2 is a must-visit. This immersive experience takes Instagram enthusiasts on a journey through vibrant and photo-friendly rooms. From neon lights and flower walls to inflatable unicorns and giant ball pits, every corner of Selfie Factory is designed to be the backdrop for your next viral photo. Step into a world of creativity, strike a pose, and let your imagination run wild.

Mamma Mia! The Party at The O2

For fans of the beloved musical, Mamma Mia! The Party is an enchanting experience that brings the magic of Greece to The O2. Indulge in a night of dining, dancing, and entertainment in a stunning Greek-inspired setting. Enjoy a delicious Mediterranean feast as the story unfolds around you, with ABBA’s timeless hits creating a lively atmosphere. This immersive event will transport you to the idyllic Greek island of Kalokairi, where you can sing, dance, and celebrate till your heart’s content.

toca social at the o2

Whether you’re kicking a ball, striking a pose, or dancing to ABBA’s greatest hits, The O2 offers unique entertainment experiences that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Visit TOCA Social, dive into the world of Selfie Factory, or immerse yourself in the magical world of Mamma Mia! The Party. The choice is yours, and the excitement awaits at The O2.

Unique Entertainment Experiences at The O2 Highlights
TOCA Social Interactive football-based games
World-class menu created by a Michelin-trained chef
Selfie Factory Photo-friendly rooms and environments
Perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy shots
Mamma Mia! The Party Delicious dining, dancing, and entertainment
Greek-inspired setting with ABBA’s timeless hits

Shopping and Dining

When it comes to shopping at The O2, there’s no shortage of options. The ICON Outlet is a premium urban outlet that features over 60 superstar brands, offering a wide range of fashion, accessories, and more. From popular names like Nike and Adidas to luxury designers like Ted Baker and Calvin Klein, shoppers can find great deals on their favorite brands. With discounted prices, it’s a shopper’s paradise.

Take a break from shopping and satisfy your cravings at one of the many restaurants near The O2. Whether you’re in the mood for American classics, Asian delicacies, Mexican flavors, or authentic Italian cuisine, you’ll find a diverse range of dining options to choose from. From quick bites to fine dining experiences, there’s something to suit every palate and preference.

Discover a world of culinary delights right at The O2 and indulge in a memorable dining experience.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the restaurants at The O2:

Restaurant Cuisine
The Cosy Club British, European
Byron American
Wagamama Asian, Japanese
Chick ‘n’ Sours Chicken, Burgers
Las Iguanas Latin American, Mexican
Prezzo Italian, Pizza

Explore these and many more dining options at The O2 and treat yourself to a memorable meal after a day of shopping and entertainment.

Cinema and Entertainment

The O2 is the ultimate destination for cinema lovers and entertainment enthusiasts alike. With London’s largest cinema, you can indulge in a wide range of movie experiences that will leave you captivated.

Experience the thrill of 4DX, where you’ll be immersed in the action with motion seats and atmospheric effects that bring the movie to life. Feel the wind in your hair, smell the scents of the film, and even sense the movement of the characters on screen.

For those seeking a more luxurious night out, the VIP cinema experience at The O2 is perfect for you. Kick back in comfortable reclining seats and enjoy personalized service while watching the latest blockbusters.

If you’re looking for a truly immersive cinematic adventure, ScreenX is the way to go. With a 270-degree viewing experience, you’ll be surrounded by the movie on three sides, making you feel like you’re inside the story.

And for those who want to take their movie experience to the next level, Superscreen is the answer. With a giant screen, crystal-clear picture quality, and Dolby Atmos sound, you’ll be completely immersed in the film.

movies at the o2

But the entertainment doesn’t stop at the cinema. The O2 is also renowned for hosting world-class events that cater to diverse interests.

From unforgettable concerts featuring some of the biggest names in music to captivating live shows that will leave you mesmerized, The O2 is at the center of entertainment in London.

Not only that, but The O2 also welcomes a variety of sporting events that thrill both athletes and fans. Whether it’s basketball, tennis, or boxing, you can witness the excitement firsthand and cheer for your favorite teams.

