things to do in east yorkshire

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As I stepped out onto the windswept cliffs of East Yorkshire, the stunning views took my breath away. The towering chalk cliffs of Bempton and the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds are just the start of the wonders here. This region is full of natural beauty and cultural treasures.

East Yorkshire has something for everyone. Visit historic York and see the famous York Minster. Or, head to Bridlington and admire the Bempton Cliffs, where thousands of seabirds live. The Yorkshire Wolds, where artist David Hockney found inspiration, are also a must-see.

There’s more than just nature here. Learn about William Wilberforce on the Wilberforce Trail or visit Burton Agnes Hall, an Elizabethan stately home. Don’t miss the Hull Fair and the Freedom Festival, celebrating the area’s art and maritime history.

East Yorkshire is a region filled with rich history, stunning landscapes, and numerous activities for all ages. Just a short drive away, you can also explore the charming town of Harrogate, known for its beautiful gardens and cultural attractions.

Looking for adventure, history, or food? East Yorkshire has it all. Start your journey here and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Things To Do in East Yorkshire

1. Explore Historic York’s Cultural Treasures

Visit the historic city of York and uncover its rich cultural scene. At its core is the York Minster, a stunning Gothic cathedral from the 7th century. Inside, you’ll find towering spires, beautiful stained glass, and a sense of grandeur that fills the space.

York’s culture is more than just the Minster. Dive into its Viking heritage at the Jorvik Viking Centre. Here, you can explore a 10th-century Viking settlement. See real artifacts, learn about Viking life, and understand their impact on York’s history.

Attraction Highlights
York Minster
  • One of the world’s most magnificent cathedrals
  • Stunning Gothic architecture and stained glass
  • A sacred space for worship and reflection
Jorvik Viking Centre
  • Immersive experience of 10th-century Viking life
  • Authentic artefacts and interactive exhibits
  • Insight into the city’s rich Viking heritage

york minster

“York Minster is one of the most impressive cathedrals in the world, a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture.”

York’s cultural treasures will surely impress you, whether you’re drawn to the Minster’s beauty or the Vikings’ legacy. The city’s history and culture offer a deep dive into its vibrant past. This journey will enrich your understanding of York, leaving a lasting impression.

2. Discover East Yorkshire’s Coastal Delights

Along the east Yorkshire coast, a world of maritime beauty awaits. The charming town of Bridlington and the towering Bempton Cliffs are just the start. This region is a feast for the senses.

Stroll Along the Seaside Town of Bridlington

Bridlington is a quaint coastal town calling out to visitors. Take a stroll along its lively seafront promenade. Breathe in the fresh sea air and look at the colourful fishing boats in the harbour.

Try the town’s famous seafood, caught fresh from the waters. Enjoy the classic British seaside experience.

Marvel at the Towering Bempton Cliffs

Further along the east yorkshire coast, the stunning Bempton Cliffs rise high. They offer a breathtaking view. This Bridlington-based nature reserve is home to the UK’s largest seabird colony.

Thousands of puffins, gannets, and kittiwakes live here. Six viewpoints let visitors see this avian wonder in awe. For those who love the sea, East Yorkshire offers plenty of coastal activities. If you’re looking to explore more coastal destinations, consider visiting Portsmouth, a city with a rich maritime history and beautiful waterfront.

Bempton Cliffs

“The Bempton Cliffs are a true natural marvel, offering a front-row seat to one of the most spectacular seabird colonies in the UK.”

3. Experience the Beauty of the Yorkshire Wolds

In the heart of East Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Wolds are a peaceful and beautiful place. They are known for their rolling hills, hidden valleys, and lush countryside. Artists like David Hockney have been drawn to this area, capturing its beauty in their work.

The Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail stretches 79 miles from Hessle to Filey. It has been a source of inspiration for over 40 years. Hikers and walkers can enjoy stunning views and peaceful spots along the trail. The area also offers a wide range of food options, from quaint tea rooms to Michelin-starred restaurants like the Pipe and Glass Inn.

2022 marked the 40th anniversary of the Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail. To celebrate, there were tree planting, art shows, and a big walk on 2 October. These events highlighted the area’s beauty and the community’s efforts to protect it.

There’s more to see in the Yorkshire Wolds than just the trail. Flamingo Land in Kirby Misperton is home to over 140 species of animals. Yorkshire Lavender in the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has six acres of lavender with 120 types.

For history and culture, the North York Moors heritage railway runs from Pickering to Whitby. It’s 24 miles long. The area also has attractions like The Deep in Hull and Bugtopia in Hornsea.

The Yorkshire Wolds are perfect for outdoor lovers, food enthusiasts, or those looking for cultural experiences. They offer a mix of beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and rich history. Discover the hills, valleys, and peaceful spots that have inspired so many.

yorkshire wolds

“The Yorkshire Wolds are a hidden gem, offering a serene and picturesque escape that has long inspired artists and visitors alike.”

4. Visit Burton Constable Hall

In East Yorkshire, you’ll find a mix of beautiful sights and fun activities. The area includes the lovely town of Beverley and the grand Burton Constable Hall. These places let you dive into Yorkshire’s rich history and lively culture.

