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When I arrived in Cockermouth, I was struck by its Georgian charm and friendly locals. This historic town sits at the edge of the Lake District National Park. It’s full of experiences for every kind of traveller.

Visitors can explore where famous poet William Wordsworth was born or enjoy the town’s lively food scene. Cockermouth is a hidden gem just waiting for you to discover it. Cockermouth offers a rich historical experience, much like the charming town of Hastings.

The town is known as a ‘gem’ by the Council for British Archaeology for its beauty and history. You can wander through unique shops, enjoy the John Dalton Way, or join in the family-friendly festivals. Cockermouth has lots to offer, from its independent shops to its scenic spots.

Get ready to be charmed by this special part of England. Dive into the town’s attractions and activities for a memorable visit.

Things to Do in Cockermouth

1. A Vibrant Georgian Market Town

Cockermouth is a historic market town in Cumbria, full of Georgian charm and spirit. Its Main Street is the heart of shopping and dining, offering a unique experience.

Main Street: The Heart of Shopping and Dining

Walking down Cockermouth’s Main Street is a treat for your senses. The 18th-century buildings are home to independent shops, cosy cafes, and lively pubs. You’ll find everything from traditional goods to trendy fashion and unique gifts.

Shopping isn’t just on Main Street. The Market Place and Station Street offer more treasures. The Cockermouth & District Chamber of Trade supports these shops, ensuring they offer personal service and a special shopping experience.

Discover Independent Shops and Friendly Service

The town’s independent shops are its lifeblood, each one offering a unique experience. You’ll find local art at Castlegate House Gallery and delicious pastries at the bakeries. Cockermouth has something for everyone.

Shopkeepers here are known for their helpful and knowledgeable service. They take time to understand what you’re looking for and offer expert advice. Whether it’s a gift, a new outfit, or local produce, you’ll find it here.

cockermouth main street

“Cockermouth is a true gem, offering a shopping experience unlike any other. The independent shops and friendly service make it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the English Lake District.”

Cockermouth is a captivating town with a lively Main Street, diverse shops, and a warm welcome. It delights and inspires visitors of all ages and interests.

2. Top Attractions and Activities in Cockermouth

Cockermouth, in the beautiful county of Cumbria, is full of exciting things to see and do. It’s where famous poet William Wordsworth was born and is known for its brewing traditions. Visitors can enjoy a mix of culture, history, and fun.

Visit Wordsworth House and Garden

Wordsworth House and Garden is a key spot in Cockermouth. It’s a 17th-century Georgian house where William Wordsworth was born. Now, it’s a museum celebrating his life and work.

Here, you can learn about the Wordsworth family’s history. You can also see the beautiful gardens that inspired Wordsworth’s poetry.

Tour Jennings Brewery

A tour of Jennings Brewery is a must in Cockermouth. Since 1896, they’ve made famous ales. The brewery offers tours that show how beer is made.

After the tour, you can taste Jennings’ beers by the riverside. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the local brews.

Explore Cockermouth Castle

Cockermouth Castle is a key historical site. It dates back to the 10th century. The castle has seen a lot of history and now welcomes visitors.

It’s a place for history lovers. You can see the castle ruins, learn about its history, and enjoy the views of the countryside.

Cockermouth has something for everyone. Whether you like literature, brewing, or history, you’ll find something special here.

cockermouth attractions

3. Outdoor Adventures in and Around Cockermouth

In the heart of Cumbria, Cockermouth is a gem for those who love the outdoors. It offers everything from peaceful walks by the River Derwent to exciting hikes through beautiful countryside. There’s a lot to explore in cockermouth outdoor activities.

Take a Stroll Along the River Derwent

Walking by the cockermouth river derwent is a must when you visit. This calm river runs right through the town. It provides a peaceful escape from everyday life. You’ll see old stone bridges, historic buildings, and lush greenery all around.

Walk the Allerdale Ramble

For a thrilling adventure, try the allerdale ramble. This 28-mile trail shows off the best of cockermouth nature and cockermouth walking trails. You’ll go through lovely countryside, past quaint villages, and along the Solway Coast. The views are stunning.

“Cockermouth is a gem of a town, with its historic buildings, independent shops, and beautiful natural surroundings. The outdoor activities here are truly unparalleled.”

