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Welcome to Berkshire, a county that offers a plethora of exciting activities and attractions for both residents and visitors. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly outings, cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, or a romantic getaway, Berkshire has something for everyone.

From historic sites and picturesque parks to cultural attractions and family days out, this charming county in England’s heartland has it all. So, if you’re wondering what things to do in Berkshire, look no further. Let us take you on a journey through the must-see destinations and hidden gems that this beautiful county has to offer.

Things to Do in Berkshire

Explore Historic Sites in Berkshire

Berkshire, with its rich history, offers a multitude of historic sites that are worth exploring. From majestic castles to ancient ruins, these attractions provide a fascinating glimpse into the past. Here are some must-visit places in Berkshire:

1. Windsor Castle

Immerse yourself in royal history by visiting the iconic Windsor Castle. As the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world, it has been home to British monarchs for over 900 years. Marvel at the architectural grandeur, explore the State Apartments, and witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

2. Reading Abbey

Step back in time as you discover the ruins of Reading Abbey. Built in the 12th century, this medieval monastery was one of the wealthiest and most influential religious establishments in England. Explore the remains of the abbey’s church and wander through its beautiful gardens.

3. The Savill Garden

Indulge your senses in the stunning gardens of The Savill Garden. Located within Windsor Great Park, this 35-acre garden is known for its diverse collection of plants and breathtaking floral displays. Take a leisurely stroll and admire the picturesque landscapes that have delighted visitors for centuries.

These historical landmarks not only offer a fascinating insight into Berkshire’s past, but they also boast magnificent architecture and captivating stories. Make sure to include them in your itinerary when visiting this enchanting county.

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Historic Site Highlights
Windsor Castle
  • Oldest and largest inhabited castle
  • State Apartments
  • Changing of the Guard ceremony
Reading Abbey
  • Ruins of a medieval monastery
  • Beautiful gardens
The Savill Garden
  • Diverse collection of plants
  • Breathtaking floral displays

Enjoy Outdoor Activities in Berkshire

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Berkshire with a range of exciting outdoor activities. Whether you’re a nature lover, sports enthusiast, or seeking family-friendly adventures, Berkshire has something for everyone.

Begin your outdoor exploration with a leisurely stroll around Dinton Pastures Country Park or Wellington Country Park. These picturesque parks offer tranquil lakes, lush greenery, and scenic walking trails, perfect for a peaceful day out.

For those who crave a bit more adrenaline, head to the North Wessex¬†Downs for a thrilling hike. Marvel at the rolling hills, picturesque valleys, and breathtaking views that make this area a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Don’t forget to pack a picnic and enjoy a well-deserved break amidst nature’s splendor.

If water sports are more your speed, take advantage of the River Thames in Berkshire. Grab a paddle and try your hand at kayaking or canoeing while admiring the stunning riverscape. Alternatively, bring your fishing gear and cast a line into the river for a relaxing angling experience.

Berkshire also offers a host of activities catered specifically to families. Visit the Thames Valley Adventure Playground, a wheelchair-accessible playground located in Taplow, for a day of fun and inclusive play. Take a family bike ride along the Thames Path and soak in the picturesque sights along the river. The possibilities for family adventures are endless in Berkshire.

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Outdoor Activities in Berkshire:

Activity Description
Dinton Pastures Country Park Explore the park’s nature reserve, enjoy lakeside walks, engage in bird watching, and try fishing.
Wellington Country Park Discover adventure play areas, explore themed nature trails, and enjoy picnics in the beautiful surroundings.
North Wessex Downs Embark on scenic hikes, witness stunning landscapes, and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.
River Thames Experience water sports like kayaking, canoeing, and fishing along the iconic River Thames.
Thames Valley Adventure Playground Enjoy an inclusive play experience at this wheelchair-accessible playground in Taplow.
Thames Path Go on a family bike ride along this scenic path, offering picturesque views of the river.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful day in nature or an exhilarating adventure, Berkshire has a wealth of outdoor activities waiting to be explored. Enjoy the fresh air, breathtaking scenery, and family-friendly fun that makes Berkshire the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Experience Family Days Out in Berkshire

Looking for a fun-filled day out with the whole family? Berkshire is the perfect destination for family-friendly adventures. With a variety of attractions and activities, you’ll never be short of options to entertain everyone.

Start your family day out at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, where imagination comes to life. Explore the rides and attractions made entirely of LEGO and witness your children’s excitement as they embark on thrilling adventures.

For animal lovers, Beale Park is a must-visit. Discover the animal farm, where little ones can get up close and personal with a range of friendly creatures. With play areas and beautiful gardens, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained.

If you’re after a day full of adventure, head to Four Kingdoms Farm Adventure Park. From exhilarating rides to tractor and train rides, there’s something for children of all ages. Explore the farm park and connect with nature as you make lasting memories with your loved ones.