So whether you’re a movie buff or looking for an exciting entertainment experience, The O2 has everything you need for a memorable day or night out.

Active Fun for All

For those looking to have an active and exciting time, The O2 offers a range of activities that will get your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing.

Trampoline Park at The O2

Experience high-flying fun at the trampoline park located at The O2. With various zones and activities, including freestyle jumping, dodgeball, and foam pits, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Bounce and flip to your heart’s content in this thrilling and energetic environment.

Bowling at The O2

Show off your bowling skills at The O2’s state-of-the-art bowling alley. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, the modern lanes and vibrant atmosphere make for a fun-filled experience. Challenge your friends and family to a friendly competition and see who can score a strike.

Virtual Reality at The O2

Step into a virtual world of adventure at The O2’s Immotion VR. Immerse yourself in thrilling virtual reality experiences that transport you to different worlds and scenarios. Whether you’re battling zombies, exploring ancient ruins, or flying through space, the cutting-edge VR technology will make you feel like you’re part of the action.

With trampolines, bowling, and virtual reality, The O2 offers active and engaging activities that cater to all ages and skill levels. So, whether you want to bounce, roll, or dive into a virtual realm, there’s no shortage of active fun at The O2.

Activity Description Location
Trampoline Park Experience high-flying fun with various trampoline zones and activities Within The O2 Arena
Bowling Alley State-of-the-art lanes and additional games for entertainment Within The O2 Arena
Virtual Reality Immersive and thrilling virtual reality experiences Within The O2 Arena


In conclusion, The O2 Arena in London offers an incredible array of activities and attractions, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists. With its diverse range of experiences, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking thrilling outdoor adventures like climbing the iconic roof of the arena or looking for unique entertainment experiences such as playing interactive football-based games at TOCA Social or exploring Instagram-friendly rooms at Selfie Factory, The O2 has it all.

Additionally, The O2 provides ample shopping and dining options to cater to every taste. From premium urban outlets at ICON Outlet, where you can find top-notch brands at discounted prices, to a wide variety of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world, you’re sure to satisfy your cravings.

Moreover, The O2 is a hub of entertainment. With London’s largest cinema, you can catch the latest blockbusters and experience innovative movie formats. The venue also hosts world-class concerts, shows, and sporting events, ensuring you’re always entertained.

For those seeking active fun, The O2 offers Oxygen Freejumping, a trampoline park, as well as a state-of-the-art bowling alley and Immotion VR, where you can immerse yourself in virtual reality adventures. This ensures that visitors of all ages can have a blast at The O2.

In summary, The O2 truly offers a comprehensive and diverse range of activities and attractions, delivering a remarkable experience for everyone. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the excitement and entertainment that The O2 Arena has to offer.


What are some outdoor activities at The O2?

The O2 offers the Up at The O2 experience, where visitors can climb up onto the iconic roof of the arena and enjoy panoramic views of London.

What unique entertainment experiences are available at The O2?

TOCA Social is a one-of-a-kind social entertainment venue where guests can play interactive football-based games, and Selfie Factory features photo-friendly rooms and environments perfect for Instagram enthusiasts. Mamma Mia! The Party offers a night of dining, dancing, and entertainment in a Greek-inspired setting.

What shopping and dining options are there at The O2?

ICON Outlet at The O2 is a premium urban outlet that offers over 60 superstar brands at discounted prices. The O2 has a wide range of restaurants to choose from including American, Asian, Mexican, Italian, and more.

Is there a cinema at The O2?

Yes, The O2 is home to London’s largest cinema, offering a variety of movie experiences including 4DX, VIP, ScreenX, and Superscreen.

What active fun activities are available at The O2?

The O2 offers Oxygen Freejumping, a trampoline park with various zones and activities. There is also a bowling alley with state-of-the-art lanes and additional games for entertainment. Immotion VR offers thrilling virtual adventures.

Are there any other attractions or activities at The O2?

Yes, The O2 hosts a range of world-class entertainment events including concerts, shows, and sporting events.

What can I do at The O2 today?

At The O2, you can choose from a variety of activities such as climbing the roof, enjoying unique entertainment experiences, shopping, dining, watching a movie, and participating in active fun activities.