Cockermouth has activities for every kind of adventurer. Whether you want a gentle walk or a tough hike, there’s something for you. Dive into the town’s natural beauty and feel the magic of the Lake District.

cockermouth walking trails

4. Cockermouth’s Culinary Delights

In the heart of the Lake District, the town of Cockermouth is a gem. It’s filled with cockermouth restaurants, cockermouth cafes, and cockermouth pubs. Here, you can enjoy the famous cockermouth local cuisine and cockermouth food and drink. Walking down Main Street, you’ll find a warm welcome and great service at the town’s independent shops and eateries.

Sampling Local Delicacies at Cosy Eateries

Cockermouth has something for everyone, from traditional pubs with hearty meals to cosy cafés with homemade treats. You can try fresh seafood, local meats, and seasonal produce. It’s a chance to taste the true flavours of the area.

Pub Name Food Offering CAMRA Recognition Family-Friendly Dog-Friendly
The Bitter End
Lowther Arms
The Trout Hotel
The Ship Inn

Looking for a hearty meal, a quick snack, or afternoon tea? Cockermouth’s cockermouth restaurants, cockermouth cafes, and cockermouth pubs have it all. They offer a wonderful way to enjoy the best of cockermouth local cuisine and cockermouth food and drink.

cockermouth restaurants

“Cockermouth’s independent shops and businesses are praised for their friendly service and expert advice, creating a welcoming atmosphere for those seeking to explore the town’s culinary offerings.”

5. Explore the Market Town

Cockermouth is a lively Georgian market town in Cumbria, England. It has over 189 things to do, with 101 indoors. This makes it a great place to visit any time of the year.

The town is known for its beautiful Georgian buildings, unique shops, and historic sites. You can visit William Wordsworth’s childhood home, go on a brewery tour, or just enjoy the Main Street. There’s something for everyone in Cockermouth.

Discover Cockermouth’s Top Attractions

  • Visit the Wordsworth House and Garden, the birthplace of the renowned poet William Wordsworth.
  • Explore the Cockermouth Castle, a 13th-century fortress that was besieged by Robert the Bruce.
  • Tour the Jennings Brewery, a local brewery renowned for its traditional brewing methods and signature ales.
  • Immerse yourself in the region’s history at the Creighton Mineral and Fossil Museum and the Working Museum of Printing.
  • Admire the diverse collections at the Aspects of Motoring Museum and the Cumberland Toy and Model Museum.

Outdoor Adventures and Culinary Delights

For those who love nature, Cockermouth has lots to offer. You can walk by the River Derwent, explore the Allerdale Ramble, or visit the Lake District Wildlife Park. Food lovers will enjoy the town’s dining scene, with many places serving tasty local dishes. For those who love parks and recreational activities, Cockermouth’s offerings are akin to the family-friendly attractions in Bromley.

Festivals, Events, and Shopping

Cockermouth also has many festivals and events, like the Cockermouth Beer Festival and the Taste Cumbria food and drink festival. The town’s Main Street and Market Place are full of independent shops. This makes shopping here a unique experience.

cockermouth attractions

Cockermouth is a fascinating place with a rich history and beautiful surroundings. It offers both relaxing and exciting activities. Whether you want a quiet break or an adventure, this charming town in Cumbria has something for you. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the natural beauty of Cockermouth, comparable to the stunning landscapes and activities in Yorkshire.

6. Family-Friendly Fun in Cockermouth

Cockermouth is a lovely Georgian market town in Cumbria, England. It’s perfect for families looking for fun activities and entertainment. The town has interactive exhibits and outdoor adventures for making memories with your loved ones.

Visit The Kirkgate Centre

The Kirkgate Centre is at the heart of Cockermouth’s family fun. It’s a lively place for all ages. You’ll find a 25-meter swimming pool, a sports hall, and a climbing wall for active fun.

There are also shops, cafés, and events for everyone. It’s a place where families can do lots of things together.

Explore Jennings Rivers Ride

The Jennings Rivers Ride is great for outdoor adventures. It’s a self-guided tour that lets you see the River Derwent and the countryside by bike or on foot. You’ll get to see local wildlife and learn about the area’s history.

Cockermouth is all about family fun, not just in town. Places like the Maryport Maritime Museum and the Lake District Coast Aquarium are nearby. They offer fun and learning for both kids and adults.