Explore the Market Town of Beverley

Beverley is a historic market town full of charm. Its streets are alive with unique shops, cosy cafés, and pubs. Don’t miss the stunning Beverley Minster, a Gothic cathedral that’s been around for centuries. You can also learn about the town’s past at the Guildhall and Art Gallery.

Visit the Stately Burton Constable Hall

At Burton Constable Hall, you’ll find an Elizabethan stately home with a long family history. Its interiors are filled with valuable art and antiques. The gardens are peaceful, with ponds, fountains, and secret paths to explore.

East Yorkshire’s towns and homes tell stories of the past but also offer modern fun. Whether you like Beverley’s shops and events or Burton Constable Hall’s grandeur, you’ll be amazed by what’s here.

beverley market town

Attraction Location Key Features
Beverley Minster Beverley, HU17 0DP Gothic cathedral with stunning architecture and historical significance
Beverley Guildhall Beverley, HU17 0DF Museum showcasing Beverley’s rich history and heritage
Beverley Art Gallery Beverley, HU17 0DP Gallery featuring a diverse collection of local and regional art
Burton Constable Hall Sproatley, HU11 4LN Elizabethan stately home with grand interiors and beautiful gardens

“Beverley is a truly captivating town, blending its historic charm with a vibrant modern identity. From the impressive Minster to the independent boutiques, there’s something to delight every visitor.”

5. Unwind in Nature’s Embrace

Escape to the peaceful landscapes of East Yorkshire and dive into the area’s rich wildlife. Visit the Yorkshire Nature Triangle, a paradise for birdwatching and nature lovers. Here, you can see many different birds and enjoy the beauty of east yorkshire nature.

Go Birdwatching at Yorkshire Nature Triangle

The Yorkshire Nature Triangle is a top spot for birdwatchers and nature fans. It covers a wide area and is home to a huge variety of birds. This makes it perfect for those who love the outdoors.

Discover the calm wetlands, grasslands, and coastal areas. Look out for a variety of birds, including:

  • Puffins on the high Bempton Cliffs
  • Migratory waders and waterfowl at Hornsea Mere
  • Rare birds like the marsh harrier and bittern

If you’re into birdwatching or just love nature, the Yorkshire Nature Triangle is a must-visit. Enjoy the peace of nature and be amazed by the different birds you’ll see.

Spring Events Summer Highlights Autumn Events Winter Activities
Race the Waves vintage vehicles event, Bridlington Spa steampunk gathering, Great British Food Festival at Burton Constable Hall, and Bridlington Kite Festival. Bridlington Pride supporting LGBTQ+ communities, Bridlington’s 1940s and 50s Festival, Beverley Puppet Festival, Jazz and Blues Festival at Burton Agnes Hall, Tribfest tribute acts, and Northern Soul event at Bridlington Spa. Walking East Yorkshire Festival, Bridlington’s Land Sand Stone Art Festival, Heritage Open Days, musical fireworks at Sledmere House, and the Tour of Britain cycling event. Made in East Yorkshire Christmas Market, Beverley Festival of Christmas, Sewerby Winter Woodland at Sewerby Hall, Flamborough Fire Festival for New Year’s Eve celebration, and the East Riding Stages Rally in January and February.

Experience the wonders of East Yorkshire’s nature at the Yorkshire Nature Triangle. It’s perfect for birdwatchers or anyone looking for peace. This magical place offers an unforgettable journey through east yorkshire nature.

6. Embrace East Yorkshire’s Rich Heritage

East Yorkshire has a fascinating history that’s part of its landscapes and landmarks. You can travel back in time by visiting the Wilberforce Trail and Burton Agnes Hall. These places are key to the region’s history.

Tour the Wilberforce Trail

The Wilberforce Trail lets you explore the life of William Wilberforce, a famous anti-slavery campaigner from East Yorkshire. This tour guides you through places that shaped his life and work. You’ll learn about his efforts to end the slave trade.

Walking in his footsteps, you’ll see how East Yorkshire was crucial in this fight. It’s a chance to appreciate the area’s role in history.

Step Back in Time at Burton Agnes Hall

Burton Agnes Hall is a gem in East Yorkshire’s countryside. This Elizabethan manor has been in the same family for over 400 years. It offers a peek into the lives of its past owners.

Explore grand halls, see an impressive art collection, and enjoy the beautiful gardens. It’s a journey into the history of this stunning estate.

“The Wilberforce Trail and Burton Agnes Hall offer a profound connection to East Yorkshire’s past, inviting visitors to step back in time and explore the region’s enduring legacy.”

Visiting these sites lets you dive deep into East Yorkshire’s culture and history. It makes your trip to this enchanting region unforgettable.

7. Indulge in Family Fun

Start an amazing journey at The Deep Aquarium in Hull, a top attraction that shows the ocean’s wonders. It sits on the beautiful Humber estuary, welcoming all ages to see marine life up close. You’ll see everything from sharks and rays to colourful fish and jellyfish.

Walk through the aquarium’s big underwater tunnels to see many sea creatures. Watch sharks move above you, see coral sway gently, and learn about tiny sea animals. The Deep Aquarium has interactive exhibits and displays to make learning fun for everyone.