Another fantastic choice is Bucklebury Farm Park, offering an abundance of activities and attractions. Enjoy tractor rides, meet farm animals, and let the kids burn off some energy at the various play areas. With picnic spots and beautiful surroundings, it’s the perfect spot for a family day out.

family days out in Berkshire

“Berkshire offers endless opportunities for families to create unforgettable memories together.”

Family Days Out in Bracknell

Bracknell, located in the heart of Berkshire, offers a multitude of family-friendly attractions and activities. Spend a day at The Lexicon, an expansive shopping and leisure complex, where you can shop, dine, and enjoy indoor entertainment options for everyone.

For some outdoor fun, head to South Hill Park. This historic estate boasts beautiful grounds, a children’s playground, and a stunning lake. Take a leisurely walk, have a picnic, or catch a performance at the park’s unique arts center.

Discover the thrill of Go Ape Bracknell. Set in the beautiful Swinley Forest, this treetop adventure course offers a range of challenges suitable for all ages. Swing through the trees, traverse obstacles, and experience the rush of adrenaline as a family.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Berkshire

Attraction Location Highlights
LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Windsor Rides and attractions made of LEGO
Beale Park Lower Basildon Animal farm and play areas
Four Kingdoms Farm Adventure Park Headley Adventure rides and animal encounters
Bucklebury Farm Park Bucklebury Tractor rides and farm animals
The Lexicon Bracknell Shopping, dining, and indoor entertainment
South Hill Park Bracknell Historic estate with beautiful grounds and arts center
Go Ape Bracknell Bracknell Treetop adventure course in Swinley Forest

Discover Cultural Attractions in Berkshire

Immerse yourself in the cultural scene of Berkshire by visiting its various attractions. Explore Maidenhead and its vibrant riverside towns. Attend events and festivals in the area, such as Royal Ascot, which is a highlight of the summer social calendar. Discover local art and performances at venues like Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. Berkshire offers a diverse range of cultural experiences.

1. Events and Festivals

Berkshire is known for its lively events and festivals that attract visitors from all over. One of the most popular events is Royal Ascot, a prestigious horse racing event with a history dating back more than 300 years. Experience the excitement and glamour of this iconic event. Berkshire also hosts a variety of music, food, and cultural festivals throughout the year, providing entertainment for everyone.

2. Local Art and Performances

Immerse yourself in the local art scene by visiting venues like Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. This cultural hub offers a range of events, including theater performances, art exhibitions, and live music concerts. Discover talented local artists and performers showcasing their work in a vibrant setting. Berkshire’s cultural attractions provide a platform for creativity and artistic expression.

“Berkshire’s cultural scene is a delightful blend of traditional and contemporary art forms, offering something for everyone to appreciate.” – Local art enthusiast

3. Historical Sites

Berkshire is home to several historical sites that provide insight into the region’s heritage. Explore famous landmarks like Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, where you can witness centuries-old architecture and marvel at the grandeur of the past. These historical sites offer a glimpse into Berkshire’s rich history and cultural significance.

4. Unique Attractions

Berkshire boasts a variety of unique attractions that add to its cultural charm. Visit the captivating Cliveden House, famous for its stunning gardens and historic significance. Enjoy a leisurely boat trip along the River Thames, taking in the picturesque scenery and riverside towns. These one-of-a-kind attractions provide visitors with memorable experiences.

5. Arts and Crafts Markets

Indulge in Berkshire’s arts and crafts markets, where you can find locally made products and unique creations. Explore Maidenhead’s artisanal markets, offering a wide range of handmade crafts, jewelry, and artwork. Support local artists and take home a special piece of Berkshire’s creative spirit.

Cultural Attractions in Berkshire

Attraction Description
Windsor Castle A royal residence with a rich history, offering tours and exhibitions.
Norden Farm Centre for the Arts A cultural venue showcasing local artists, performances, and workshops.
Cliveden House A stately mansion with beautiful gardens and historic significance.
Maidenhead Riverside A picturesque riverside area with vibrant shops, eateries, and events.

Unwind in Berkshire’s Parks and Gardens

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Berkshire’s parks and gardens. With stunning landscapes and lush green spaces, the county offers the perfect opportunity to relax and connect with nature.

One of the must-visit destinations is The Savill Garden. Located in Windsor Great Park, this enchanting garden showcases a wide variety of plants, flowers, and exotic woodland. Take a leisurely stroll through the beautifully manicured paths and immerse yourself in the serenity that surrounds you. The Savill Garden is a true oasis of peace and beauty.

Another delightful spot is California Country Park. Situated on the outskirts of Wokingham, this picturesque park offers a serene escape from the city. Explore the rich woodlands, meadows, and lakes, and enjoy a peaceful picnic by the water’s edge. California Country Park is the perfect place to unwind and recharge amidst the natural beauty of Berkshire.