Workington is close by with the West Coast Indoor Karting center. It’s perfect for family racing fun.

Cockermouth has lots of activities for families, indoors and outdoors. From The Kirkgate Centre to the Jennings Rivers Ride, there’s always something to do. It’s a great place for making memories with your family. For families, Cockermouth provides a variety of engaging activities, similar to those found in Sidmouth, another great family-friendly destination.

cockermouth family activities

7. Cultural Experiences in Cockermouth

Cockermouth is a charming Georgian market town in Cumbria, full of culture and art. At its centre is the Castlegate House Gallery, a key spot for exploring cockermouth arts and culture.

Discover Castlegate House Gallery

The Castlegate House Gallery sits in the historic Castlegate area. It’s a gem among cockermouth art galleries. Here, you’ll find a wide range of decorative and fine art, plus exhibits on literature, mountaineering, and archaeology. It’s a place that lets you dive into the town’s cockermouth cultural attractions and learn about its heritage.

The gallery’s exhibits change often, showing works by famous and new artists. You’ll see everything from bright paintings to detailed sculptures. It’s a peek into Cockermouth’s creative spirit.

But there’s more than art at the gallery. It also hosts events like artist talks, workshops, and literary readings. These events let visitors get closer to the town’s artistic and cultural roots. They make you appreciate cockermouth arts and culture even more.

“The Castlegate House Gallery is a true gem in the heart of Cockermouth, showcasing the town’s rich artistic heritage and cultural vibrancy.”

If you love art or just want to learn about Cockermouth’s culture, visiting the Castlegate House Gallery is a must. Dive into the world of cockermouth art galleries and hear the stories they tell. Cockermouth is rich in culture and history, offering unique experiences similar to those found in Covent Garden.

8. Festivals and Events in Cockermouth

Cockermouth is a lively town in Cumbria, England, known for its many festivals and events. These celebrations show off the town’s rich culture. From music to food festivals, there’s something for everyone all year round.

Cockermouth LIVE! Festival

The Cockermouth LIVE! festival is a big event in town, now in its 14th year. It brings music to nearly a dozen places in Cockermouth. The aim is to draw in young people with free events.

The festival features a 50-piece orchestra and acts like Blazin’ Fiddles and Brass on the Grass. These acts often sell out, showing how popular they are.

Taste Cumbria Festivals

The Taste Cumbria festival is another highlight, starting in 2010. It celebrates Cumbrian food and drink in Cockermouth and nearby towns. This year, it’s on 28-29 September 2024.

Visitors can enjoy free attractions like stalls, a street party, and live music. There’s also a drinks tent, hot food, cookery demos, and fun for kids.

Getting to the festival is easy, with train stations in Penrith or Carlisle close by. Or drive from the M6 via the A66. There’s free parking and other options available.

Booking a weekend stay in the area is encouraged. Choose from hotels, campsites, B&Bs, or self-catering places.

Cockermouth’s festivals, like the LIVE! and Taste Cumbria events, offer a mix of experiences. They let visitors dive into the town’s lively culture and community spirit.

9. Day Trips from Cockermouth

Cockermouth sits on the edge of the beautiful Lake District National Park. It’s a great place to start exploring the area. Just a short drive takes you to many attractions, towns, and activities.

Discover Nearby Wonders

From Cockermouth, you can visit places like Keswick, Silloth, Aspatria, Maryport, Workington, and Wigton. These towns offer unique cultural, historical, and natural sights.

  • Explore Keswick’s bustling streets and quaint shops, set between the Lake District’s fells.
  • Enjoy Silloth’s coastal charm with its sandy beaches, promenade, and vibrant harbour.
  • See Maryport’s industrial past at the Senhouse Roman Museum and the Maryport Maritime Museum.
  • Visit Workington to learn about the region’s history at the Allerdale Archaeology Centre.
  • Discover Wigton’s historic buildings, lively markets, and unique shops.

Day trips from Cockermouth cost between £16 and £1,073. Most tours focus on the Lake District and Cumbria, starting at £19. Activities include full-day tours, ghyll scrambling, sailing on Lake Windermere, and Beatrix Potter-themed excursions.