There’s more than just sea creatures at The Deep Aquarium. It has activities and places for families to enjoy. Enjoy tasty food at the café, shop for special gifts, and let kids play in the children’s area.

The Deep Aquarium in Hull is great for a fun day out or learning something new. It’s a place that will make a big impression on everyone. Dive into the underwater world and make memories that will last a lifetime during your visit to East Yorkshire. Families will find a variety of fun activities in East Yorkshire, from theme parks to zoos. Similarly, Sussex offers adventure parks and aquariums perfect for a family day out.

8. Celebrate East Yorkshire’s Vibrant Festivals

East Yorkshire is famous for its lively festivals. They draw in both locals and visitors. The Hull Freedom Festival and the Hull Fair are two events that show the area’s spirit.

Experience Hull’s Freedom Festival

The Hull Freedom Festival happens every September. It’s a mix of arts, culture, and heritage. There are performances, installations, and processions that will catch your eye.

Visitors can dive into the festival’s lively vibe. Enjoy live music, theatre, dance, and visual art. It’s all about inspiring and engaging people. The festival highlights freedom, equality, and social justice. You’ll see local and international talent. It’s a dynamic lineup that will keep you hooked.

Delight in the Historic Hull Fair

The Hull Fair is another top event in East Yorkshire. It’s over 700 years old and one of England’s biggest traveling fairs. It offers exciting rides, stalls, and a fun atmosphere. For generations, families have loved the Hull Fair. They enjoy classic treats, play games, and ride thrilling rides. There’s something for everyone, from the daring to the gentle.

East Yorkshire’s festivals, like the Freedom Festival and the Hull Fair, are unforgettable. They show off the region’s culture and traditions. These events are a must-see for anyone visiting. History enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the many historical sites in East Yorkshire. Another destination rich in history is Peterborough, where you can explore medieval towers and ancient cathedrals.


East Yorkshire is a captivating region full of attractions and activities. It has historic charm, stunning coastlines, and vibrant festivals. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful part of England. Visitors can enjoy a day of adventure or a weekend of relaxation. East Yorkshire is perfect for exploring its rich heritage. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone.

Hull, the city of culture, won the ‘City of Culture’ award in 2017. It has a thriving business scene and a diverse food and drink scene. Hull Minster is just one of the cultural highlights. The Yorkshire Wolds and coastlines offer outdoor fun. Places like Bridlington and the Bempton Cliffs are perfect for nature lovers. They let you explore the region’s natural beauty.

East Yorkshire has a rich history, from the Wilberforce Trail to Burton Constable Hall. It also has family-friendly spots like the Deep Aquarium in Hull. This makes it great for all interests. The region’s festivals, like the Freedom Festival and Hull Fair, add to the experience. These events make East Yorkshire a truly captivating place to visit.


What are the top attractions and activities to enjoy in East Yorkshire?

East Yorkshire is full of amazing places to see and things to do. You can explore the historic city of York and its famous landmarks. There are also beautiful coastal towns and villages, the lovely Yorkshire Wolds, and the charming market town of Beverley.

Don’t forget to check out the vibrant festivals and events happening throughout the year.

What can I see and do in the historic city of York?

York is a city full of history. You can see the stunning York Minster, which dates back to the 7th century. You can also learn about the Viking heritage at the Jorvik Viking Centre.

What are the highlights of East Yorkshire’s coastal towns and villages?

The coastal towns and villages are full of highlights. You can enjoy a walk along Bridlington’s seaside promenade. Or, you can visit the Bempton Cliffs, a natural wonder known for its seabirds.

What can I discover in the scenic Yorkshire Wolds?

The Yorkshire Wolds are a beautiful area with rolling hills and hidden valleys. It’s a place that has inspired many artists, including David Hockney. Visitors can enjoy the stunning countryside and the peaceful beauty of this area.

What can I experience in the charming market town of Beverley?

Beverley is a town full of history and culture. You can wander through its historic streets and visit independent shops. Don’t miss the Burton Constable Hall, an Elizabethan stately home that has been in the same family for over 400 years.

What natural wonders can I discover in East Yorkshire?

East Yorkshire is a paradise for nature lovers. The Yorkshire Nature Triangle is a great place for birdwatching and exploring the local wildlife. You can also enjoy the beautiful plants and animals that live here.

How can I learn about East Yorkshire’s rich heritage?

You can learn about East Yorkshire’s history by following the Wilberforce Trail. This trail focuses on the life and work of William Wilberforce, a famous anti-slavery campaigner. Another place to visit is Burton Agnes Hall, an Elizabethan manor house that has been in the same family for centuries.

What family-friendly activities are available in East Yorkshire?

Families will love The Deep Aquarium in Hull. It’s a top attraction where you can see many different marine animals up close, including sharks and rays.

What vibrant festivals can I experience in East Yorkshire?

East Yorkshire has many exciting festivals throughout the year. The Freedom Festival in Hull celebrates arts, culture, and heritage. Another must-see is the historic Hull Fair, one of England’s biggest travelling funfairs.