“The beauty of nature is a true gift, and Berkshire’s parks and gardens provide the perfect setting to appreciate it.” – John Smith, Nature Enthusiast

If you’re up for a charming adventure, head to Pangbourne. This quaint village has been an inspiration for many famous authors, including Kenneth Grahame who wrote “The Wind in the Willows”. Take a leisurely stroll along the River Thames and soak in the idyllic atmosphere. With its charming houses and scenic views, Pangbourne is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Throughout the year, Berkshire hosts a variety of free attractions and events in its parks and gardens. From summer concerts to outdoor theatre performances, there’s always something exciting happening. Keep an eye on the local events calendar and make the most of the vibrant cultural scene in Berkshire.

Berkshire’s Parks and Gardens

Park/Garden Location Description
The Savill Garden Windsor Great Park A stunning garden with a diverse range of plants and flowers
California Country Park Wokingham A tranquil park with woodlands, meadows, and lakes
Pangbourne Berkshire A picturesque village by the River Thames, renowned for its beauty

Unwind in the natural beauty of Berkshire’s parks and gardens. Whether you’re exploring The Savill Garden, discovering California Country Park, or immersing yourself in the charm of Pangbourne, you’ll find peace and tranquility at every turn. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy the free attractions and events that Berkshire has to offer.

Plan a Romantic Getaway in Berkshire

Berkshire offers a romantic setting for couples looking for a getaway. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, planning a honeymoon, or simply seeking some quality time together, this county has plenty to offer. From scenic boat trips to indulgent afternoon teas, there are unusual things to do in berkshire for couples that will create unforgettable memories.

1. Take a Leisurely Boat Trip on the Thames River

Embark on a romantic boat trip along the picturesque Thames River. Enjoy the calm waters as you soak in the beautiful scenery of Berkshire’s countryside. This serene experience provides the perfect opportunity for couples to relax, unwind, and appreciate each other’s company.

2. Indulge in a Traditional English Afternoon Tea

Treat yourselves to a quintessentially British afternoon tea in one of Berkshire’s charming locations. Immerse yourselves in a world of elegance and refinement as you sip on tea and nibble on scones, sandwiches, and delectable pastries. This is a wonderful way to experience British culture while enjoying a romantic moment together.

3. Dine at Fine Dining Establishments

Experience culinary delights at one of Berkshire’s fine dining establishments. Immerse yourselves in a world of gastronomic excellence as you savor exquisite dishes crafted by talented chefs. From intimate candlelit dinners to innovative gourmet experiences, there are plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds and create a memorable evening.

4. Explore Charming Towns and Villages

Take a leisurely stroll through the charming towns and villages of Berkshire, hand in hand. Discover hidden gems, quaint shops, and picturesque streets. The serene surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for romantic walks and intimate moments.

“In the stillness of Berkshire’s countryside, couples can create timeless memories together.”


Berkshire in England, UK, provides an abundance of activities and attractions for an exciting weekend. Whether you’re seeking something unusual or prefer the tried-and-true, there’s a wide range of things to do in Berkshire today. From exploring historic sites to enjoying outdoor adventures, experiencing family days out, discovering cultural attractions, unwinding in parks and gardens, to planning a romantic getaway, Berkshire caters to every interest.

If you’re a history buff, don’t miss the chance to visit Windsor Castle and the ruins of Reading Abbey. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore Dinton Pastures Country Park or embark on a hike in the North Wessex Downs. Families will love LEGOLAND Windsor Resort and Beale Park’s animal farm. Immerse yourself in the cultural scene of Maidenhead or attend events like Royal Ascot for a taste of Berkshire’s vibrant atmosphere. For a tranquil experience, take a leisurely stroll in The Savill Garden or California Country Park.

Unusual things to do in Berkshire this weekend could include a romantic boat trip along the Thames River, indulging in a traditional English afternoon tea, or discovering the charming towns and villages hand in hand. With so many options, you’re sure to find an activity or attraction that suits your preference and creates beautiful memories. Plan your visit to Berkshire now and make the most of your time in this charming county.


What historic sites can I visit in Berkshire?

Some popular historic sites in Berkshire include Windsor Castle, Reading Abbey, and The Savill Garden.

What cultural attractions can I explore in Berkshire?

Maidenhead offers vibrant riverside towns to explore, and there are events and festivals like Royal Ascot to attend. You can also visit venues like Norden Farm Centre for the Arts for local art and performances.

How can I plan a romantic getaway in Berkshire?

You can enjoy a leisurely boat trip on the Thames River, indulge in a traditional English afternoon tea in Windsor, or have a romantic meal at one of Berkshire’s fine dining establishments.