Destination Distance from Cockermouth Average Tour Price Top Attractions
Keswick 15 miles £19 – £223 Derwent Water, Castlerigg Stone Circle, Keswick Museum and Art Gallery
Silloth 20 miles £22 – £87 Silloth Green, The Solway Coast, Silloth Golf Club
Maryport 18 miles £24 – £119 Senhouse Roman Museum, Maryport Maritime Museum, Maryport Aquarium
Workington 13 miles £29 – £145 Allerdale Archaeology Centre, Helena Thompson Museum, Workington Hall
Wigton 24 miles £32 – £159 Market Hall, St Mary’s Church, Wigton Round Table

Whether you like history, outdoor adventures, or charming towns, a day trip from Cockermouth is ideal. It’s a great way to see more of Cumbria’s beauty.

9. Cockermouth: A Gateway to the Lake District

Cockermouth is a charming town in Cumbria, known as the “gateway to the western Lake District and the Solway Coast.” It’s close to the famous Lake District National Park. This makes it a great place for those wanting to see the area’s beauty and history.

Its location is perfect for exploring the Lake District’s stunning landscapes. From Cockermouth, you can easily find hiking trails, scenic drives, and quaint villages. This lets visitors enjoy the best of the region.

Accessibility and Transport Options

Cockermouth has great transport links, making it easy to get to. It’s connected by buses to other places in the Lake District. Carlisle Airport and Workington train station are also nearby for those coming from afar.

The Lake District National Park offers ways to explore without a car. There’s a £2 bus fare cap until December 2024, and free shuttlebuses on weekends and bank holidays. The Park and Sail and Park and Explore tickets are also good deals for seeing the sights.

Outdoor Adventures and Attractions

Cockermouth is close to the Lake District, offering many outdoor activities. You can hike the Allerdale Ramble or visit Jennings Brewery. There’s plenty to do to enjoy the area’s history and beauty.

The National Trust manages 20% of the Lake District National Park. It has England’s deepest lake and highest mountain. The Wild Ennerdale project has 30 miles of paths for enjoying nature. Cockermouth and the Lake District are great for travellers looking for adventure.

“Cockermouth is the perfect gateway to the western Lake District, offering visitors easy access to the region’s natural wonders and historic attractions.”


Cockermouth is a charming Georgian market town full of attractions and activities. It has a lively Main Street with unique shops and historic sites. The town also offers outdoor adventures, tasty food, and cultural experiences.

This makes it a perfect spot for those wanting to explore the western Lake District. Cockermouth is easy to get to and has lots to see and do. It’s a top choice for anyone visiting this beautiful part of England.

Our look at Cockermouth shows its many sides. You can dive into its history, support local businesses, go on outdoor adventures, and enjoy the local food. It’s a great place to start exploring the Lake District’s beauty and culture.

If you like literature, beautiful views, or a strong community feel, Cockermouth is for you. Make sure to visit this lovely town when you’re in the Lake District. It’s a great way to see the best of Cockermouth.


What are the top attractions and activities in Cockermouth?

Cockermouth is full of great spots like Wordsworth House and Garden, Jennings Brewery, and Cockermouth Castle. You can enjoy outdoor fun by walking by the River Derwent or on the Allerdale Ramble trail.

What is the shopping and dining experience like in Cockermouth?

The town centre is lively with many independent shops, pubs, and restaurants. Main Street, Market Place, and Station Street are perfect for shopping, eating, and having fun. You’ll find a wide range of products and get great service from the locals.

Is Cockermouth a good destination for families?

Absolutely, Cockermouth has lots for families to do. The Kirkgate Centre and Jennings Rivers Ride offer fun and learning for everyone.

What are the cultural experiences available in Cockermouth?

The town’s culture is vibrant, with Castlegate House Gallery being a key spot. It features art, literature, mountaineering, and archaeological exhibits. This lets visitors dive into Cockermouth’s deep cultural roots.

What are the outdoor adventure opportunities in and around Cockermouth?

There’s a lot to do outside in and around Cockermouth. You can walk by the River Derwent or check out the beautiful countryside. The Allerdale Ramble is a great way to see the stunning views and landscapes.

Is Cockermouth a good base for exploring the Lake District?

Yes, Cockermouth is a great spot for exploring the Lake District National Park. It’s close to places like Keswick, Silloth, Aspatria, Maryport, Workington, and Wigton. These towns offer more cultural, historical, and natural sights to see.